Like a 2 year old at a department store.

Just like yesterday, I'm going to rant, so bear with me -- I maybe calm on the outside, but inside I'm like a 2 year old child who throws a huge temper tantrum when he's told that he can't have that particular toy at a department store. That's exactly how I feel at the moment. The child scream out "I want toy!" but he is told no, he couldn't have it because mom doesn't have the money to buy it now. I'm exactly like that child. I scream out "I want concert harp!" but I'm told no because they don't have to money to buy it for me. And just like the child, inside and out, I whine and throw a screaming crying fit. I don't care how much it costs or how much money I have, I want concert harp now. and I'm not taking "no" for an answer. No excuses. I want concert harp.

That's exactly what's going on with me right now. Inside I'm throwing a fit because I'm getting sick and tired and fed up with being without a concert harp, fed up with lack of support, and fed up with not being able to reach my goal no matter how hard I try to raise the funds for the concert harp. I tried crowdfunding, I tried raising credit to get a loan, I tried making art and selling it for cash, I tried getting help from churches, I tried everything I can to get a concert harp, nothing worked. From the day I first rented a harp to today, I had nothing but trouble and hardships, I even had dreams where I was shown a harp, but was taken away from me saying that I can't have it. Everything about the harp was nothing at all but trouble, hardships, roadblocks, drawbacks, everything that's negative. Could someone please come along and end all my harp woes permanently?

*end of rant*

BTW. Did you know that a creationist from Calgary, Canada actually found a 60 million year old fossil of a fish? It's true. Thankfully he willfully surrendered the fossil to the Canadian paleontologists and never bother destroying it. The tragic thing about it is that Edgar Nernberg, who runs the Big Valley Creation Science "Museum", is one of those hapless people who just won't give up their young earth fairy tale beliefs even when the authentic evidence for the earth being billions of years old is presented right before their very eyes. Still that doesn't stop him from being a little bit open-minded to the fact that this fossil is turning out to be a very important find that will add more knowledge to what life was like 5 million years after all the non-avian dinosaurs died off.  

This harp pursuit game has got to stop!

Yesterday, I had a real tough day, a majority of it came from another misfortune for not being able to get a concert harp nearby. A few weeks ago, I found a used concert harp put up for sale at a music store located in Lansing, MI, a city not too far away from where I live. I began to plan on going over there and seeing the instrument in person. Unfortunately, yesterday I found out that the harp has been sold to another person, forcing me to call off the trip. I've never been so disappointed and above all disheartening!

Pardon my ranting, but I am so sick and tired of trying to get financial help to buy the concert harp only to get little to no help at all! I've spent 23 years trying to pursue a career as a concert harpist only to get nothing but disappointments, drawbacks, downsizing, roadblocks, criticisms, little to no financial aid, I threw tantrums inside and out to the point where at one time, those jealous fits prompted my family to keep me indoors for a week until I calm down, I bawled and cried, I threw jealous fits when I see others play their concert harps, I've been denied of financial help due to lack of credit, I got no results from crowdfunding, I had to use many of my harp funds to pay off credit card debts and buy groceries, I had to contend with broke-down concert harps, limited rental programs, and from day one, an unwanted Celtic style harp!

I wasted 23 years pursing what appears to be a pipe dream to me. Going after a certain musical instrument that's way out of my reach with a price tag that's way too high for me to afford without any major help. Yet, whenever I asked for help, I get little to no results. I end up asking the wrong kind of people for help even though they don't have any means to give me financial aid or buy a concert harp for me. I kept asking for help online from websites that are harp related, thinking that they will show support for me only to get snubbed by them, facing criticism after criticism from harpists who appeared to be stingy and rude at times. I've been through it all!

And now I'm at the point where I'm about ready to throw it all away and quit. If this keeps up, and no substantial financial aid ever comes to alleviate the harp crisis that have been a thorn on my side for 23 years, even into my old age, then there's no sense of me ever pursuing a career as a harpist anymore. I'm sorry, but no matter how many times people will tell me to don't ever give up on my dream and not quit, I am regretfully finding myself on the verge of giving up because it seems no one is really caring about my dream of owning a concert harp, treating it as some sort of a wasteful project no different than that of a certain wasteful project being undertaken in the state of Kentucky. Well I got news for you, unlike Ken Ham's Ark Park Project, which is indeed a wasteful project not worth supporting, my Concert Harp project is NOT a wasteful project, but a very sincere constructive project set up to help an aspiring musician (That's me!) become a harpist everyone and myself can be real proud of. 

I asked for help many times only to get "crickets" rather than a sound of money heavily flowing into my harp money collection. And I'm up to the point where I'm completely fed up with it! Ham's stupid project can have all the crickets, I'll have the deluge of money!

I don't really want to quit the harp at all. What I do want to quit is playing this endless game of harp roulette in which I end up on the losing side time and time again. I'm all for ending this stupid game now! And the only way I can end this game with winning results is to get major financial help now! Can you please send me a flood of money and hefty support towards the full purchase of a concert harp, so I can stop playing this stupid game of harp pursuit and start resuming the study of the harp so I can really become a harpist whom myself and everybody else can be real proud of? I rather have a flood of donations to my harp fund coming to me in a very short period of time than finding myself wasting years playing with a money faucet that always run dry.

If you would like to make a private donation by sending me a check through the mail instead of making an online donation, you can send me an email and let me know that you wish to do that at owossoharpist(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

All of your donations will go towards the purchase of the concert harp, stuff for the concert harp, and above all, towards getting my harp studies started on the right foot for a change. Once the goal is met and I have my concert harp, I'll go ahead and put up videos of myself performing on the new harp on my Youtube, Vine, and Dailymotion channels, resume my harp studies, and perform in public once more.... and above all stop playing this silly losing harp pursuit game for a change.

And now I am a "None"

I'm a Christian. But I am also now a "None" meaning that I am no longer affiliated with any church or religious group or organization due to the condoning and endorsement of creationism, bigotry, hate, hypocrisy, greed, and the most disgraceful disgusting acts of child molestations of all types committed by religious people who periodically spew out hatred towards certain behaviors only to turn around and do the exact same thing they claim to condemn.  And then once exposed, their followers quickly encircle them to defend and shelter such criminals and lash out at anyone who expose them, paint the criminal as the victim while shaming and blaming the real victims of the crime, invoking the "we all have sinned; he's forgiven, leave him alone" cop outs, and funding such people the moment they shout out, "We're being persecuted! Send us money!" only because they're being forced to face real justice and are not allowed to proselytize and discriminate against anyone they don't like.

It's disheartening to know that today's Christianity, just like yesterday's Christianity, is corrupted all the way to the core with the difference between the two is that we now have the internet that exposes the religious criminals and the followers who pander to them day after day. The internet has done a huge job of revealing the stinking, disgusting garbage hiding behind the so-called holy atmosphere filled with "halleluiahs" and "praise the lords."  

Over the years, I've been told that God forgives, but he will not take away the consequences left behind by such sinful actions committed by everyone. Mister Pervert Josh Dugger admits he sexually abused several girls including his sisters while they were sleeping, a crime he at one time claims to be punishable by death, but instead of turning himself in and answering for his crimes, he ends up getting a stern lecture and some work detail from some cheap counselor who's serving long years in prison for child pornography. DugFace should face the same fate as that counselor along with his family who serve him as his accomplices to the crime. But no. Instead, with the help of his big, creepy pathetic family and his idiot followers in which some of them are dumb idiotic creationists who blame evolution for every wrongdoing known, he is getting away with the crime Scott free. >:( If this doesn't cause you to turn away from Christianity, or any religion, and become a "none" then what will?

Christianity is corrupt. It's advocates are corrupt. The people who follow, pander, and defend their religious leaders caught doing wrong are corrupt. Everything about Christianity is corrupt as can be. The "purity" rings, the teachings of creationism, prayers, persecutions, the homeschooling, the "halleluiah" gospel concerts, the seminars, everything! Corrupt all the way down to the core. Heck! I won't even perform in any churches anymore due to all kinds of corruptions happening within the walls of the building. If I ever find myself performing inside of a church only to discover corruption within the building such as endorsements for anti-gay, anti-women, anti-science, and pro-racism, I'll walk out in protest, taking my harp with me. Especially my concert harp once it's fully funded and bought. If churches' are going to be steep in corruption, then there's no sense of ever doing a concert there.

Once upon a time, I was just a Christian. Now I am also a "none."        

Nepal Earthquake Relief

It is no doubt about the devastation that's been left behind in Nepal, India when on Saturday morning a 7.8 earthquake shook and destroyed the area. As I type, big aftershocks are occurring there at an alarming rate. The death toll is growing as more bodies are found and pulled out. Thousands are injured and/or homeless. It's a mad house down there. And then there's an avalanche that occur in the area of Mt. Everest which killed approximately 17 people in one of the worst natural disasters in recent times.

When it comes to disasters like this, do keep in mind that these people in Nepal really need help. The only thing you can do is tell all those creationist idiots like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind and greedy pastors like Joyce Meyer and Cleflo Dollar to f*** you and send all your financial donations to this highly recommended charity organization who use just about every penny donated to them to give aid to those who needed them the most.

Logo for Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders (or in French, Médicins Sans Frontières) is a must donate charitable organization made up of doctors and nurses who risk their life and limb helping people living in poor and dangerous areas of the world everyday.
Founded in 1971 by a group of French doctors outraged by Nigeria’s blockade and starvation of the secessionist province of Biafra, and by the international community’s silent complicity in that atrocity, its medics have since worked on the front line of countless catastrophes. They have delivered aid to beleaguered civilians during wars, genocides, revolutions, plagues, earthquakes, floods and famines. They have risked their lives in all the world’s most notorious ‘beauty spots’ – Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Chechnya, Gaza, the Central African Republic, Darfur, South Sudan, eastern Ukraine. ‘First in, last out’ is their mantra.
Their acts of bravery are too many to count. They faced real dangers and criminals who want to steal, kill, and murder them for supplies. But that doesn't stop DWB from treating anyone, even terrorist soldiers who are injured and wounded in battle provided that they leave their weapons outside the hospital area.

There can be no question that DWB is sending a team of doctors and nurses to the devastated Nepal to give aid to the victims of the earthquake and as always they accept any amount of donation they need to purchase food, toiletries, and medical supplies for the victims of the quake.

I myself will start donating to DWB soon. I'm going to get my tax refund tomorrow and I will use some of it to make a donation to DWB so that they will use the money to really give aid to where they are needed the most. Especially in Nepal. You should, too. Think of how many lives you will be saving when you choose to donate and support DWB. If you like to make a donation to DWB click the button below and help save lives by supporting Doctors without Borders.

Support Doctors Without Borders


Fundraising for bigoty vs. fundraising for a concert harp

This is got to be the biggest most rotten craze Christian bigots from all over the U.S. is engaging in right now. Whine about how they are being persecuted because they can't discriminate against gays and then set up an account on the likes of so they can beg people to send in money because the government is not letting them have their own way in discriminating against gays. Then the money starts pouring in. Boo Hoo! They're being persecuted, let's send them money. Seriously, folks this is the most ridiculous thing you ever heard and guess what? The ruse worked! A pizza parlor got in trouble for discriminating against gays and whine about it on their GoFundMe page and asked people to send in money. A short time later a huge boatload of cash was sent in, much more than they asked for. And then there was another eatery, a deli who wants to celebrate "white history month" asked people to send him money so he can discriminate against African Americans. He was never disappointed. He got what he wanted and then some. He got the whole project raised in no time.

What about me? I'm trying to raise funds to do something really honest for the benefit of everyone regardless of who they are. And I'm having a very hard time doing it in comparison with those Christian bigots who's having an easy time raising money for their own bigoted escapades. I'm not the kind of person who whines about not being able to discriminate or anything like that. All I'm trying to do is ask people to send me money so I can afford to purchase my very own concert grand harp. That's all I'm asking. I'm not posting to whine about being persecuted or display any kind of bigoted behavior. I am posting to ask each and everyone of you to send me money so I can afford to buy and play on my own a concert harp. This is the most honest project I'm doing and I want to afford a concert harp so I can share my harp talents with everyone who enjoys listening to harp music whether it's posting harp music online on my Youtube channel or performing live in public.

"Help! I'm being persecuted! Send me money!" Just kidding. This is not really the reason why I'm asking you to send me money. I'm asking you honestly and nicely to send me money so I can afford my own concert harp and study the harp again. That's all.

When the money is raised and the harp gets purchased, I will post photos of my new harp on this site, my other website, my facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, all over the WWW. Then, I'll post videos of me playing music on my new harp on Youtube, Vine, and Vimeo. Everywhere to show to you that my harp project is fully funded and I finally got my own harp.

I got a GoFundMe page all set up again. To those of you who want to see me play on my own concert harp, click here to go to my GoFundMe page and help send me money so I can finally afford to purchase my own concert harp and continue studying the harp which I've been trying to do for so many years.      

Kentucky Governor asks for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

Yesterday, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit put out by "Answers" in Genesis who filed the lawsuit against the government for denying tax incentives needed to complete the theme park. The reason for this is clear. It's a frivolous lawsuit put out by a dumb idiot who whines about not getting his way when he's denied the tax incentives needed to finish building his despicable ark park. 
The Beshear administration on Friday asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed by developers of a proposed Noah's Ark theme park over the state's rejection of tax incentives for the project.
Park developers Answers in Genesis filed the lawsuit in February in U.S. District Court claiming its right to freedom of religion was violated by the state's denial of its application for $18 million in state tax incentives to for the park in Grant County.

The suit was filed against Gov. Steve Beshear and Bob Stewart, secretary of the state Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. In their motion to dismiss on Friday, Beshear and Stewart said, "Providing the public funding sought for religious purposes ...would constitute an unlawful establishment of religion" under the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions.
The park is supposed to be a public one, but then it was discovered that Ark Encounter will in fact be a place where a narrow-minded sectarian form of Christianity is heavily endorsed and proselytization will run rampant. It will engage in discriminatory acts no different than what the disgraceful "Religious Freedom" Law in Indiana, and another one being passed in Arkansas, now permits religious bigots in the public eye to do on religious grounds and get away with it.

What Dumb Idiot Ken Ham and his cronies are doing is purely illegal, therefore the Kentucky government did the right thing in denying Ham the tax incentives. And it is likely that the request for dropping the lawsuit will be granted. The Answers in Genesis ministry will go completely bankrupt and the only person who will be to blame for all this mess is Kan Ham himself.

#BoycottIndiana: Mike Pence is a Bigot!

I have an opinion that may not be a good one, but it applies to some people: "Religion can make people stupid." It's a bad opinion, I know. Because not every religious person in the world is stupid. Many people who are deeply religious are also very brilliant and open-minded to the wonders and diversity of our world. Tolerant, thoughtful, kindhearted, brilliant, working to establish peace, unity, and equal rights for everyone. Sadly, the reality is that not everyone who are deeply religious is like that. To use Dumb Idiot Ken Ham's cliche in a different way: It's so sad to know that the opinion: "Religion can make people stupid" is only true when it applies to those who are the most bigoted, racist, close-minded, selfish bunch of arseholes the world has ever known. Especially to Indiana's Governor Mike Pence who yesterday signed into Law an ordinance that allows public places to discriminate against gays and lesbians on religious grounds!

This so-called "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" was signed yesterday by Indiana's governor Mike Pence who don't deserve to run for any kind of office whether it's for President or for the Senate if he's going to be that bigoted. Bigots, especially the likes of Pence, should never, ever rule the governor's office or any other kind of office! Heck. This kind of ordinance would allow criminals to get away with any kind of crime they commit on religious grounds. It will allow public places to do things reminiscent of the 1950s' and 60s' where blacks are segregated to the outside area while whites can easily enter into places where the sign reads "Whites Only". That ordinance is no different than that of the 1935 ordinance passed in Nazi Germany that allows people to heavily shun and discriminate against Jews called the Nuremburg Laws. Hitler made sure that the law are part of the first phrase of his divious plan to exterminate the Jewish people from all parts of the world. The so-called "religious freedom" ordinance signed yesterday is no different than that of the Nuremburg Laws.

I'm glad to see that many people living in Indiana, religious or not, are boycotting the ordinance. A lot of people are taking a stand against the Law from the NCAA to who decided to cancel all business programs to protest against the Law. 
And I hope to God that The Vanderbilt Music Company in Bloomington, Indiana will also take a stand against that disgraceful law and allow people whether gay or straight to come in and check out their wonderful harps, music, and accessories! In fact this is the place where they have the best selection of harp strings to choose from from non-tarnish wire strings to the more economical types of nylon strings. I've ordered strings from them before and I hope to continue to do so as long as they welcome everyone to their store no matter who they are.

Don't bother supporting Cleflo and his stupid plane project.

Don't bother donating to Cleflo Dollar so he can buy a luxurious jet. He just pulled his fundraiser down
Creflo Dollar Ministries has pulled a Web page soliciting money for a new $65,000,000 Gulfstream G650 jet following a big social media backlash, reports Atlanta’s WXIA-TV.
The page disappeared after the fundraising effort suffered a huge social media backlash, including commentary from The Root’s Kirsten West Savali, who condemned the campaign, saying, “Negro, please.”
It's a good thing he took down that soliciting page. The fundraiser for the G650 airplane is completely worthless. It's one of those fundraiser projects where one can justly say "begging for money is bad" on the count of Cleflo having far more than enough $$ to buy the jet airplane himself. But he still wants his poor gullible followers to give him money so he can buy that million dollar jet, anyway. So he set up a "donation page" on his website where his poor gullible followers can part their 10% of their income to cater to the selfish wants of their master while ignoring the needs of their own.  

Cleflo is a man of greed. He always flouts his wealth, his luxury, and splendor in front of his congregation every Sunday at his World Changers Church International mega church in College Park, GA. He preaches to them the infamous prosperity gospel, promising them that God will bless them richly if they disregard their own needs and tithe him 10% of all their income to increase the preacher's own bank account so he can go and squander it all on himself by purchasing million dollar mansions, Rose Royce cars, and expensive jewelry and clothes. Those who refuse will be under "God's curse." They will face financial trouble, get stricken with disease, get attacked and assaulted, even killed if it weren't for the so called "Blood of Jesus" who allegedly prevented them from experiencing those things. Otherwise..
"I mean, I thought about when we first built “the Dome,” I wanted to put some of those little moving bars and give everybody a little card. They’d stick it in a little computer slot. If they were tithing, beautiful music would go off and, you know, ‘Welcome, welcome, welcome to the World Dome.’ But ... if they were nontithers, the bar would lock up, the red and blue lights would start going, the siren would go off, and a voice would go out throughout the entire dome, “Crook, crook, crook, crook!
Security would go and apprehend them, and once we got them all together, we’d line them up in the front and pass out Uzis by the ushers and point our Uzis right at all those non-tithing members ’cause we want God to come to church, and at the count of three Jesuses we’d shoot them all dead. And then we’d take them out the side door there, have a big hole, bury them and then go ahead and have church and have the anointing. Aren’t you glad we’re under the blood of Jesus? Because if we were not under the blood of Jesus, I would certainly try it."
This is the exact words coming from a total psychopathic charlatan who invokes such scare tactics like this to make people surrender all their money to this self-centered pastor who squanders it on his own selfish desires rather than everyone else's.

Seriously, people. He does not need to be given any more money. Period. He has more than enough to buy his own stupid jet without milking the gullible for all their income. No one needs to surrender their money to any pastor who adds it to their mass surplus of wealth and luxury and disregards the needs of the congregation no matter how much he beg, plead, or threaten.

Cleflo Dollar wants an airplane.

Cleflo Dollar, a televengelist who owns a million dollar mansion, a luxurious Rose Royce car and a private jet, and preaches the notorious prosperity gospel every week at his megachurch, has just told his gullible followers that he wants a jet airplane because God wants him to have one.

Pastor Creflo Dollar has a simple and humble request for his followers. He wants 200,000 people to donate at least $300 each so that his ministry can purchase a Gulfstream 650 private jet that costs about $65 million. The mega-church leader is calling it Project G650.
The Gulfstream 650 plane

The Gulfstream 650 plane. A private jet that cost 65 million dollars to own. You can bet his gullible followers will do everything he asks because to them he's a reverend preacher ordained by God who wants him to have everything he wants despite the fact that he could've just buy the plane himself with all the riches and wealth he has in his storehouse of treasures. His brain-dead followers willfully cater to his every selfish need out of ignorance of the fact that it is all a scam to only satisfy the selfish needs for Cleflo. Never mind that there's a harpist out there who's struggling to honestly raise funds to get a concert grand pedal harp so I can study and learn how to play the instrument. And that harpist is none other than me. Think about it. Cleflo is having an easy time scamming people for what he has way too much of to buy something to add to his full blown luxurious lifestyle while I struggle to honestly raise funds to buy a concert harp. People, there's something very wrong with this scenario!

Look at this photo I took using my smartphone.

Notice anything missing here?
In this photo there's a special rug, a music stand, a bench and a stack of harp music books on top of it. Notice anything missing from the picture? If you guess a harp, you're absolutely correct! There is no harp in this photo! I could've just use my own money to buy my own harp, but I can't. The harp has a massive price tag on it which is range between 10K to a whopping a quarter of a million dollars depending on make and model. All my combine earnings I get from social security and working part time at mental health will never cover the purchase of the instrument. I can easily raise money to purchase other things on my own. The harp, I can't. That is why I need your help. Forget catering to the greedy, scummy pastors like Cleflo Dollar. Instead invest in making a donation to my concert harp fund by going to my donation page here, or click the Paypal donation button in The Support The Owosso Harpist section on the right, which takes you to the Paypal donation page where you can part your loose dollars and cents and help fully fund my harp project. All of your donations will indeed go towards purchasing a concert harp which I can resume my harp studies and learn to master the harp of being a professional harpist. Screw the greedy pastors and their stupid prosperity gospels. Give and support the Owosso Harpist, instead.     


It's official! Dumb Idiot Kent Hovind is found guilty of the following crimes:

[Kent] Hovind was found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government’s right to sell his property. The jury was unable to agree on the three other charges Hovind was facing. Sentencing has been set for June 12.
Here's the recap-- Kent "Dr. Dino" Hovind after serving 15 years for tax evasion was forced to stand trail once more after evidence of him and his cohort engaging in obstruction of justice when Hovind tried to interfere with the government's seizure of his property. Hovind tried to defend himself when he took the stand, but in the end he has nothing to defend himself. Looks like he'll be staying in prison for the rest of his life. And there's absolutely nothing his stupid followers can do to save him.    

Exploiting Chidren will not get Ken Ham his own way.

Dumb Idiot Ken Ham decides to try a different ploy-- exploiting children to give the Kentucky government a guilt trip and give Dumb Idiot Ham the money he needs to complete his for-profit Ark Encounter theme park. In his latest post from "Answers" in Genesis website, Dumb Idiot Ham takes the guilt trip approach by having children from gullible families send letters to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear telling him to give Dumb Idiot Ham the money he needs to finish building his theme park. But are these actually written by children, or are they the work of the adults who either wrote the letters themselves or dictate them to their own children who wrote the letters down?
“I am not just speaking for me but for the people of Kentucky, for the Christians of Kentucky, and for the next generation of Christians.
What harm does it cause having the word of God being taught in a Christian Park? If you go to a Christian park, what do you expect to hear – the word of God! If people don’t want to hear about Him or be taught Biblical truths, then they don’t have to go,” wrote one 12-year old.
That's from a supposed 12 year old.
Let them have the rights to have Christian people work there! If you started a company and you did not let Christian people work there and Christian people in another state told you you should let them work there and talk about God and you did not want them to talk about God, it wouldn’t be fair… We aren’t letting a different religion boss us and tell us we can’t have [Christian] Ark with Christian people working and talking about God.
And that's from a supposed 9 year old.

It is unclear if they were written from children or if they written by the actual adults who run Dumb Idiot Ham's crime ring. One thing's for certain: these letters won't save Ham from the slammer. Nor will they get for him the money needed to finish building his for-profit theme park. Ham being a dumb idiot don't understand that to build a for-profit theme park and get tax breaks for it, he must agree to follow the rules which says do not discriminate when hiring people. Other for-profit theme parks agreed to follow rules and never discriminate when hiring people. They follow the rules as promised and look what happened to them. The parks been built, people from all sorts of backgrounds are being hired, people from far and wide came to have fun, the money's coming in, and the theme parks prospered all because they agreed to follow rules and hire all kinds people to work at the theme parks. Especially The Kentucky Kingdon and Hurricane Bay theme park that attracts millions of people to it every year.

Why won't Dumb Idiot Ham? Why won't he follow the rules like he promised to the government when he applied for tax breaks in 2010? Obviously because he doesn't understand the Law of the US and he wants his own way. He just like a bratty child who throws a fit when he can't have things his own way. Everything he's doing to get his own way will make things worse for him and his so-called ministry. Seriously no letters, lawsuits, rants, emotional pleadings, creating scapegoats, and government shaming will ever save him from the slammer. I think Dunderheaded Kent Hovind and Dumb Idiot Ham would make great prison cellmates, don't you think?

Another Update to my Punisher Blog.

I'm continuing to frequently updating my other blog I renamed Punisher Harp Zone, which is reference to Punisher War Zone, a storyline from Marvel Comics. While browsing for updates to the Secret Wars storyline, I came across some great news about the fate of The Punisher that appears to be in my favor. Head on over to my Punisher Harp Zone site and see my latest post for details.

Marvel Comics' Last Days

From my other blog celebrating The Punisher-- I just arrived at work today when I learned that the 2015 version of Secret Wars, a major storyline Marvel Comics is planning to release in May will also have a tie-in storyline set to be released in June called The Last Days where various Marvel Characters will experience their "last days" before several worlds collide to form Battleworld. Guess who'll be among those experience their last days? Punisher!!

Read more here.

Another Stupid Woman! And another and another...

As if one stupid woman isn't enough. Here's another stupid woman who goes about "destroying" paleontology within 3 minutes.
When I first saw this post called "Mother's Against Dinosaurs" from The Sensuous Curmudgeon, I'm thinking that it came from The Onion site and it's not a noteworthy thing. Then I saw this post from Hemant's site linking to the youtube video above and boy is my blood boiling now! Here's a bunch of stupid women who thinks dinosaurs do not exist and that the bones are nothing more than made up plaster no different than the plaster of dinosaurs she smashed up in the video. And in this article from a TV12 News site from Houston, TX, according to the stupid mothers' screeds, several children of theirs bust into tears when a boy pretending to be a dinosaur ran up and started biting them just after they've been exposed to the science of dinosaurs in the school classroom. Seriously the boy would've gotten a detention for that one and his parents notified of the incident. The parents of the children who were attacked, on the other hand, use this incident to launch an incredibly stupid Christian campaign to remove the science of dinosaurs from schools.... seriously! Especially from the schools in Texas where unfortunately Christian Fundamentalism is running rampart especially in the Texan Board of Education where a majority of members are fundamentalists Christians who want to shove their narrow-minded ideology down the throats of hapless children.

No words could ever describe just how angry I am at those people who thinks dinosaurs don't exist and that dinosaurs are bad for the children, or that dinosaurs and humans living together are historical facts rather than science fiction it rightfully is. I've been very angry at those people for many years and I'm still angry at them now. How can they say that dinosaurs don't exist when scores of real, authentic fossils have been found and unearthed worldwide? How can they say that dinosaurs once lived with humans when not a single trace of fossil human remains have been found alongside dinosaurs in the fossil record? How can these people be so outrageously stupid like that!? Is that the way for Christians to act like--- oh, that's right. That is the way for Christians who are made up of incredibly stupid people who believe everything they see and hear out of the mouths of their pastors, church,, and evangelical leaders to act like imbeciles they are by taking advantage of certain incidents, especially certain childish incidents at school, to go about and advertise their extreme stupidity to the whole world-- a common occurrence that can be found in Dumbmerica.

A New Blog Is Now Out!

Guess what! I got a brand new blog established just today. Introducing: The Punisher: My Gun, My Harp, and Me. A blog that'll serve as a place to showcase all my Punisher artwork in form of my fanart and photographs showing The Punisher being portrayed as a harpist and, like always, Marvel Universe's deadliest vigilante. I create this after I discovered that Tumblr does not do a good job at doing SEO for better exposure. So I decided to create the Blogger version of my Tumblr site so I can have SEO and showcase all my Punisher stuff better. Click the Official icon below to go to my new site.

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On #DarwinWasWrongDay..

He has no evidence for his young earth idocy. So Dumb idiot Ham just like others like him resorts to invoking slanderous attacks against the man who paved the way to better understand our world better than anyone else can, Charlies Darwin, the man behind his Theory of Evolution that receives high praise from the scientific community and high ridicule from those who embrace religion. February 12th is Charlies Darwin's birthday. His Origins of Species book was published on that day. Congress in both Senate and House is proposing a bill which honors Darwin and declares February 12th as as Darwin Day. It's no wonder creationists like Dumb Idiot Ham is upset over all this. Here's a proposal to celebrate a man's legacy and creationists like Dumb Idiot Ham wants to ruin the celebration by proposing their own version of the holiday called "Darwin Was Wrong Day" and lead people to the so-called truth in "God's Word" which is nothing more than made up fairy tales that contradicts the real origins of our world revealed through scientific evidence supporting evolution and old age.

To counter this proposal, a twitter firestorm of #DarwinWasWrongDay flared up which contains real kooky propositions like these.

Even I joined in the fun

Now that's what I call ridicule-- But in a good way for us. Not so in a good for creationists.