Monday, June 2, 2014

PaleoFairy Tales Exposed!

Notice anything different about the title? It's no longer "Stupid Dinosaur Lies" the title reads, but "PaleoFairy Tales Exposed". It's a brand new title I made up to give this site a new kick and attract more people who hate creation lies and the dumb idiocies of Ken Ham and John Moronic Morris to this site, which theme will remain exactly the same just like before - to show to everyone that there is no such thing as a world where dinosaurs (of non-avian types) and humans once lived together at one time on a 6,000 year old earth in a 6,000 year old universe no matter what those young earth idiots claim. That particular scenario is entirely the invention of Hollywood and science fiction authors.    
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Monday, May 26, 2014

What Really Happened 4,300 years ago.

There are a lot of historical data dated to the time of the alleged year of the Noah's Flood that contains not a single trace of evidence or recollection of the fabled biblical worldwide catastrophic Flood as described in The Book of Genesis, which first 11 chapters became distorted and took creative liberties upon by creationists, including that Dumb Idiot Ken Ham who stupidly declares the Allosaurus fossil, which he obtained by a member of a Dumbmerican hate group, proof that the worldwide Flood did occurred 4,300 years ago. The Flood according to Ham is said to have allegedly occurred in approximately 2350 BCE which is in the 24th century BCE timeline. A lot of events happened at that time, but not one of them tells of the Worldwide Flood event.

To reveal just how false and mythical the Worldwide Flood of Noah truly is, here's a small list of what's really happening in the year 2350 BCE.
Reigning in Egypt in the alleged year of the Flood is King Unas, the last ruler of the 5th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. He reigned from 2375 to 2345 BCE. Throughout his reign, he ordered a pyramid to be built for himself. It was small. Not as great as the Great pyramid of Giza, but nonetheless breathtaking and fascinating especially to the archeologists who came to study the Unas' tomb in the pyramid which contains the Oldest of the Pyramid Texts inscribed on the walls of the tomb which tells of the journey the departed king's soul will make as he journeys into the afterlife to join Ra the god of the sun as he sails into eternity. If the alleged Flood did occurred, the pyramid, the texts, the people, and other treasures of Ancient Egypt would've never stand a chance.

The City of Mari in Syria experience its first destruction in the so-called year of the Flood, but the flood itself had nothing to do with it. After a time of prosperity, an invading army came and level the city to rubble, reducing the city to a small village In all of the city's historical data dated to 2350 BCE, no such account and evidences of a massive wall of water coming along and consuming the city along with all of its inhabitants has ever been found.

The Akkadian Empire was a large Mesopotamian Empire that existed during the alleged year of the Flood-- and existed afterwords with no records or recollections made of any large size wall of water coming their way. At this time the empire was ruled by a powerful king known as King Sargon of Akkad who spent years conquering many city states and suppressing any rebellious army that came up against him. When he died, his sons took his place and continued to struggle keeping the Akkadian Empire intact before it finally crumbled at the feet of the Gutian army and the force of climate change years later.

These are just a few examples of historical accounts dated to approximately 2350 BCE that reveals absolutely nothing about a Worldwide Flood Event that covered the entire world destroying almost every life on earth accept for those inside the ark. When you look into the real archaeological past like what I mentioned in the list above, you'll come to know and accept the fact that what that Dumb Idiot Ham and his cronies claim about dinosaurs like "Ebenezer" perishing in a worldwide catastrophic flood in 2350 BCE is entirely false and all a lie.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Answers in Genesis -- A DumbMerican Hate Group No different than the one that donated the Allosaurus skeleton to the Crackhouse.

In yesterdays' post, I reveal that a Dumbmerican Politician associated with a hate group donated an Allosaurus fossil to Dumb Idiot Ham's Crackhouse in Kentucky, which is funny because according to The Panda's Thumb, Ham and his cronies are said to be anti-racist and anti-prejudice. They blame evolution and Charles Darwin for all the racism and prejudice in the world and promote this kind of propaganda through books such as Darwin's Plantation and One Blood; The Biblical Answer to Racism. And yet, turn around and associate themselves with all-white confederate supremacists who are heavily racists and donated an actual real Allosaurus fossil to Ham's Idiot crackhouse which also displays a plaque below that claims that all Africans are descendants of Ham, one of the sons of Noah, that allegedly migrated from the Middle East to Africa after the Flood. This claim over centuries, though debunked and discredited multiple times, have been used by Christian fundamentalists to justify slavery, racism, segregation, and prejudice against blacks who was rounded up and sent to slavery against their will by Christians who regard blacks and native Americans as inferior. 
From a now defunct blog I used to read one time -- "The worst thing that [the author] saw was a display that suggests that black people are cursed.  Notice this illustration of post-Babel dispersion:

Look where the decedents of Ham, who are cursed for seeing Noah's nakedness, are going:

Guess who lives in Africa? Black people. Therefore: black people carry the curse of Ham in their pigmentation. This, of course, was used as a biblical rationalization for chattel slavery of black Africans for generations, and the Creation Museum, right across town from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, continues to perpetuate this unsubstantiated, non-biblical and racist heritage. .... And you have the balls to sell "Darwin's Plantation" in the bookstore? You are beneath contempt, you nauseating hypocrite."

Answers in Genesis is a Dumbmerican hate group just like the Dumbmerican hate group that donated the fossil to the crackhouse. They're against Jews, Muslims, evolutionists, Christians that oppose young earthism, homosexuals, the list goes on and on of who to hate and be regarded as God's Enemy. They can't say they are against racism and prejudice when they oppose homosexuals, Jews, atheists, evolutionists, Christians and other religious groups that oppose young earthism, Muslims, and others.

If Ham and his cronies are opposed to prejudice and racism, then why did they associate with this particular hate group that donated the Allosaurus fossil to the crackhouse? And why do they display a plaque that displays a scenario that's used to justify such things Ham and his cronies are said to opposed to and blame Darwin for? If that's not hypocrisy ham and his cronies are displaying, then I don't know what it is.    
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

No, Ebenezer did not died out 4,300 years ago!

It makes a lot of science-loving people's blood boil, including myself, when the latest news tell of a Dumbmerican Confederate, Evolution Denying Butthole donating a real actual Allosaurus skeleton to Dumb Idiot Ham's Stupid Crackhouse.

Nicknamed "Ebenezer" this 30ft long Allosaurus skeleton is herald by Ham and his cronies as proof that Noah's Flood did occurred some 4,300 years ago at the time of the height of the Egyptian Empire. 
"Michael Peroutka, who was on hand Friday morning for the private dedication of the allosaur exhibit, stated that this fossil 'is a testimony to the creative power of God in designing dinosaurs, and that it also lends evidence to the truth of a worldwide catastrophic flooding of the earth in Noah’s time.'
No, it's not. The skeleton is no testimony to any biblical claim nor does it debunk evolution. Using an actual 150 million year old dinosaur skeleton proves completely nothing. Absolutely nothing. It doesn't make the crackhouse a legitimate museum. It doesn't prove the Bible to be true. It doesn't prove that the world 6,000 years old. It doesn't prove Noah's Flood to be an historical event. And it especially doesn't prove that dinosaurs once lived with humans.

Look into every historical and archaeological record dated back 4,300 years ago and you'll find completely no such historical evidence, artifacts, or recollections that tells of some worldwide catastrophic flood, which allegedly killed "Ebenezer" along with almost all other forms of life, occurring at that time -- pure evidence that creationists have taken huge creative liberties from the Bible, just like Darren Aronofsky have done for his movie Noah, and made everything up about some worldwide catastrophic flood that never existed 4,300 years ago at the time Egypt was building pyramids for their rulers including this Egyptian queen whose pyramid dates back to the alleged time of the Flood.

The real history of Allosaurus reveals that this 30 to 45 foot long North American super predator lived 150 million years ago during the time of the Jurassic Period and died out during the early Cretaceous Period.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dinosaurs - A Seventh Day Adventist View No Different Than The Usual Idiot YE View

According to Ronald Numbers book The Creationists, the Seventh Day Adventists, a Christian cult founded the cult of young earth creationism though Ellen G White, the founder of this cult, who claims to have seen a vision from God allegedly telling her how He made the universe in a 6-24 hour fashion, 6000 years ago, just as creationists claimed. But as we know, this is false thanks to the numerous scientific evidence that points to the fact that our world and the universe is billions of years old - far older than what Archbishop James Usher thought when he attempted to determine the age of the earth though biblical dates and some other historical events. But that doesn't stop some people from believing that the fictional 6,000 year old earth is fact because the Bible allegedly tell them so.

From the local library's website, I ordered and checked out this dinosaur book written by a SDA member named Elaine Graham-Kennedy who published Dinosaurs: Where did they come from... and where did they go? in 2006. This book is pretty rare. In it she's not telling the reader what to believe about dinosaurs. She's actually presenting just two different points of views about dinosaurs and allows the reader to decide which side to believe in and which side to reject. But knowing the creationists' habit of distorting and ignoring evidence for scientific reality pointing to the world billions of years old as well as display all sorts of hate, slander, and fear mongering, it would be better to side with the scientists who correctly teach that the earth is billions of years old and that dinosaurs lived long before humans came to earth.

Because this book only presents different points of views rather than brainwash readers into the author's point of view, I'm not going to do a page by page rebuttal to this book, but a short review of it instead.  

Like any YECreationist and the SDA which spawned this cult, she's an anti-evolutionist who believes everything the Bible says about the Creation Story and gives out the usual creationist canards throughout the book along with plenty of photos of dinosaur skeletons taken from various museums throughout the western areas of the United States, including a terribly inaccurate skeleton of a dromaeosaur build in a 4-legged pose reminiscent of various toy dinosaurs that erroneously portray dromaeosaurs like Velociraptor as a four legged dinosaur. This is taken from the Geoscience Research Institute, a Seventh Day Adventist organization founded to address the conflict between scientific reality and creationist fairy tales as believed by the SDA which founded the young earth cult.

This book is very informative about dinosaurs but that doesn't stop the author from making all sorts of creationist-style remarks, like this.
"Did you know that most of the people who read and write about dinosaurs know more about dinosaurs than they know about God? That's terrible! If we're going to talk with those people about dinosaurs, we need to know the basic facts. When they see that we know about dinosaurs too, they might listen when we talk about the God who created them."
Lady, there are most people who know lots about both God and dinosaurs together, including myself. Apparently you bought into the biblically-unfounded canard that anyone who disagree with you and your SDA beliefs is not a Christian. In fact you are no different than all cult-groups out there including young earth creationists who claim that anyone who disagrees with their idiot views is not a Christian, let alone a true one.

She mentions lot of creationist canards (i.e. fossils formed by Noah's Flood, dinosaurs died out after the Flood, etc.) in the book to which she rightfully says they cannot be proven, they're only made up based on faith-- faith no different than having faith in believing in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, gnomes, etc. I suppose.     

Other canards mentioned in the book include the Ecological zonation fallacy, which claims the Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous layers were formed as a result of animals fleeing to higher ground to escape the Flood. Dinosaurs found in the Triassic layers is claimed to to the first ones to die in the Flood while others in the Cretaceous layers were the last ones to go. Never mind the absolute flaws behind the claim such as how did these animals find themselves pile up on top of each other and how did a terrestrial ecology came to be transported on top of a marine ecology, such that fine details such as footprints, burrows, and paleosols were undisturbed and such that the layer extends over hundreds of square miles (as discussed here)? And the all-dinosaurs-including-theropods-were-herbivores-before-the-Fall-of-Man canard were all made up by the way the Bible is interpreted out of ignorance of no mentioning of any references of animal death in passages where only human death and salvation from sin is referenced and discussed in, such as the oft-used, out-of-context Romans 8 passage where only human death and salvation though Jesus Christ is mentioned for example.

She flat out denies that birds are living dinosaurs. She thinks dromaeosaurs cannot be the ancestors of birds because bird fossils have been found in rock layers below the rock layers where the dromaeosaurs have been found. Have she ever heard of common ancestry and the fact that the birds that are found below the Cretaceous strata look more of theropods than modern birds? Does she know that Dromaeosaurs have hips that resemble the hips of modern birds and that they have feathers? Does she know about the abelisaurs, such as Majungasaurus, processing the ability to breathe like a bird? Apparently not.

She also acknowledge that there are no human remains found alongside dinosaur remains (including footprints), but this doesn't stop her and the likes of her from believing that one day, real evidence for humans and dinosaurs together will be found. Chances of finding such real evidence is nil. It's a pipe dream made up by people who wanted such a scenario to be real despite the odds of such things happening being slim to none.

Though this book is written by a YECreationist, this book is extremely rare. A one of a kind creationist dinosaur book that displays no fear or hate mongering, no proselytizing, no threats of Hell or slandering non-creationists. It is only made to present two different points of view about dinosaurs in a non-threatening, non-intimidating way. She created this book to allow readers the freewill to decide what they wish to believe about dinosaurs after presenting different point of views about them both from a "Christian" and a "non-Christian" perspective.

And so, since she has given us the freewill to decide, it'll be no problem for us to decide on embracing the so-called "non-Christian" point of view that says the earth is billions of years old and that dinosaurs lived and died long before humans came along. And that's nothing based on faith, but actual scientific evidence pointing to such facts.

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