Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marvel Comics' Last Days

From my other blog celebrating The Punisher-- I just arrived at work today when I learned that the 2015 version of Secret Wars, a major storyline Marvel Comics is planning to release in May will also have a tie-in storyline set to be released in June called The Last Days where various Marvel Characters will experience their "last days" before several worlds collide to form Battleworld. Guess who'll be among those experience their last days? Punisher!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another Stupid Woman! And another and another...

As if one stupid woman isn't enough. Here's another stupid woman who goes about "destroying" paleontology within 3 minutes.
When I first saw this post called "Mother's Against Dinosaurs" from The Sensuous Curmudgeon, I'm thinking that it came from The Onion site and it's not a noteworthy thing. Then I saw this post from Hemant's site linking to the youtube video above and boy is my blood boiling now! Here's a bunch of stupid women who thinks dinosaurs do not exist and that the bones are nothing more than made up plaster no different than the plaster of dinosaurs she smashed up in the video. And in this article from a TV12 News site from Houston, TX, according to the stupid mothers' screeds, several children of theirs bust into tears when a boy pretending to be a dinosaur ran up and started biting them just after they've been exposed to the science of dinosaurs in the school classroom. Seriously the boy would've gotten a detention for that one and his parents notified of the incident. The parents of the children who were attacked, on the other hand, use this incident to launch an incredibly stupid Christian campaign to remove the science of dinosaurs from schools.... seriously! Especially from the schools in Texas where unfortunately Christian Fundamentalism is running rampart especially in the Texan Board of Education where a majority of members are fundamentalists Christians who want to shove their narrow-minded ideology down the throats of hapless children.

No words could ever describe just how angry I am at those people who thinks dinosaurs don't exist and that dinosaurs are bad for the children, or that dinosaurs and humans living together are historical facts rather than science fiction it rightfully is. I've been very angry at those people for many years and I'm still angry at them now. How can they say that dinosaurs don't exist when scores of real, authentic fossils have been found and unearthed worldwide? How can they say that dinosaurs once lived with humans when not a single trace of fossil human remains have been found alongside dinosaurs in the fossil record? How can these people be so outrageously stupid like that!? Is that the way for Christians to act like--- oh, that's right. That is the way for Christians who are made up of incredibly stupid people who believe everything they see and hear out of the mouths of their pastors, church,, and evangelical leaders to act like imbeciles they are by taking advantage of certain incidents, especially certain childish incidents at school, to go about and advertise their extreme stupidity to the whole world-- a common occurrence that can be found in Dumbmerica.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Blog Is Now Out!

Guess what! I got a brand new blog established just today. Introducing: The Punisher: My Gun, My Harp, and Me. A blog that'll serve as a place to showcase all my Punisher artwork in form of my fanart and photographs showing The Punisher being portrayed as a harpist and, like always, Marvel Universe's deadliest vigilante. I create this after I discovered that Tumblr does not do a good job at doing SEO for better exposure. So I decided to create the Blogger version of my Tumblr site so I can have SEO and showcase all my Punisher stuff better. Click the Official icon below to go to my new site.

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On #DarwinWasWrongDay..

He has no evidence for his young earth idocy. So Dumb idiot Ham just like others like him resorts to invoking slanderous attacks against the man who paved the way to better understand our world better than anyone else can, Charlies Darwin, the man behind his Theory of Evolution that receives high praise from the scientific community and high ridicule from those who embrace religion. February 12th is Charlies Darwin's birthday. His Origins of Species book was published on that day. Congress in both Senate and House is proposing a bill which honors Darwin and declares February 12th as as Darwin Day. It's no wonder creationists like Dumb Idiot Ham is upset over all this. Here's a proposal to celebrate a man's legacy and creationists like Dumb Idiot Ham wants to ruin the celebration by proposing their own version of the holiday called "Darwin Was Wrong Day" and lead people to the so-called truth in "God's Word" which is nothing more than made up fairy tales that contradicts the real origins of our world revealed through scientific evidence supporting evolution and old age.

To counter this proposal, a twitter firestorm of #DarwinWasWrongDay flared up which contains real kooky propositions like these.

Even I joined in the fun

Now that's what I call ridicule-- But in a good way for us. Not so in a good for creationists. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

No Emotional Pleadings Will Save Ken Ham.

How in the world do creationists explain the complete lack of human remains alongside dinosaur remains in the fossil record? Answer: They can't! So they resort to lies, made up falsehoods, and above all emotional, authoritative pleadings in hopes of clouding the minds of their gullible followers into never knowing the harsh truth about their fantasy world. I, myself admit to allowing such pleadings to cloud my mind when I, for many years since 1992, struggled with this dangerous cult of young earth creationism before I began to write and post articles in 2004 exposing the deception of the creationists and how they deal with dinosaurs dishonestly. During those turbulent times, I find myself listening to radio shorts and programs put on by the likes of Dumb Idiot Ham and then finding myself searching for dinosaur articles and images on the web and in books and magazines especially made by the likes of Dumb Idiot Ham and his Answers in Genesis. That's when I saw and heard all those emotional and authoritative pleadings the creationists use to cloud people's minds so that they won't know the truth about creationism being a science fiction fairy tale straight out of a Hollywood film.

No emotional and authoritative pleadings is going to make the huge mountain of valid hardcore evidence pointing to the fact that the earth is billions of years old and that dinosaurs lived and died long before humans go away.

And no tax incentives shall ever be awarded to Dumb Idiot Ham and his cronies no matter how many times they invoke emotional pleadings to the judge in the courtroom, either. They broke the law. They engage in tax fraud and outright dishonesty when they claim they'll make Ark Encounter into a for-profit theme park for entertainment and hiring a lot of variety to people to work for the park only to discover that the park will be rendered into a place where there will be heavy duty religious proselytizing taking place and that the people hiring to work there must be made up of only White Christian workers who signed an oath saying that they agree with Dumb Idiot Ham's "worldviews" and will agree to work for AiG rather than just working for the Ark Park.  

Because of this, the 18 million dollar tax incentive promised to them got denied. Now it's official, Dumb Idiot Ham and his cronies have filed a lawsuit against the State of Kentucky in hopes of getting the tax incentives they need to complete the project. But, Ham and his cronies is in for a big surprise and a rude awakening when they go into court to pursue their own version of The American Dream only to encounter a very bad nightmare involving the Constitutional Law of the United States and the Law of the State of Kentucky which says that no one is allow to discriminate for any reason when setting up a for-profit theme park organization.

No pleadings, no matter how much emotional and authoritative pleadings is made in court, is going to save Ham and his cronies from bankruptcy, not even a prison cell. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ham will lose.

So, Dumb Idiot Ham is suing the state of Kentucky for what he claims to be an attack on religion when the state government denies him the 18 million dollar tax incentives needed to build his fruitless dream park celebrating the Biblical story of Noah's Flood. Good luck winning that lawsuit. It'll be no surprise that it'll be a total loss for him and his Answers in Genesis cult group when they end up losing the lawsuit case because they were denied the tax incentives they were promised before, but was caught engaging in discriminatory hiring practices which is highly illegal and against the Law.

According to Ham they were denied the incentives because of religious discrimination. No, that's not the real reason why the government said 'no' to the incentives. The truth is that The Ark Encounter is a FOR-PROFIT theme park. Dumb Idiot Ham established the park to be that way so that he can take advantage of the tax incentive offer that he won't be able to have if he renders the Ark Encounter into a NON-PROFIT theme park. To get those offers he has to comply with the Law which forbids discrimination against anyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation. But, true to his moniker I gave him, Ham choose to be a Dumb Idiot and violate the Laws by hiring only those who conform to his narrow-minded beliefs while shunning those who are Jew, Muslim, Gay, Christians who won't conform to his idiot beliefs, Hindu, transgender, bisexual, black, and other types of people. His way of hiring involves just a white southern Christian who only agrees with his idiot beliefs. !@*& the rest. Ham is determined to have his own way by killing two birds with one theme park. Get the tax incentives and engage in discriminatory hiring practices both at the same time. But sorry, Ham. It just won't happen.

Ham is making a huge fatal error that could cost him his ministry, his park, his "museum", his church, and perhaps his freedom. He'll end up being arrested, imprisoned for tax fraud, perhaps be committed to an asylum, all because he doesn't understand or choose not to understand how the US govern itself in ways that allows people from every background to pursue their American Dream without facing any discriminatory roadblocks along the way. In fact he's already making that fatal error now. Think of how much will it cost to pay for every lawsuit made in court. It will not be a happy outcome for Dumb Idiot Disgraceful Ham and his cronies when they sue only to lose big time in the end.   

Monday, February 2, 2015

One big tantrum over a Superbowl Commercial.

One simple Superbowl commercial and Dumb Idiot Ham throws a toddler-like tantrum over it. Carnival cruises has aired this commercial during the SuperBowl game that features a voice over of John F. Kennedy giving out an inspirational speech.

I really don’t know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea, except I think it’s because in addition to the fact that the sea changes and the light changes, and ships change, it’s because we all came from the sea. And it is an interesting biological fact that all of us have, in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it we are going back from whence we came. 
That remark about "we all came from the sea" is what Dumb Idiot Ham is throwing a child-like fit over because it made reference to evolution which indeed reveals that all life originated and came from the sea.
Don’t you just feel this “personal connection?” After all, your ancestor came out of the sea and evolved by natural processes to produce you. Don’t you feel the connection? Don’t you just want to go on one of their cruises so you can stand on the deck of a big cruise ship, look at the sea, and contemplate your accidental beginnings — and perhaps worship the sea, because it gave birth to you!
Oh — and really, you can spend a lot of money on such a cruise, but because you evolved from the sea and are just an evolved animal, and when you die you won’t even know you existed — so you won’t even remember the cruise — so what’s the point anyway? You just evolved to have an ultimately meaningless existence!
Ham! You're stupid!! This commercial is all about an invitation to come aboard a cruise ship and set sail over the blue waters of the world! In fact you're making it as if it's an insult to your dumb idiot religion when you stupidly rant like that. Well, I got news for you, you big bawl baby-- it is! An insult to your dumb idiot religion-- beliefs and all, which teaches that the earth was created a few thousand years ago and that the whole globe was completely covered with water filled with "billions of dead things" floating around a wooden ship containing tens of thousands of animals laying faces and urine all over the floor and eight humans having a hard time caring for them because they're way too many of them to handle and after the Flood, everyone leaves the ark to face an unpleasant fate that consist of overhunting, pollution, ice age, every stinkin' factor behind the so-called dinosaur extinction that the likes of you made up without proof to explain why the dinosaurs that allegedly survive the Flood left the ark only to become extinct after the Flood. Ham, what you're forcing the government to pander to, and are trying to build by illegal crooked measures, will never compare to what Carnival Cruise has to offer when it comes to offering top notch accommodations, fan, games, entertainment, everything to keep their guests happy and well relaxed throughout the entire trip, bringing Heaven to their guests while Noah (and God) brings Hell to earth according to your made up bible tale.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A #SecretWars Teaser that got me upset last night.

Last night I read a teaser from a Punisher Fan Facebook Page concerning about what will happen to all those streetwise characters, such as Electra, Daredevil, and especially The Punisher when the Secret Wars storyline comes out. Here's what Axel Alonso, Chief Editor of Marvel Comics said in this latest teaser.
Alonso: Some or all of them just might be a part of "Secret Wars." Or they may all be dead and gone, along with the Marvel Universe. "Secret Wars" #1 will tell the tale!
When I saw that last night I got really upset. I was like, "They're going to kill Punisher!" which lead me to bring myself to say "Marvel Sucks!" when I posted a reply about the latest teaser saying that this is why I'd rather see Punisher getting transfer to the DC Universe where he'll find himself in the Batman universe and have his own comic in the Vertigo Universe (DC's adult rated comic section) instead of getting killed in the cataclysmic event. But then I looked into the latest article and saw that there will be Punisher incarnations partaking in the Secret Wars storyline involving BattleWorld
“You want to see the 1602 version of Punisher fight the 2099 version of Iron Man? Muskets versus the 1990’s version of the future! We can even have the same characters from different worlds fight. I’m sure readers have been dreaming of seeing a dozen different versions of Howard the Duck fight. Well, guess what? It’s completely possible in this series!”
Way up in the image, there's Franken Castle appearing at the bottom right of the cover of one of the four part tie-in miniseries Secret Wars: BattleWorld where several variations of Marvel Comics characters battle it out on this newly created planet. Clearly this is an indication that The Punisher will survive whether the Ultimate Universe gets totally destroyed or not. Yes, everything will change, but every major character, including Punisher, will survive. Confidence restored, I took back that "Marvel sucks" remark I made when I got upset over the teaser and deleted the comment. True that some characters will be destroyed, others will be resurrected, the rest will survive, including The Punisher.

But we (myself included) all need to keep in mind that not all incarnations of the Marvel Characters will go through this ordeal and not all parallel worlds will be affected. BattleWorld is way too small to hold all incarnations of the Marvel Characters, you know. The new world and the universe is far too small in comparison with all other worlds and their incarnations not affected by the Secret Wars Storyline.  

Although many incarnations of the characters will find themselves battling each other in BattleWorld, many more won't. More incarnations and more worlds will still exist or be created, even after the SW storyline ends. In the end, everyone will pull through, even The Punisher, himself. So we shouldn't be alarmed when teasers like this come up. The Punisher will prevail!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Keeping Followers in Line: How are SDA and YEC no different than each other.

When I first looked at one of the two articles I discovered a few days ago, this little gem caught my eye. 
George McCready Price had no choice but to believe in a restrictive literal interpretation where God created the universe in 4004 BC.   The founder of Seventh-day Adventism, Ellen White, claimed to have received a vision from God, showing her the creation of the universe, which “was just like any other week.”  Accepting anything other than a young earth would be to deny Ellen White as a true prophet.  If other literal interpretations were true, such as Day-age creationism and the Gap Theory, then this would mean the Seventh-day Adventist denomination is based upon error. 
That is absolutely similar to the remarks made by creationists when they say that accepting evolution and long ages would be to deny the existence of God and to render the Bible, "God's Word" as a false document. If evolution and long ages was true, then the 6-day recent Creation, scripture, and Christianity as a whole would be false. A remark no different than the remark Ellen White said to her followers in order to keep them in line with the words of the prophetess. If the 6-day creation is false, then all of her teachings is false and so is White, herself.

How rottenly damning this is! Two damaging cults no different than each other or another other cults out there when it comes to using tactics like this to keep their followers in line. Especially when the evidence overwhelmingly point towards evolution and long ages being facts and both SDA and YEC being false.             

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Darwin Libel

The true roots of this religious cult called young earth creationism gives us the inspiration to more than ever reject and dispose it in favor of science. One of the hallmarks of the cult is to parade around what I call The Darwin Libel which claims that Darwin and his evolution theory is responsible for all the evils of the world from divorce, racism, and slavery to the Jewish holocaust. Dumb Idiot Ham tout this libel in his crackhouse and his literature just like Moronic Morris Sr. and Jr. does in their own literature. This lie is invented not only out of gross misunderstanding of Darwin's writings, especially about race, but out of hatred of him, and out of ignorance of the fact that it is really religion, especially Christian religion, that have played a major role in all those atrocities. When we look into Darwin's actual literature we find that Darwin actually opposed slavery and spoke out against it, gradually becoming tolerable of people of different races over time. When we look at Hitler's literature, we find that he wrote scores of Christian-themed subjects similar to the writings done by The Christian Right. He praised Martin Luther, a theologian who was also a vile, active antisemitic who calls for the burning of Jewish synagogues, villages, literature, and the deaths of all Jews everywhere. Hitler referenced him in his writings, but not Darwin. In fact, Hitler ordered Darwin's writings to be burned along with all other literature that oppose the might of the Nazi party.

When we look into Dumb Idiot Ham's plaque wall above, we find that after the Flood, Ham's descendants migrated to Africa, a clear indication that this plaque is to illustrate that all Africans are descendants of Ham, one of Noah's sons. Ham, the father of Canaan spread the word about Noah's nakedness to his two brothers, leading Shem and Japheth to cover up Noah without looking at him. Noah was drunk at that time. When he sobered up and found out what happened, he cursed Canaan, saying that he shall be a slave to his brothers. This act have been used by Christians, especially those in the Antebellum South, as justifications for the oppression and enslavement of blacks long before the birth of Darwin and publication of his book, despite the fact that this black skin libel was discredited over and over again only because this passage about Noah's drunkenness in Genesis 9:18-27 gave no reference to Ham and Canaan's skin color.

The Bible, including the Genesis 9 passage, have been invoked by Catholics, Protestants, European settlers and American Forces as justifications for mass oppression and genocides of Native Americans, slavery, prejudice and segregation of Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, gays, atheists, transgender and bisexual people, and other types of people they hate long before Charles Darwin was born and long before the publication of The Origins of Species. Even Dumb idiot Ham has been recently discovered to associate himself with a white supremacist group who donated an Allosaurus skeleton to his idiot crackhouse. Thus, the likes of One Blood and Darwin's Plantation is to regarded as unacceptable and to be rejected, disbelieved, and use as toilet paper.   


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Origins of the Dangerous Young Earth Cult

When Henry "Moronic" Morris (1918-2006) and John "Witless" Whitcomb published The Genesis Flood, they refrained from telling other Christians where they really got all those young earth idiocies from. Rather, they lie, saying that these teachings came from Early and Medieval Christian and Jewish leaders such as Martin Luther and St. Augustine through the studies of The Bible. Morris and Whitcomb does not want Christians to know that The Genesis Flood is actually a repackaged version of The New Geology by George McCready Price (1870-1963), a staunch follower of the Seventh Day Adventist cult who became enthralled by the teachings of his mistress Ellen G. White (1827-1925), the founder of the SDA cult who's regarded as a prophetess and a spiritual leader who claimed to have visions of God showing her how he created the universe within the 6th-24 hour time frame, 6,000 years ago. And that all of the sedimentary rocks and fossils found in them were all the result of the Noah's Flood event that took place worldwide 4,500 years ago.

Price took those claims seriously. He went about publishing a few books to convince people that what the geologists claim about the rock formations and life in general being formed and evolved over a period of millions of years is all a lie and that God created the earth as it is within a 6-24 hour time span six thousand of years ago and fully formed everything as they are within it. And that all the fossils and the sedimentary rock strata was all the results of Noah's Flood. Never to mention that this is the work of a teenage cult leader who had major problems with epilepsy. Never to mention that it has no truth, no foundation, all deception and nothing else. So proud of his beliefs in White's teachings that in one of his earlier books, Illogical Geology, published in 1906, Price offered $1,000 "to any one who will, in the face of the facts here presented, show me how to prove that one kind of fossil is older than another." In other words, he'll give $1,000 to anyone who can prove to him that the fossils are much older than 6,000 years. A fraudulent offer no different than Crooked Kent Hovind's offering of $250,000 to anyone who can prove to him that evolution is true.

The most notable of his books is The New Geology, published in 1923. Henry Moronic Morris was able to obtain a copy of the book and another publication like it during the late 1950s'. At that time, the Cold War was at an all time high. Fears of being invaded by "godless commies" were on everyone's mind. To stand against this "anti-god' paranoia put on by Communist Russia, Moronic Morris and John Witless Whitcomb, who has no background in geology and earth science, repackaged The New Geology into their own book and titled it The Genesis Flood, which was published in 1961. Then they went about and lie to the Christian world, saying that what is written in the book was the foundational teachings of the early and middle Church leaders through the Bible, hiding from the fact that the teaching of the young earth is in fact the work of a religious cult leader who was a staunch follower of another religious cult known as the Millerites who believed that one day Jesus will come back for them at a certain time and day as predicted by their cult leader William Miller who predicted that the world will come to an end in 1844, which never happened.

The lies and their grade-school science expertise convinced a majority of Fundamentalist Christians, including Dumb Idiot Ham, to become staunch followers of the young earth cult themselves, creating lies and falsehoods, planting false evidences, dredging up hoaxes and forgeries, engaging in malicious rants against Charles Darwin and his Theory of evolution and supporters of them, and giving Christianity as a whole a bad and destructive name.

Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough - Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure

Henry "Moronic" Morris, a southern baptist and hydrologist, was the founder of the 1960s' "creation science" movement and was just as stupid and sick minded as he was old. He was a disciple of George Macready Price, a follower of the Seventh Day Adventist cult, who took his mistress, Ellen G White, the founder of the religious cult, seriously when she claimed she allegedly saw a vision where she witness the Creation of the Universe done within a 6-24 hour day time span, 6,000 years ago. Price searched for evidence that support his mistress' visions, brand them as "Flood Geology" and wrote what she allegedly saw and what "evidence" he "found" and in 1923 published them in a book called The New Geology. Morris obtained the book in the late 1950s' and like it so much that he along with his colleague John "Witless" Whitcomb Jr. began to embrace this particular cult teaching and repackaged them into their 1961 book The Genesis Flood, hiding from their followers the fact that what they published and convinced a majority of Christians to believe in actually came from a teenaged cult leader.

Today Morris Sr., who passed away in 2006, survives by his son name John, who inherited his father's stupidity, ignorance, and his skill in deception. In 1988, Morris Jr. published Noah's ark and the Lost World (NALW), then repackage it into Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure (NAAA), which he published in 1994 with the difference of adding hoaxes and photographs deliberately taken out of context from places in Turkey that are nothing more than tourist attractions.

In both books, Morris conjures up young earth fantasies about Noah's ark being a long rectangular box with a long row of windows on each side of the narrow deck at the very top center of the roof. This version of Noah's ark is entirely made up by the likes of Morris to promote the fairy tale myth about man living with dinosaurs (a concept totally invented by Hollywood and science fiction writers) in a world that was allegedly created at the same time as these events that occurred in 4th Millennium BCE.

This walkthrough will only focus on NAAA for it's exactly the same as NALW, which I'll explain what the book cover depict.

The front cover of NALW shows what appears to be ruins of the ark on the Fictional Mt. Ararat that's cracked open to reveal an imaginary scene containing a trumpeting mammoth, a giant ground sloth browsing which are copied from the cover of a classic book How and Why Wonder Book of Prehistoric Mammals, a smiling Brachiosaur, a running Ornithomimus, a lounging lion, and Noah standing on the right side of the image with a walking stick in hand looking at the view.

The front cover of NAAA shows some fictional discoverers observing Noah's ark while a ghostly vision of Noah, a dove, a tyrannosaur, a brachiosaur, and a mammoth appears before them. There is a summary shown on the back cover of NAAA that reads, with my responses in bold brackets,
“The Adventure isn't over yet [Actually it's a hoax.] The search for Noah's Ark [possibly model after an elongated barn, like a poultry barn] is one of the greatest detective stories [hoaxes] of modern times. Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure takes you on a daring mountain climbs and into a world that has long since ceased to exist [that never existed in the first place!] Is there reliable evidence that Noah's ark is still on Mt Ararat? [NO! The Mountain doesn't exist. The Bible only mentions that the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat. There was no single mountain named Ararat. Period.]  If so why hasn't it been found? [because it didn't exist] Dr. [or is he?] John Morris looks at clues [he himself have faked] that has been found and takes you with him up the mountain [that don't exist] as he and his friends [according to his made up story] explore the areas of reported sightings [known to be fictitious and discredited]. Discover what the world was like before the Flood that never existed. What was it like when men and dinosaurs lived side by side [never mind the complete lack of evidence for such a scenario]? Just how did Noah get all of those animals into the ark [He couldn't with all of those 90 million plus animals living and extinct around him]? These questions and many more are answered [dishonestly] in this fascinating [faulty to be exact] book.”
The so-called adventure is actually an fictitious tale made up by creationists to convince the gullible that their own distorted biblical views of the past is true, while in reality it's not.

Page 1: Just a drawing of John, which really nothing more than a sketched version of an actual photograph of him shown in NALW, and a brief forward summary and made up claims invented by people who faked their own story of the expedition, each of which gave conflicting account of the trip.

Page 2: A forward is shown written by a former astronaut named Co. James "Jim" Erwin, infamous for his false claim about Archaeopterx being a forgery. He, who passed away in 1991, claims to have found evidence of the alleged Flood occurring at the same time as the heyday of both the Sumerian nation and the Ancient Egyptian nation was occurring in 2370 BC-- right at the same time Unas was reigning in Egypt, a country without any recollection of such an event! In reality, he found none of it.

Page 3: A list of contents. No big deal. Morris, like the other young earth morons, made up a fantasy world where all life forms, past and present, live at the same time (in an overcrowded world) in a few thousand years ago at the very height of the Egyptian civilization. In this fantasy time, what creationists allegedly called the “Lost World,” on page 4 and 5, Morris encourages the reader to imagine what was like in the so-called pre-Flood era that never existed, where we see dinosaurs and modern animals as well as some descendants of Adam living side by side in a world that never was to begin with.

Pages 6 asks, “How can we know what the world was like before the flood?” Answer: You can't! It never existed in the first place. Morris, however, believes in such a world that once existed because it allegedly says so in the Bible. Never mind that this is a direct result of an alleged teenage cult leader who founded the Seventh Day Adventist Movement. He goes on, blathering his falsehood about the billions of dead things laid down by Noah's flood as told by the other arch idiot Ken "Dumb Idiot" Ham. Never mind that fossils are monstrously rare and none of them were laid down by water and buried in mud all over the earth. He asserts that if we don't believe the details he thinks God allegedly provided in the Bible, then it would be much difficult for us to understand the past from the evidence we see around us. The reality is that the evidence for such a past is nowhere to be found! Therefore, using the Bible to understand the earth's past according to the creationists is entirely worthless.

Even the image at the bottom of page 6, depicting one person being “puzzled” about putting together a puzzle set without the Bible's empty help before achieving the idea of putting together the puzzle with the greatest of ease with the Bible's empty help, won't prove any point without the aid of physical evidence that's nowhere to be found.

Then Morris on page 7, gives out the fairy land story of the Garden of Eden and how the animals and people are sickly sweet, living at peace side by side and being vegetarians (actually killing the plants in the process despite claim that there was no death occurring before the Fall) and how there was no rain, but instead the garden was misty at night. Never mind that mist is a form of rain that does very little to help sustain plant life. And how it is always sunshiny from dawn to dusk and how God told Adam and Eve they are not to eat the fruit from a certain tree, but eventually they did and got kicked out of the Garden for good.

Page 8 tells the reader that Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord when Satan, in form of a snake, tempts them to eat the forbidden fruit, and our alleged parents "sadly" gave in and lost their garden home. Morris asserts that because of what they have done, sin came to the world and have also brought death into the world as told in Romans 5:12 which was cherry picked from the Bible and twisted to fit the creationists' wacky perceptions. The verse when put back in context refers to the Apostle Paul's talk about spiritual death and that it only applies to the human race, not animals and plants. These verses according to Paul tells us that before Jesus Christ died for us, we were all dead spiritually. But after Christ died and rose from the dead, those who accept Him will become spiritually alive in Him. In Christ, people are resurrected spiritually. If Christ died to take away only physical death and physical death is still with us, then Christ will be a total failure. Many Fundamentalist Christians, including Moronic Morris believe that the Garden of Eden was destroyed in the Flood which to them explains why the Garden of Eden is nowhere to be found today. Never mind that the Garden of Eden never existed.

Morris then asserts that the whole earth was allegedly effected by the curse of sin which brought on hard work, people and animals dying, and meat eating animals making kills. This is hands down the direct result of cherry picking Bible verses again while ignoring the other Bible verses which condone predatory behavior. The Bible actually said that only the ground that Adam lived on is cursed, not the entire planet. This means the ground will reverted back to it's uncultivated state and Adam will have to worked his butt off to grow his own food. And finally, whether creationists like it or not, animals do not sin. They have no sense of knowing what's right or wrong and rely only on either instinct and what they were trained by man to do to survive. Every verse that deals with death refers to only humans. There's no indication that the verses creationists cherry picked from The Book of Romans refers to other organisms like plants or animals as well as humans.

Page 10 only deals with the mythical pre-Flood life spans of people as told in Genesis 5, which echos the Babylonian mythical take which tells of rulers who ruled nations for tens of thousands of years before the Great Flood.  

Page 11 deals with man's wickedness as told in Genesis 6:13. Morris, ignorant as usual, claims the animals were also wicked; not living the life God has intended for them to live. How, Morris? How are they wicked when no animal knows what it's like to be good and/or evil and have no abilities at all to think and reason like we do and that they act only on instinct? It's obvious you made such a concept up by reading religious books you normally shunned from viewing such as the Book of Jubilees and ignore the fact that animals are morally innocent, unable to reason, and don't need to have a savior to save them from Hell.

According to this famous Bible story, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. When warned from God that there's going to be a Flood, Noah took God's warning seriously, and at His command, builds the ark to save the animals and people from the flood. While at it, Noah warned the people to repent of their sins and come join him into the ark and be saved. But sadly, his pleadings for repentance and salvation were mocked and scoffed at by the wicked around him. Morris contradicts himself when he says that there was no rain before the flood, yet the world was covered with mist that watered the lush forests carpeting much of the world as claimed by Morris. If there was no rain before the Flood, what does he and other young earth morons regard mist as? Smoke? Mist is a form of rain and all that mist is not going to water all those lush plants that supposedly grow in the fictional pre-Flood world. Ordinary rain will. But it all depends on the kinds of plants that's out there that will take in some, little, or much water without a problem. Some plants needed more water than others. Some just need only a little to survive. If there ever was a worldwide Flood, NONE of the plants, no matter if they need little or a lot of water, fresh or saltwater, will ever survive.

Now we get to pages 12 - 17 that talks about the ark and its contents. Creationists insists that this is the actual ark that Noah sailed on. In reality, it is entirely made up by the lies of Morris when they looked at a various elongated barns made to store up animals like cows and chickens inside. Morris' view of the ark is all imagined up based on an old Hebrew word for 'ark' which is aron meaning 'a chest' or 'a box'. Even 'a coffin!' They think the traditional ark, the boat with the house on top is not right. How do they know? Did they ever did any research on it to know what they are saying is right or did they made it up based on the Hebrew word? What makes them think it's all true, while in fact they made the whole thing up in an attempt to fix the problems that are associated with the ark? The answer to all those questions is: They don't. They made it all up, cherry picking Bible verses, distorting Genesis 1-11, throwing out parts they don't like, and promote this highly flawed and questionable story of Noah's ark that's far more comical than the musical play Two by Two.

Page 13 asserts that Noah and his family builds the ark for 120 years. Where they got the concept from is in the Hebrew tradition where it is said that the reason it took that long is that Noah was busy planting and felling a large grove of cedar which he used to build the ark which took 52 years to build. The reason to took so long is because he worked real slowly at it to give the people plenty of time to heed Noah's warning and come join him in the ark. Sadly, the people didn't bother.

Although it's no big deal concerning the pitch, the wood (whether cedar, gopher, or cypress), the 3 decks, and a huge door and window (not many windows mind you), the big question is where did Morris get the idea of Noah's rectangular ark to have a bunch of windows at the top center on the roof? If that's really for ventilation purposes, then the whole ark will be totally soaked when the flood rains came seeping through the windows and door openings regardless of how much tar or pitch was covering the ark inside and out. Plus, this fails to explain how can ventilation get to the lower decks of the ark if all openings are at the very top. Even with a wooden boat, the ark still need to have very strong metal supports in them to keep the ark from splitting apart and a special pump device to pump out the water coming in. Over the years, wooden boats were torn apart and destroyed during fierce storms. Creationist morons like Morris will have to come up with better explanations for how did the ark went through the Flood in one piece without evoking the angels-protected-them and other miraculous explanations.

Morris then tried to answer the question about how did Noah get all of the animals in the ark. To which he claims all animals must have lived much closer together, and God brought them into the ark with ease. This fails to explain how come we find NO fossils of kangaroos, koalas, and wombats outside of Australia. The Middle East would have been a horribly overcrowded place with all those 90 million animals plus millions of people living together all in that one section of the world. Morris claims there were no mountains back then before the flood. If it is so, then how come there is a mountain range shown on pages 9, 15, 16, and 17 in the book and how come we are finding evidence of mountains forming gradually over millions of years and none for them forming within a full one-year span?

On Page 14, Morris tries to answer the question, “How could all the animals fit inside the ark?” Answer: They can't! There is no way can 90 million + animals fit inside that 450x75x45 ark. Even if there were younger animals taken aboard, there's no way can all the animals fit into the ark. Morris, just like all creationists, invoked the hibernation and the vegetarian myths to help explain how can animals survive in the ark, claiming that Noah and his family did not have to feed them very much because all of the animals will be sleeping during the voyage. Yet, this fictitious scenario fail miserably to explain how can the animals survive the flood without depositing feces on the ground floor and spread sickness and diseases all over the ark with all sorts of bugs, parasites, germs, and viruses that Noah apparently took up into the ark, too. Only a few animals hibernate and most of them that do is small. Hibernation is highly hazardous. Some animals don't survive hibernation because their body temperature would be so low that they won't wake up even when the weather gets warm in the spring time. Not to mention the unsafe areas with people roaming about, natural predators, and the failure to get enough food to build up fat in their bodies to last them the whole season is also the reasons why some animals don't survive hibernation.

How can large animals hibernate when their need for food, water, stimulation, exercise, and lots of space is so enormous and great? More than 8 people is needed to take care of all of those 50,000 animals such as feeding them, cleaning them, giving them exercise, play, and stimulation. Even with sheep size animals overcrowding the ark, there has got to be more than just 8 people to care and meet the needs of all of them, especially meeting the needs of animals that have a special diet on hand like meat for the carnivores, eucalyptus leaves for the koalas, and bamboo for the panda or else none of them will ever survive the voyage of the ark, even on a diet of corn and hay.

Now we get to page 15, where we find a whole fantasy of dinosaurs living with man [Despite lack of dinosaurs and humans remains found mixed together in the fossil record], being all vegetarians [With all of what it takes to be a meat-eater getting wasted away, one must wonder why gave them these things if they were meant to eat plants?], perishing in the Flood in most cases while the rest is killed off in post-Flood extremes [If God wants them saved and yet they die off afterwords, then what's the point of being salvaged anyway?], being dragons people saw alive [Never mind that the dinosaurs do not have snake like bodies, fiery breath, bat-wings, a strong lust for gold, etc.], and living in modern times in remote places in Africa. [Never mind the complete lack of evidence supporting this scenario]. Continuing to pages 16 and 17, there is the old Behemoth and Leviathan being dinosaurs. Never mind that these two animals are in fact supernatural beasts from Jewish folklore. And the concept of Noah taking young dinosaurs on board which is impossible knowing how most dinosaurs grew up very fast in a matter of a year or less depending on species and how they will never survive right after they leave the ark when the Flood ended.

Besides, Noah has to take up animals that are fully grown and sexually mature to reproduce after the flood, not those inexperienced babies, juveniles, and “teenagers.” What do they think God meant to Noah when He told him to take with him two of every kind of animal, “a male and his mate” on board anyway?

Pages 18 and 19 comes the Fairy Tale Flood which also includes meteors, volcanoes and earthquakes, which Genesis 7:11 speaks ZERO of. Just torrential rains and tsunamis, but not volcanoes, meteors, or earthquakes. The creationists, obviously knowing there's evidence of meteorites collisions, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural disasters found in the Fossil record, took all those natural disasters that in reality occurred in separate events each over a period of time and lumped them all into a one-year scenario in order to fit them all into their flawed dogma in hopes of explaining the findings of meteorite craters and evidence of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the fossil record.

Pages 20 and 21 tells of the falsehood about the high mountains and the rock layers all being formed from mud during the Flood and the Grand Canyon being formed by the receding Flood waters of the Great Flood while ignoring the lack of evidence for it. Then, Morris claims that God have caused deep oceans to form alongside the continents, which is false. This claim is made up out of ignorance of plate tectonics which causes the continents to form gradually within an inch per year.

Pages 22 and 23 addresses the post-Flood fallacy where there were coal forming from forests buried in the flood waters [That never happened], insect eggs hatching and plants sprouting from floating logs [while they would've all died if the Global Flood happened] as well as plants and trees reappearing from soil [That was supposed to be entirely destroyed in the Flood] and some other groundless post Flood myths. Then, Morris invokes the story of the Tower of Babel which was actually based on Babylonian folklore to explain how did civilization began unaware of the fact that many powerful civilized nations have already started. China with its history of Chinese civilization began around 10,000 BC. Egyptian history dates back between 5,000 to 6,000 years ago at the supposed time of Creation and the pre-Flood era! Even Sumeria have a history dated back around 5000 BC as well.

Next, a few flood myths were addressed, claiming that people at first told the story of Noah's ark, but then have distorted it over the years. In reality, these stories featured in the book are actually based on local flooding events which has nothing to do with Noah's Flood and the spreading of the famous Biblical story by Missionaries traveling in foreign countries.

Now, I'm going to make this brief. These few chapters of pages 25 - 49 is all about alleged claims of Noah's ark sightings made up by many individuals, including Morris' whose own claim about his own journey up Mt. Ararat and his so called expedition to find the ark features a part where at one time, during the trip, he was struck by lightening, yet he survived so he is able to continue with his journey up the mountain. He says, however, that he never have found the ark and has had much difficulty trying to get permission from the government to go even up on an airplane and fly over the mountain to see it. That story along with the others are to be highly discredited and not to be believed.

Much of the drawings in the book are all made up. The photos are fuzzy and distorted, the relics are nothing but phony objects that in some cases have been brought to a certain area of the mountain only to be “discovered” awhile later, and boat-like shapes have all been made up through some sort of trick photography, misidentifications of natural formations, or made up on a PC image editing program. Some stories make conflicting claims of where the ark was found. Some stories have people visiting the ark easily while other stories have people experiencing hardships and having a hard time trying to find it. Some have stories of those who had friends who lost their lives finding the ark. Others have stories of people getting captured by the Turkish government and later executed. And so much more. All these stories have been ruled as discredited and fictitious. Some people even admitted to make up their stories of Noah's warehouse ark sightings because they been paid to do it. TalkOrigins' Index Guide To Creationist's Claims has a list of claims made by those who claimed to have found the ark, but they have all been discredited and ruled as fictitious.

Morris contributed to the young earth fable by faking expedition stories of many people who allegedly found the ark. None of them has been proven in which among them includes the infamous Ark Jammal hoax. Rigged by George Jammal, this story claims he allegedly discovered the ark and tried to prove it by showing a piece of the ark he claims to have discovered on the mountain where he and his friend, who didn't exist, went up to look for the ark. The piece of wood from the ark is actually a piece of wood taken off an old worn railroad track and fixed to make it look as if it is a rotted wood from the ark Jammal never saw.

Now here is an "interesting" list of claims made up by Morris who claims to have made some archaeological “discoveries” which are all nothing more than tourists attractions found on pages 50 – 55 in which one of them he claims allegedly dates back to the time of Noah's ark.

The first of them is an underground network of cave dwellings known as the Cavetowns and Gorges of Cappadocia, Turkey. Morris claims he doesn't knowing how old the caves were, but he's flat out lying, hiding the fact that the man-made caves were first built around 1200 BC. Morris claims the caves were carved by Christians to hide from their Turkish persecutors. Actually the caves were carved by many different types of people including the Hittites, who used them as temporary shelters as well as hiding places from their enemies. And yes, Christians did used the caves to not only hide from their Turkish enemies, but to fight back against them, the Roman persecutors, and the Arab army that invaded the area many years later.

Ishak Pasha (misspelled as Isak Pasha in the book) is the most beautiful palace in all of Turkey. But what does the owner have any to do with a Christian God? The official religion of the Ottoman Empire was Islam and there is no evidence that the builder got his hands chopped off by the emperor. The building of the palace began in 1685 by Colak Abdi Pasha, the governor of the Ottoman Empire and was completed by his grandson Ishak Pasha in 1784. It took 99 years to build the palace and has 366 rooms inside including a harem and a mausoleum where the builders of the palace along with their families are laid to rest.

Nearby is a hand-carve cave that Morris thinks it's a ancient tomb. But he pretends to be not so sure about it (he's lying) and wishes someone else would find out about it. Guess what, Morris? Someone already have! It's not dated back to the time of Noah. It's an ancient rock carved tomb of the Urartian King dated back to 9th century BC. He shows a sketched version of what he claims to be a relief of the Urartian King dating to that time. He claims he doesn't know what tomb and relief it is. Stinkin' Lying Moron! This is the tomb of the Urartian King Argishti I who ruled the kingdom of Urartu in 9th century BC.

Now we get to the Black castle where Morris thinks it is a altar Noah built to offer up sacrifice to the Lord. It is not. The so-called alter is actually a charred citadel tower which is part of the ruins of a fortified city dating way back to the time of the Crusades known as the city of Ani. The symbols Morris is pointing to in the photo are not 8 markings left behind by Noah and his family, but 8 royal symbols of France.

Known as the city of 1001 churches, this place once had a lot of churches in that area. It was ravaged many times by invading foreigners including the Mongols and at one time was devastated by an earthquake. Today it is now a ghost town in ruins. Morris, on pages 53-55, is most likely exploring the ruins of a church located near what's left of the citadel wall. Not only is Morris pretending to not know about this, he's also flat out lying when he claims that no one has ever studied the artifacts and places in Turkey mentioned in the book, while hiding from the fact that people have already done it. It's obvious that Morris never tells the truth about the ruins of Ani or the tomb of an Urartian ruler. Thus, it is no wonder why creationism and all its advocates are not to be trusted and believed 100%.

Pages 56 - 57 tries to address the question, “What can we learn?” Simple, Nothing! Nothing worth learning from. Nothing is learned from Morris' lies and hoaxes he blurts out without shame just like what his old man have done before. Like father, like son.

Pages 58 – 61 shows Morris "preaching to the choir" before getting to the fictitious chronology of the great Flood of Noah as well as some dedications to the family and acknowledgments on who helped to make this book of fairy tales and the list of people who illustrated the book. All are found on pages 62 and 63.

And finally on page 64, Morris gives out some key locations of his alleged expedition on the Northern area of the mount and makes a unfounded claim about a Turkish friend who claims to have saw an unusual barn shaped object shown in a photo down in the lower right hand corner of the page. Wanna bet that this object is nothing more than a rock formation? A direct example of the adventure --no, the hoax continuation promoted by those who want so badly to make this Biblical mythology true despite complete lack of evidence for it!

Creationists, despite having been proven time and time again to be false, still insists their own story of Noah's ark to be true. If there is physical evidence found for all of this as told in the book, then we will acknowledge the story to be true, biblically accurate and authentic, but it is not. No evidence of a pre-Flood world, with all of its advanced cites (like Atlantis), cultures, peoples (who are nothing like the cavemen stereotypes shown in movies and comics), things that are actually modern inventions, and prehistoric and extant animals existing all together at the same time and the same place being all buried in mud in many layers all over the earth has ever been found, nor will it ever be found. This is not at all the true story of Noah's ark, but pure 100% fantasy based on the creationists' own distortion of Genesis 1-11 of the Bible and certain alleged artifacts long ruled to be frauds (i.e. Ica stones, alleged Egyptian airplanes, etc.); all combine together and made up entirely by the creationists themselves for profit, personal, and political gain.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Failure To explain why humans and dinosaurs are never found together in the fossil record

The Netherlands (Flanders)
Reposted and rewritten from last year - There’s only one word that describes this feedback article from Dumb Idiot Ken Ham’s "Answers" in Genesis website– FAIL!  The most dumbest article ever written to explain why humans and dinosaurs are never found together in the fossil record is a complete failure right from the start. Bodie Hodge, Dumb Idiot Ham's son-in-law, appears to be tiptoeing around the question rather than providing a straight answer. He knows that what he believes about dinosaurs and humans living together thousands of years ago is a completely lie. But that’s not stopping him from making a fool of himself, babbling away at why are there no humans and dinosaurs found together in the fossil record.
We do find evidence of man and dinosaurs living at about the same time. We have found dinosaur remains within 500 years of human remains.
No, you didn’t. You found nothing. Completely nothing! No dinosaur remains “within 500 years of human remains” has ever been found in the fossil record. You simply made it all up!
“The vast majority of the fossil record was laid down about 4,300 years ago during the Flood of Noah. Of the small amount of Flood sediment actually sifted through, many dinosaur fossils have been unearthed, especially in the Flood layers called Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous.”
Hodge, you’re a dunce! Right from the getgo, you have proven yourself to be unreliable and worthless in explaining the absence of human and dinosaur remains in the fossil record! Especially in and around those so-called 3 “Flood layers” that are not Flood layers at all. You do not have a clue in explaining how come there are no dinosaur remains dating before and after the Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous layers.
After the Flood, we wouldn’t expect too many human fossils until the population started to re-grow and people began spreading across the earth. In fact, the Bible records that the first post-Flood death was that of Peleg about 340 years after the Flood.
What does that have to do with dinosaurs? And where in the Bible does it say about Post-Flood deaths occurring at that time?
“Early in Peleg’s life, the people groups were separated from Babel, and people migrated to all parts of the globe. From this time on, we would expect people to have died in a few catastrophes or buried along their routes of migration or in the areas where they settled. This is exactly what we do find. Human fossils (like Homo erectus, Neanderthals, and modern Homo sapiens) begin popping up in post-Flood sediments in burial forms, in caves, areas of volcanic disturbances, etc. Some of these fossils could be from as early as the migration from Babel (100–200 years after the Flood), but others could be from a few hundred years later. Either way, at least some of these humans are within 500 years or so of the Flood, in which layers most of the dinosaur fossils were laid down.”
That does not explain why dinosaurs and humans, especially those so-called “post-Flood” humans, are not found together in the fossil record. Hodge, you're making s*** up! You are not providing a single piece of evidence to explain your beliefs. Plus, there is not one section in the Bible that tells about people dying off due to Post-Flood events. The Bible simply says that God confused the language of the people and scatter them all over the land. People everywhere were dividing up into races, cultures, and nations. Each part of land was divided up into boundaries, states, and territories with each group living separately in their own respective lands. This is obviously how Peleg got his name. He was living at the time the world was being divided up into states, countries, and territories by people who were forced to be scattered by God who confuse their language prior to seeing them build the Tower of Babel out of rebellion against the Lord. The term “world” according to the ancients is not the same as how we define the term today. To the ancients, the word “world” is define as a vast piece of land, not the entire globe. According to Wikipedia...
“The meaning of the earth being divided has been speculated to be a patriarchal division of the world (or possibly just the eastern hemisphere) among the three sons of Noah for future occupation, as specifically described in the Book of Jubilees. Flavius Josephus (among others) also affirms this interpretation in his Antiquities of the Jews, Book I, Chapter VI, Paragraph 4.”
And it most certainly have nothing to do with Plate Techtonics.

See? What I tell you. Hodge simply tiptoes around the question! He has no clue to why no human and dinosaur remains has ever been found together in the fossil record. He just proved it right there!

The rest of the article only contain dictatorial rants, saying that Christians need to “think biblically about dinosaurs as well as the rock layers.” Christians don’t need to think biblically about it, Hodge. There’s nothing in the Bible that says anything about dinosaurs and rock layers. Genesis 1:24-26 does not “clearly” agree with the Genesis 2:19-20 passage which says that God made the animals after man while the former says that God created animals before man. Then you turn around and contradict the "God created everything" notion by saying that God creating less than 200 animals, including less than 50 different kinds of dinosaurs, never bother to create the other 900 billion or else the world will  get so grossly overcrowded that no one will ever move about without bumping and trampling onto each other.

You also assume that Behemoth and Leviathan were dinosaurs, and that the Flood was the one that caused all the rock layers to form only because these two animals far more bigger and dangerous than any other animal known, and that this is your way to explain the formation of the fossil record while being totally ignorant of what the 2 animals really are -- supernatural creatures -- and how the rock layers really formed through physical evidence.
“I still find it strange how humanists attempt to take the Flood sediment that was laid down over the course of about a year and stretch it out to millions and billions of years.”
Oh sure! Make believe! Never mind the fact that there’s no such thing as the Flood sediment and that real fossil record is made up of only multiple types of sediment formed by everything but the mythical Flood over a period of million of years. The fossil record is correctly dated by geologists, not humanists, who use the world’s most accurate dating methods to date the record to be billions of years old. Only a dumb creationist like Hodge can squeeze the whole record to one full year while giving every prehistoric inhabitant no chances of living their lives according to what the evidence revealed to us in the fossil record. Everything according to the creationists has to be all made up of just one time zone filled with mega-crowded inhabitants that can’t find any space to move about before being covered by an extremely rapid juggernaut of 200 MPH of dirty floodwaters that gives everyone no chances of escaping, feeding, raising their young, etc. What you claim won’t work, explains nothing, and is not at all Biblical. So, sorry, Hodge. You've failed.

Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough - The Great Dinosaur Mystery Part 6

Page 50: Taylor derogatorily label all beneficial natural wonders such as "thorns and thistles, disease-producing germs and blood-sucking parasites, fighting and killing.." as the result of sin. If so, then so is the bacteria that helps to digest food in our stomachs, fight off harmful diseases, and help herbivorous animals ferment their plant food after consuming them; so are the spikes that helps a cactus conserve water in the desert; so are the parasites that depend on their hosts for survival; so is the mushroom and other forms of fungi in which some are highly edible. Seriously, how are they the result of sin when living organisms such as thorns, thistles, parasites, predators do have a beneficial purpose.

Thorns serve a major purpose for plants by being defensive weapons against plant-eaters. In some cases, plants like the thorny spines of a cactus used their thorny spines to preserve moisture and water highly essential for the cactus' survival. Parasites, in some cases, are highly beneficial and relied their hosts for survival even in environments that are otherwise too hostile for them to be in. Some parasites even keep their hosts alive and make them help raise their young, including a parasite that gets a spider to help a wasp raise its young and another parasite that gets a lobster to raise its offspring the same way it raises a new generation of lobsters.

Predators are among the most efficient beings, fast on their feet, sleek, and highly agile. Some with their eyes faces forward to help zero in on their prey. In other cases, they are beings of great patience and wait for their unsuspecting prey to come by before they strike. Cunning. Clever. They in some cases work together in packs to help take down their prey. Predators are capable of keeping animal populations in check and prevent plant-eaters from overpopulating and overgrazing the plant world as well as clean up the earth of dead bodies to prevent diseases from spreading. It's all there to complete the ingredients for a highly, healthy ecosystem.

If all these things are evil, then so is God because He ordained all these things, predation, parasites, thorns, weeds, etc, for the benefit of all Creation.

Page 51: Taylor asserts that some animals became predators gradually after the Fall and the Flood. That's because in his make-believe world, after the Flood, the world became different than what it was before.
"After the Flood the earth was a very different place. When Noah stepped off the ship, it must have felt like getting out on another planet. Nothing would have looked familiar. Most of the world was left covered with water. Seven out of every ten spots of the globe are still under water today."
I thought the Bible said "By the first day of the first month of Noah's six hundred and first year, the water had dried up from the earth. Noah then removed the covering from the ark and saw that the surface of the ground was dry. By the twenty-seventh day of the second month the earth was completely dry." (Genesis 8:13-14) Don't you think Taylor's statement is highly a contradiction to what the Bible says? If there was a global flood, all of the Earth will be completely dry.
"All of the landmarks were destroyed. The Garden of Eden was gone forever. So was the whole land of Eden and every other land."
Where's the evidence, Taylor? Oh, that's right. You don't have any. All you have is made up fantasies. That's it.
"Mud and rock were everywhere. Cold forbidding mountains stood where none had been before. Earthquakes and volcanoes still continued to plague animals and man, even after the Flood was over--and still do today on a smaller scale."

Creationists made the whole thing up and shoehorned what why made up into the Bible to explain the evidence of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and formations of mountains in the fossil record that each occurred gradually over separate periods of time in reality. They also made up this concept by distorting the Genesis 8:5 verse to mean mountains surfacing up from the Floodwaters like a submarine while the verse actually refers to the floodwaters drying up to reveal the peaks of mountains (or hills).
"Temperatures had become extreme. Some parts of the world got much hotter after the Flood. This eventually dried up all the water and left great deserts. And in other places, snow began to fall for the first time because of freezing cold. A short ice "age" followed the Flood in some parts of the world. Harmful radiation from the sun (and space) probably came down in much larger doses after the Flood."
Noah's Flood had nothing to do with both the formation of deserts and the Ice Age. There would have been NO ice are or cold weathers. Everything will be entirely burned up and evaporated if Noah's Flood was a true event.
"The original world may have been protected from this radiation by a special atmosphere. The earth's air may have contained a much higher amount of water which kept the weather warmer and more pleasant. Before the Flood, plants were watered by rivers, underground springs and dew--instead of by rain."

That "special atmosphere" - the vapor canopy - will bring Hell on earth literally if there was such a thing. Everything will be incinerated. Plants, animals, - everything! And all the waters of the world would be completely evaporated.

Whether dew or mist, it doesn't matter. Plants in most cases will not survive on just mist, rivers, or underground springs. If there was only dew or mist existing in this so-called Pre-Flood world, creationists have yet to honestly explain, without invoking some empty miracles, how would dew and mist fill up all the rivers, underground streams, and oceans even if there was no rain happening before the flood. After all, both dew and mist are forms of rain that occur during the night and morning hours and this greatly contradicts the claims of no rain occurring before the Flood.

According to Taylor's next crank, all animals were plant-eaters until after the Flood which kind of contradicts the crank which claims that some animals become meat-eaters the moment Adam ate the apple. Sounds like Taylor's playing the Blame Game like a true dumb idiot by using man's sin as a scapegoat for all predation and carnivory.  Page 51 in the GDM book tells about this falsehood.

In this claim found on page 51 in the book, there is the following lie:
"Today, there are many animals that kill other animals for food. Exactly when this habit first began is a mystery. But it could not have started until sometime after man's first sin. In the original Creation, all the animals ate plants, not meat (Genesis 1:30)."

This verse is among the Bible verses creationist cherry picked and twist about to fit their idiot beliefs. Never mind that verse does not say that God commanded them to eat plants.
"There was no killing before the Fall (when Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden)."

Except the killing of plants. When animals eat plants, they are killing them! Plants are living things just like animals and people.
"It was not until sometime after sin's "beginning" that the animals began to eat other animals."

In other words, all predation is blamed on Adam after he and Eve ate the apple. Never mind the bible being completely void of verses that tells about no killing and predation prior to the Fall and never mind the bible being chock full of verses that clearly tells of God condoning, even instigating the art of predation. What Taylor asserts gives the reader a false impression that God is evil since he made the animals to have the things predators have to eat meat and yet, He wanted them to eat plants. And when the animals disobey and turn their appetites on the animals, Adam and Eve, the 2 scapegoats, are to blame for all this.

If God wanted all to eat plants, then why did he create some of them to have razor sharp teeth, a stomach for red food, claws to tear at their prey, and strong muscular legs to chase after them? Seriously, if God wanted all animals to eat plants then He would've made them all to have cheeks to store up plant food in their mouths, molars to chew plants, strong, blunt teeth to pull up plants, and a huge gut with a complex digestive system to digest plants that are all made up of cellulose, tough fibers that made plants difficult to digest and bacteria to help ferment them.

At the bottom on page 51, there is an image depicting a Parasaurolophus copied from The Dinosaurs by William Stout. A caption shows what the dinosaur is and wrongfully claims that the stomach contents of pine cones, pine needles, fruits, and seeds found in many hadrosaur fossils were their last meal they ate just before or during the Flood. It's stupid! How could hadrosaurs eat along with raise eggs and young, relieving themselves, migrating from place to place, and curled up sleeping, like Mei long was when it was smothered in an ash fall 130 million years ago, while they're all supposed to be running for their lives and head for the hills to vainly escape the flood? What Taylor claims is entirely made up.

Page 52:

Taylor claims,
"After the Flood, God gave people official permission to kill animals for food and eat them. Man could now eat everything, green plants and animals."

A direct distorted version of Genesis 1:29-30 where God says that he now gives Noah everything to eat, including animals, as well as plants to eat.
"This means that people from Noah's family could have eaten dinosaurs, if they tasted good."

They could've but they never did.
"But God told the animals (including dinosaurs) that they should not kill people. If they did, they would have to answer to God for it."

No, He told only Noah that as part of His covenant with Noah. One has to wonder how can dinosaurs not kill man and/or kill man while they've been really dead for 65 million years? How can Noah and his family taste dinosaurs other than birds, while in fact they never saw them alive let alone kill them? This is entirely made up. If animals like lions, tigers and Velociraptors have all that it takes to hunt and kill prey, yet they are told to eat only plants, then what good is it? It would be totally worthless to have them. A big waste for them to receive the traits of a meat-eater, yet they're strictly ordered to eat only plants.

Look how Taylor in his own way make believes about how some animals become meat-eaters after the Fall. According to his claim, some animals didn't become meat-eaters until after the Flood which contradicts another crank notion of some animals becoming meat-eaters the moment Adam ate and apple.

Taylor's assertion claims that before the Flood, there wasn't a need for animals to kill other animals to live because there were plenty of huge, lush forests of plant life for them to eat with predation happening on very rare occasions. In Taylor's make believe world, there is no need for animals to compete with one another for food since there's plenty of plants around for them to eat. But they still have to compete with other animals, even among their own kind, for space, which leads to fights and squabbles over territories. When one part of the forest is bare of plants, one group of animals travel to where there's more plants to eat, but the other group does not like them here, so they challenge the group over the territory. First, they make threatening displays and roaring sounds at one another to intimidate either one of the groups to back off and retreat. If that doesn't work, then all Hell breaks loose with animals fighting with one another that will subsequently ends with either one of both groups being driven out of the territory or killed.

There are a few cases of predation happening in the mythic pre-Flood world, all those bodies of animals that have died of natural causes would still fill the land with a very rotten stench and spread diseases that can kill anyone living around it. One has to wonder how did people and animals in the pre-Flood world manage to put up with rotten, stinking dead bodies littering the land, stinking up the area and spreading diseases around without making everyone sick and die off of them with little or no predation around to clean them up.

Even if there were plenty of plants to eat, the animals would still strip all of the vegetation bare, leaving every part of land completely overgrazed right down to the roots. With no roots to hold down the soil, the wind would blow all the soil away, rendering the whole world into a desert planet completely void of vegetation. The Plant Kingdom would face extinction and the animals relying on plants to eat would all starve to death. Predation is the plants' ultimate savior. There must be predators in the world to ensure the survival of plants and to maintain a healthy ecosystem by killing and eating other animals for food to help keep populations of plant-eating animals under control, prevent diseases, and give plant life a chance to thrive.
"Meat-eating would have been encouraged by the Flood. The Flood was the world's greatest disaster. It destroyed all the world's huge, lush forests of plant life. Until new forests grew, there was much less food. The Flood would have left a certain number of decaying animal bodies unburied on the earth's surface. The bodies would have been tempting meals for hungry, sharp-toothed animals. Plants growing in the soils of the destroyed earth would have had less protein and vitamins than before, especially in certain areas of the world"
If there was a global flood, all plants will be destroyed - seeds in all. Plants that need little water, plants that need only fresh water, delicate plants, plants that survive well in the desert, every type of plant will all be wiped off the face of the earth along with soil needed to make the plants grow. If there was a global flood and all the animals and people leave the ark when it ended, they will all starve to death due to lack of plants to eat and no soil to grow plants on. Even if some animals become meat-eaters and feed off all the carcasses of animals and people that have died in the Flood, they will all die eventually after they ran out of carcasses to eat and went about killing off all of the plant eaters and each other to vainly satisfy their hunger and then die of starvation.

Fish will not survive the flood either. Freshwater fish can't survive in salt water and vice versa. Put each fish group in opposite water and they will all die. Put them all together in one setting and they will not survive at all. If there was a global flood, there won't be any freshwater fish, coral reefs, saltwater fish found alive. If there ever was a global flood, the world will be a desolate uninhabitable place.

Even Noah and his family would have a very hard time trying to raise crops with all if all of the soil gets washed away and destroyed in the Flood so they will have to eat meat only because they will have no choice. They'll watch all their livestock get wasted away due to lack of food and water and watch their own lives be wasted away and wind up dying of starvation themselves. When it's all over, all animals and people will be dead rather than going about “groaning up to this present time (Romans 8:19-22). Then the world will be a just dead lifeless planet as a result of "an awful thing sin did to God's wonderful, [sic] peaceful Creation!"

Page 54 asks, "Where dinosaurs really as ferocious as they are shown in books and in films?" Some of them were! Especially dromaeosaurs and tyrannosaurs with terrifying claws and menacing jaws. But Taylor in his imaginary world claims the dinosaurs were, in a way "fraidy cats," asserting that because we have only fossils to work with, it is difficult to know for sure how dinosaurs behaved. If dinosaurs did lived with man, man would have kept an accurate record of them and their observations to give us a clear info on what they are really like. But no such record existed. He goes on to say that most dinosaurs have small brains in comparisons to their immense size. He says that just because dinosaurs have small brains doesn't necessary mean that they were stupid as animals go, but they were surely (in Taylor's imaginary world) no match for man's brain -- at least until scientists announce that they've just discovered and unearth a new species of dinosaurs that possess intelligence that match that of humans.

He mentions that dinosaurs were quite small like Saltopus, a late Triassic dinosaur that is no bigger than a house cat. And then claims that many of them were less than 15 inches long not including their tails. How does he know? Answer: He don't! He made it up! Saying this as if to say they were all Compsognathids or Mussaurids while in reality small dinosaurs in most cases were much longer and larger than that. Taylor asserts that most people pay attention only to the giants and it seems to be so. But people nowadays also pay much attention to the small ones as well as to the giants. Who wouldn't want to pay attention to Dromaeosaurs, Troodontids, Hypsilophodontids, Heterodontosaurids, and Fabrosaurids, not to mentioned Compsognathids, Coelurids, and dinosaurs that are cloaked in feathers such as Sinornithosaurus and Tianyulong for instance? When it comes to the enthrallment of dinosaurs, size don't matter.

Page 55a: Taylor talks about dinosaur eggs. All dinosaurs laid eggs, but they're unable to lay big large eggs because the larger the eggs, the thicker the shell has to be. And if the eggs were so big and thick then the baby would not be able to get out at all. If the eggshell gets so thick, then no oxygen will ever come in and the embryo would die and never hatch.

Taylor asserts that no eggs of Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus have been found. But that doesn't mean they never laid them. Over the years, eggs of Titanosaurids have been found by the dozens! They've been found in India and Argentina, Spain and France. The biggest dinosaur egg comes from Hypselosaurus, a Titanosaurid that laid eggs that are about one foot long by 10 inches wide. Baby dinosaurs grow up real fast. Studies of fossil evidence tell us that on average baby dinosaurs like Diplodocus can grow up into adults in a matter of 10-15 years and lived to a ripe old age of 100. The idea of people, especially Methuselah, living long lives before the Flood is pure mythology.

Page 55b: Taylor states that there were other animals that became giants, too. There were giant birds, beavers, bears, bison, kangaroos, and deer. All these extinct megafauna dates from the early Cenozoic era all the way up to the time of the Ice Age. There was also giant dragonflies, too. These animals are dated back during the Paleozoic Era and the Triassic period as well. And plants were bigger as well like the tall giant horsetail plants from the Paleozoic and the Mesozoic Era and the Sequoia trees, giant trees that still exist today in the western part of the US. Not all of these Cenozoic giants existed at the same time as man. And no man ever saw giant horsetail plants either. But people never got bigger than only 6 to 7 feet on average. On rare instances, there were people that got as big as 9 to 12 feet tall. And that's as far as man could get. Nothing more.

Page 56: In Taylor imaginary world, the original dinosaurs were neither troublesome nor ferocious. He states that when God made everything he saw that they were "very good (Read" Perfect in the eyes of the dumb idiots who made up this imaginary world based on their warped distortions of Genesis 1-11)" In Taylor's imaginary world, all dinosaurs were originally harmless, created to delight mankind and benefit the world, eating only plants and fruits, buttering up with humans and other extinct and modern animals; a scenario that only exists in the creationists' warped imagination. In reality, there's no way can dinosaurs be all harmless plant-eaters! Look at the dromaeosaurs' sickle claws and the tyrannosaurus' big powerful jaws and teeth! No way was these dinosaurs harmless plant-eaters! And no man has ever lived with dinosaur. So how can they be a delight to man and benefit the world when in fact the dinosaurs were all dead for 65 million years before man came along? Birds are the one and only dinosaurs that delighted man and benefit the world with their colorful plumages, their songs, their devouring of harmful insects, and their playful antics in the sky.

Now this is where the dinosaurs are supposedly to be rendered as "fraidy cats" after the Flood. Taylor pretends that after the Flood, the animals and the dinosaurs were made to be afraid of people. The animals stayed as far away from people as they can because (get this!) God wanted it to happen so He can protect them from each other after the Flood ended. 

How can THAT protect the animals while there's really no protection to it? Taylor claims that dinosaurs and man once lived in separate areas of the world just like man and wild animals lived in separate worlds today, which to him probably explains why there are human and dinosaur remains not found together in the fossil record. It doesn't. Not all animals fear man. Bears, sharks, snakes, rats, not to mentioned dogs, cats, parasites, spiders, insects, and monkeys have no natural fear of man. They tolerate man to where in most cases they end up being kept as pets.

There are 7 billion humans populating the planet today. Their increase demands for farming and other types of gathering resources have caused conflicts to occur between humans and animals. Because of man, animals are being hunted down and killed and habitats destroyed, forcing them to move away or in many cases die off. The way humans are overpopulating the world are making it much more difficult for animals to live in separate worlds away from man. This is one of the reasons why scientists are saying that we are entering into a time called Anthropocene, the newest chronological era where the world gets heavily influenced and impacted by man in both good and bad ways.           

Next, Taylor claims that traces of bones, teeth, and stomach contents of many large dinosaurs allegedly killed during the mythical Flood have been found, assuming that most dinosaurs were harmless plant-eaters hundreds of years after the alleged Fall, which is not much different than an elephant and a giraffe in their ways. Never mind that no evidence of the Flood occurring a few thousands of years ago has ever been found.

Page 57 reveals this image below showing what appears to be a skeleton of a T.rex wrongly arranged with a 4 fingered hand and a caption next to it that reads,

If that isn't major paleofail, then I don't know what it is! Neither did the dinosaur killed brachiosaurs, nor did it ate plants and fruits. His arms only had 2 fingers and could not reached them into his mouth. Brachiosaurs lived during the Jurassic period and were long extinct by the time T.rex evolved. T.rex is unquestionably a full fledge carnivore.

Pages 57 and 58: A paleofail scene unfolds depicting 2 cartoonish dilophosaurs wrongly eating berries and plants. Here Taylor makes up a false and unfounded claims, saying that meat-eating dinosaurs like T.rex could not be meat-eaters because they were clumsy movers compared to modern animals like lions and cheetahs who are slender sleek runners and their teeth would snapped off in battle. Where's a much larger facepalm when you need it? Never mind the latest in fossil studies showing us that the likes of dromaeosaurs, the tyrannosaurs, and other carnosaurs were excellent sleek and slender hunters in their own right with strong running legs, eyes that see forward and olfactory glands being huge to help them smell prey for many miles around. Taylor mentions that one fossil of Albertosaurus has rows of teeth with no signs of wearing shown on them, leading him to assert that they were scavengers, eating carcasses that have already died if they were indeed meat-eaters, but thus far no stomach contents has ever been found inside of a T.rex fossil. What a blanant lie. There's one T-rex fossil that contains stomach contents of a dead hadrosaur (See reference for details). According to Taylor, some dinosaurs like Dilophosaurus have delicate features like crests and spiny sails that could break if they fought. Never mind that these were used as displays for mating and settling territorial disputes. As for the teeth, Taylor stupidly claims without proof that their sharp teeth could not have been used to just tear up meat, but to cut up fruits and vegetables like kitchen steak knives. Never mind that the bone crushing jaws, the muscular necks, and a simply built digestive track made only to digest meat. What is presented is clear evidence that Taylor is no dinosaur expert.

Dromaeosaurs are very slender and sleek runners, chasing after prey with great speed and agility. Even T.rex is known to slightly faster than an average human which is fast enough to catch and kill Hadrosaurs and Ceratopsians and other large plant-eaters who weren't speed demons. The teeth of T.rex and Albertosaurus resemble railroad spikes, is very strong and long lasting. If a tooth breaks, it doesn't matter. New ones grow to take their place. T.rex could possibly be both a predator and a scavenger. There's a fossil Edmontosaurus vertebrae found to have injuries inflicted by a T.Rex that eventually healed after the attack, indicating that this lucky Hadrosaur survived a T.rex attack.

There is a fossil of a tyrannosaur with a chewed up hadrosaur found inside its stomach. (Varricchio, 2001) It is a fossil that belongs to Daspletosaurus. This is a dinosaur that lived 75 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period, 5 million years before T.rex evolved. Dilophosaurus double crests are not used for fighting but to attract mates and to intimidate rivals.

It is now known that Spinosaurus is the world first known fully aquatic dinosaur with very thick sail arrange to look likes the humps of a camel. And speaking of camel, this site gives out the real description of the camel's teeth which clearly states that creationists don't know a doggone thing about animal dentistry and eating habits contributing to their dentistry.

Comparing dinosaur teeth with normal kitchen steak knives is entirely useless. T.rex and his kin has really thick, conical, strong, rigid, long lasting, deep-rooted, railroad skike-like teeth that can easily cut through skin, flesh, and bones unlike those flimsy kitchen steak knives that are all thin and flat. They can bend, rust, break, go blunt when used a lot, and has to be sharpened on a wet stone from time to time. Dilophosaurus may have a weak jaw but his teeth are incredibly sharp and capable of slashing and biting through flesh and skin and the teeth of Spinosaurids, like Baryonyx, are all straight, not curved. Perfect for spearing and catching slippery fish they eat. Although the arms of T.rex are about the same length of a man's arm, abelisaurids have much smaller stumpy arms and hands yet that didn't stop them from using their jaws to kill and eat prey. And finally, brachiosaurs were long extinct when T.rex first evolved 67 million years ago. Brachiosaurs lived during the Jurassic period and became extinct during the early Cretaceous Period so T.rex never really saw brachiosaurs at all in real life.


Gut Contents From a Cretaceous Tyrannosaurid

The Scientific American book of Dinosaurs
Edited by Gregory S. Paul
Copyright 2000 by Byron Preiss Visual Publications Inc.
Information from Chapter Five: Dinosaur Behavior.
"The Teeth of the Tyrannosaurus" By William L. Abler

Page 59: Since when did God decreed that the ceratopsians' horns must be used to just dig up, root, turn, move plants around like pigs, rather than fighting? This is what Taylor stupidly assert out of ignorance of the fact that ceratopsians can't because their horns are pointed up way too high. Some don't have horns at all. However, one ceratopid called Einiosaurus had a downward pointed nose horn. With that horn he could have dug up and uprooted plants for him to eat as he foraged around for food, but he can't. Einiosaurus' horn is much too small to touch the ground. 

If what Taylor claims to be the case, then what good is it for the horns are wasted on being used for just moving plants around? First off, the horns were not used just for moving plants out of the way in a dense forest. They also serve as excellent defensive weapons against their meat-eating enemies. Like rhinos, they charge head on defensively in an effort to scare away enemies and drive them off. Plus, the horns were also used to intimidate their enemies and rivals and to impress females. In a rival match, the 2 males lock horns and wrestle with each other until the loser weakens and breaks from the fight, backs off, and retreats. Extremely rarely do they fight to the death for usually they fight until one gives up and retreats. They were very social creatures that lived in herds and stick together for protection against meat-eaters. Even when they are alone, they can be very formidable opponents and can put up a great fight. They may have strong jaws and replaceable teeth, but they also have parrot like beaks which helps them to chew up tough plants, twigs, roots, and small trees. Also, did you know that one particular ceratopsian chew up bones too? It's totally weird, but ceratopsians may have been on rare occasions meat eaters. Specifically omnivores that dined on carcasses they came across.

There is one fossil of Psittacosaurus that was found to have traces of bone pieces inside of its stomach contents. Maybe the dinosaur swallow bones as well as pebbles to help grind its food as well as to get some protein inside his body once in a great while. This is not exclusive, for some modern herbivores like hippos also scavenge among the carcasses of dead animals on rare occasions as well. No ceratopsian ever had horns or spikes on their backs despite Taylor's assertions. Some do have spikes on their frills which serve as a social display. One particular ceratopsian, Psittacosaurus had quill like bristles on its tail which probably used as a defensive weapon against its enemies.

Taylor tries to give an example of his crank assertion by mentioning that some beetles have horns similar to ceratopsian horns and just assumes that the beetle horns were once thought by some to be used for stabbing other beetles, until it is discovered that the horn are actually used to pry, lift, and carry things around. The elephant beetle (Megasoma elephas) for instance is capable of lifting objects 850 times its own weight, using its horns to do so. It is also used to burrow underground to escape from its enemies and to engage in wrestling matches with a rival over a feeding ground and/or a female.

But what does that have to do with the ceratopsians horns? Nothing! Comparing ceratopsian horns with beetle horns is useless since the beetle horns are part of the beetles' exoskeleton and the ceratopsian horns are made entirely of bone. What good is it then, if God only intended on having the ceratopsian horns be used as just plant bulldozers rather than defensive weapons?

Page 59b finally asks "Did any dinosaurs ever become terrible and ferocious?" Without proof, without evidence, Taylor stupidly asserts that the answer is a mystery and that there's no proof that any of them where mean and dangerous like what they have been portrayed in books and film and that more research needs to be done before all of this is known and we find out how dinosaurs behaved before the alleged mythical Flood and afterwords. Without proof Taylor concludes that it is likely that man mostly killed them off for sport, pleasure, or food. Never mind that this conclusion is truly the stuff of science fiction and there is completely no evidence of dinosaurs being hunted and killed off by man found in every part of the fossil record.

Pages 60-61 denies the fact that dinosaurs evolved from Basal Archosaurs while giving the gullible and the ignorant some “[sic] important things to remember”, which there is none. There is nothing important to remember anything that has to do with morality, religion, and such concerning dinosaurs.

But here's REAL important things that all must remember....

Everything in Taylor's media is all lies with nothing to prove in Taylor's drivel concerning dinosaurs. Despite his efforts to preach the gospel which translates to, "Embrace our teachings or rot in Hell," any hapless soul who buy into this message will bring about their own downfall into atheism and/or other forms of religion that has nothing to do with Christianity once they realized they've been lied to and none of what the creationists say is true, buying into the false dilemma creationists invented and parade around that says, “If evolution is true, then the Bible is false. If the Bible is true, them evolution is false. You can only have one or the other, not both.” Thus, what Taylor and all other creationists forcefully preach to their lay audience for personal and financial gain is not worth listening to.