Saturday, January 24, 2015

Never Trust a Dumb Idiot with Numbers

Ham looking at a large model of his folly that will never come to fruition.

Sorry I'm a little late posting this. I was busy within the last few days. The latest news about the imminent downfall of Ark Encounter (or Ark Park) reveals that Dumb Idiot Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis cronies weren't being honest how many people are projected to attend when the park is finally built and opened to the public-- if it'll ever be built at all.
The proposed Noah's Ark theme park in Northern Kentucky would attract up to 640,000 visitors in its best year, according to a consultant who studied the project's economic impact for the state. That's far less than the 1.2 million to 2.2 million visitors estimated by the project's developers.
The consultant, Hunden Strategic Partners, of Chicago, studied the likely economic impact as part of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet's review of Ark Encounter's application for up to $18.25 million in state tax incentives for its project.
While the project would attract far fewer visitors than Ark Encounter says its own study projects, the Hunden report still concludes that it would have a financial benefit to the state and meet the economic qualifications to earn state incentives.
And yet, Ham wants you to believe that the park allegedly scheduled to open in 2016 will attract up to 2 million visitors a year. But that's not what HSP have learned when they investigated the report. Not only was Ham dishonest about how he will run the park and how he will hire employees, he was also dishonest about how many people will attend his folly of a park.

The Kentucky Secular Society obtained an open report that reveals two scenarios of how the park will market itself to attract the public, one scenario depicts the park advertising in a non-religious matter, the other depicts the park advertising in a heavily religious matter. Guess what? The religious scenario will have far more lower attendance than the non-religious scenario.

Ham tries to defend his dishonest action by relying on a 2010 study done by Amercan's Research Group run by Britt Beemer who co-authored one of Ham's idiot books. The problem with this is that ARG personally caters to only to the needs of Dumb Idiot Ham unlike Hunden who issues reports on the integrity of business without showing any form of favoritism or bias.  

The reports Hunden issues are real. The small estimate number in attendance to the park, apart from the direct violation of the anti-discrimination laws, would have been enough for the Kentucky Government to reject Ham's application for the 18 million tax incentive. No one wants to give big amounts of money to any project that's estimated to have a real small attendance once the project is completed, have dishonest hiring practices, even engage in tax fraud, a criminal offense.

Looks like what happened almost a year ago when Ham challenged Bill Nye, The Science Guy, to a public debate is doing completely nothing to increase funding for the project let alone attendance to Ham's stupid crackhouse (creation "museum"). In fact, according to this press release retrieved by Ed Hensley, Treasurer of The Kentucky Secular Society, last year's attendance to the creation "museum" dropped dramatically right after the debate was over. So now Ham, his "ministry", his "museum" and his park project are all in deep, deep trouble. And no one ever is to blame, but Ken Ham himself!

Lesson learned: Never trust a dumb idiot with numbers. Especially not the likes of Ham.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Secret Wars: Something Old, Something New

Last night I read an article about the history of Marvel Comics' Secret Wars storyline and discovered it to be nothing new. In 1984-85' To increase sales on comics and toys made by Mattel, Marvel created Secret Wars, a storyline where a powerful villain known as The Beyonder capture many Marvel Heroes and villains and placed them in a makeshift world known as BattleWorld and make them fight as entertainment for The Beyonder himself. The story became highly popular and soon a few more versions of the story have been made over the years before leading up to this year's new version of the mid' 80s storyline, scheduled to be released in May, in which 2 major parallel worlds, The Marvel Universe as we know of (Earth-616) and The Ultimate Universe (Earth-1616), would collide together to form another BattleWorld for the Marvel Heroes and Villains to battle on for Beyonder's delightful entertainment. The Marvel Universe will never be the same once the heroes find a way to defeat The Beyonder and save their lives and what's left of their 2 worlds.

Tonight after a busy day I continued to browse for more articles about Secret Wars along with the Upcoming DC Comics' 8 issue, 2 month storyline Convergence where Brainiac captures various heroes and villains from parallel worlds past and converge them together to see how they react to each other. Like The New 52 series, this doesn't sit well with a majority of people who seems to be fed up with DC Comics screwing around with their comic book worlds containing unnecessary crossovers and reboots. On the other hand, Marvel insists Secret Wars is not a reboot. Rather it's something old, something new they've been carefully planning on doing for a long time, which includes promoting the storyline with a franchise that include toys, games, posters, anything that attracts new and old readers to their comics. When the storyline is done, everything will look more or less like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As far as I know after reading the most recent article in the link above, only 2 parallel universes will be affected. Everything else that's major such as the MCU will be left alone and not be affected by the SecretWars event, which is a whole lot better than seeing all of Marvel, especially The Punisher, get destroyed. And I can continue creating my own Marvel series through my artwork and photos I make of The Punisher playing the harp in memory of his family. In my Marvel world, stable and unaffected by Secret Wars, Frank Castle is a skilled harpist who's still the world most deadliest vigilante who use his hands to both punish criminals and play the harp. I'll be doing more of this as time goes by. I love it! I love my work! And I hope Marvel does, too.     

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why Marvel is Doing the Secret Wars Storyline. #secretwars

Now I understand why Marvel is making this Secret Wars storyline. Marvel is now owned by Disney who's been helping them make blockbuster films such as The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers along with its upcoming sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. Destroying the old Marvel Universe is the only way Marvel can clean up everything and start all over with the Marvel Universe becoming a lot like The Marvel Cinematic Universe where all of the characters will be drawn in the image and likeness of various celebrities who played the part of all those famous iconic characters like Nick Fury and Iron Man. Which leads me to wonder if they're going to draw The Punisher in the image and likeness of Thomas Paine who played Frank in one of The Punisher films in future comic book issues after the Secret Wars ended from now on. Could be.    

More on Yesterday's Secret Wars Announcement.

Now that I have a lot of time to get all this soaked in. I'll weigh in more on the Secret Wars announcement. I did more research on yesterday's announcement, reading several tweets and articles containing comments and interactions from various people who in most part did not like what Marvel's going to do with their multiverse and how it doesn't thrill anyone who knows that this is Marvel's own version of DC Comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. While I was at it, I went and checked out Marvel's Interactive page containing BattleWorld, the world that will be created when all of the pieces of several parallel worlds collide together to form a new world containing new countries Marvel Comics will use to create new stories featuring their iconic characters in the near future. Yes, The Secret Wars will be like Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it'll be completely different than what DC Comics have done to their Multiverse when they did the Crisis storyline.

Because of what I saw, I now have a much better outlook and perspective on what Marvel is doing to their worlds. Marvel is not doing anything bad, they're just building a new world they'll use as a model for new future stories to be created and written that may not appeal to everyone, but it will a least appeal to many of the die hard fans of Marvel, especially kids who enjoy reading comics and watch movies and cartoons about Spiderman, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man and other iconic favorites for a long time.

Now after I looked at that interactive map, I now say that Secret Wars may not be such a bad thing after all as long as they don't mess around with The Punisher. Don't kill him off. Keep him a 5-star Vietnam War Veteran, not just a mere policeman. Keep him a vigilante badarse who goes after anyone who's a crook, a supervillain, and any superhero who crosses the line on purpose. And I'll continue to draw and create my Punisher series featuring Frank's portrayal as a harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family and punishes criminals just like he's always been.

Honestly I would love to see Marvel do a Punisher story featuring Frank doing just that... perhaps after they get done with the Secret Wars Storyline.         

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Don't Mess With The Punisher!

If you haven't already heard, Marvel Comics is going to end the Marvel Universe as we know it in a storyline similar to The Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline from DC Comics. This is turning a lot of people off from buying and reading Marvel Comics. I don't blame them. I'm not thrilled over it either. To be honest with you, I don't like Marvel Comics very much. I'm more into DC Comics than Marvel. Because the upcoming Secret Wars Storyline is such a big thing in  the news, I decided to weigh in and give my own input about it.

Don't mess with The Punisher!

If I had thing my way with Marvel Comics and I'm the chief editor of Marvel comics and find myself engaging in this kind of storyline project, I'd say, "Don't kill off The Punisher!" I repeat: "Don't kill off The Punisher! Don't kill him off! Don't mess with him! Don't do anything stupid by making him into a policeman and eventually wipe him off the face of the earth!" He is one awesome dude with a huge skull design on his chest and vengeful attitude that just won't quit. It wouldn't be right at all to foul up the character in every way. But that's what Marvel is doing to The Punisher that's so wrong on all parts. 

Think about it. Former Marine Captain and Vietnam War Veteran turned vigilante, ultimately becoming the world's most deadliest vigilante and antihero, Frank Castle wages a one man war against the criminal mob who killed his family. For 40 years, he's been killing off every dangerous crook he came across. And now Marvel wants to kill him off along with all the other Marvel characters-- incarnations in all. And that's not the worst of it. Just as bad as it was when Marvel made Microchip and Frank bitter enemies after being friends for a long time, Marvel is making Frank into a mere police lieutenant in future Marvel stories which does not sit well with die hard Punisher fans, like me.

I do not like the way Marvel is screwing up Frank Castle's life and legacy by making him into a mere policeman. I didn't like it when Marvel made Frank and Microchip into bitter enemies, either. It's no wonder why all 3 Punisher films fail at the box office. It's also no wonder why many people are turning themselves off from Marvel Comics. What Marvel is doing to all their characters, including Punisher, is hateful and no different than what DC Comics have done when they did the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

Here is what I want for The Punisher. And I think many of you would agree to this. Although The Punisher is of the Marvel Universe and it probably won't happen anytime soon, imagine this: what if DC Comics agree to buy the rights to The Punisher from Marvel Comics? Instead of making him into a mere policeman, DC would render Frank as a harden soldier just like he always been portrayed as. A Vietnam War veteran out for vengeance against a criminal mob who killed his family. Only this time the mob who destroyed his family will be operating in Gotham City, home of Batman whom Frank will cross paths, and battle against, only for both of them to set aside their differences long enough to track down and thwart a criminal plot cooked up by the likes of The Joker, The Penguin, and The Riddler. Jigsaw, an' old enemy of The Punisher will also appear in Gotham City along with Microchip, Franks' old ally (sans the few fallouts that made them bitter enemies), and Rachel Cole Alves, Frank's newest ally. Once the criminal caper is thwarted, Batman and Punisher will part ways as uneasy allies, only to eventually meet again as rivals who will never agree with how Gotham City's worst criminals must be dealt with. Punisher wants to destroy them all, but Batman, who believes in rehabilitating even the hardest criminals, will have none of it and would try to stop him from doing it. It'll be no different than when antihero Punisher battles DareDevil and Spiderman over how crime should be dealt with when he was back in the Marvel Universe.

That's what so many fans of The Punisher would rather see: The Punisher finding himself in the DC Universe going after Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Black Adam, Deathstroke, Lobo, Cheetah, The Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Darksid, and the rest of the majority of DC supervillains and any Justice League member who cross the line between justice and injustice like Superman have done in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

As for me, no matter comic book storyline The Punisher will find himself in, as long as he's not where he'll end up killed off in any and every way, I would still love to see Marvel, Archie, Dark Horse, or DC Comics do a special heartwarming, standalone Punisher storyline based on my OC series where The Punisher is portrayed as a skilled harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family when he's not sending criminals to the great beyond. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough - Dinosaurs Unleashed - Part 2

Now we get to pages 48 and 49 where fake evidence against evolution and ‘evolutionists’ are shown. First, there is a claim made about Samuel Hubbard, a museum curator who went on an expedition in 1924 to find evidence of prehistoric man. There, he allegedly found a rock drawing of what he believes to be a “dinosaur” that’s nothing more than an attempt made by early fossil hunters to reconstruct plants and invertebrate animals from fossils found nearby the site where the rock art was found (Citations: Adrienne Mayor’s Fossil Legends and the First Americans pg. 337, 403) alongside of carvings of what appears to be an ibex and an elephant attacking a man (note how the alleged “dinosaur” drawing has no forearms and has a body that’s hollow and that it look more of a scorpion with a claw severed off than a dinosaur.). On the other hand, according to Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies (IBSS) February 2008 article, Dr. Stephen Meyer made better sense when he concludes that the petroglyph actually depicts an eagle, which is none other than a modern dinosaur whose feathers are held sacred by the Native Americans who captured a baby eagle and brought it back to the village to be sacrificed.  All those eagle carvings tells the traveler where the eagle nest was located when it was raided for baby birds by the natives. What Hubbard discovered was indeed a dinosaur– an avian dinosaur that was part of Native American folklore.

A Native American impression of a bird possibly an eagle.

A similar pic.

There’s no trace of fossil remains of ibexes being found in North America. Otherwise, that’s a Native American’s conception of the North American Rocky Mountain goat carved onto the walls of the cave. This Hubbard must have thought of as an ibex even though the ibex is found in Africa and Eurasia only.

There were fossils of elephants that once lived alongside of prehistoric man found in North America such as the mammoth, the mastodon, and the Imperial Elephant. He also claims to have found dinosaur footprints nearby the cave as well. However, the 2 idiots, according to the book, claim they also found footprints of elephants located alongside of dinosaur prints, indicating that dinosaurs may have once lived alongside of giant mammals. But no such claim has ever been made according to the original account. The creationists just threw it in there to bring up the falsehood of dinosaurs living along side large mammals like elephants and ibexes, while in fact the only mammals to have ever lived alongside of dinosaurs were all rat to small dog size and resembled mice, rats, and shrews.

Although not mentioned in the book, it is claimed by creationists that Hubbard also found evidence of giants living in the Grand Canyon where he allegedly discovered 2 giant human bodies entombed in the canyon walls. No doubt this is a direct fabrication on the creationists’ part, for all of what Hubbard ever saw was only just rock formations that looked like humans along the canyon walls. The notion of Hubbard finding giant skeletons in the canyon as well as elephant tracks alongside of dinosaur track claim is all nothing more than fabrications YECs made up in attempt to come up with any evidence to support their 6,000 year lie. In reality, these so-called tracks of elephants may have been nothing more than tail markings made by dinosaurs when they stood up to survey their surroundings. Even if what they claim about the rock carvings and the footprints to be true, that still do not explain how come there are no human remains found together mixed with dinosaurs (let alone mixed with ibexes and elephant remains) and how come there are no dinosaurs found above and below the Mesozoic strata.

More young earth hoaxes are shown on pages 50 and 51 where claims are made of an alleged Apatosaurus rock dinosaur carving on the rock walls of the Kachina rock bridge at the Natural Bridges National Monument in the Southwestern part of Utah which is nothing more than an illusion - a pareidolia made up of only distinct carvings and mud stains. Also shown on the 2 pages are 5 images of phony figurines of dinosaurs made up by workers at a quarry in Acambaro, Mexico who sold the figurines to gullible people to make a quick buck.

YECs tried to deny this by inventing a story about a man named Charles Hapgood whom the creationists claim to have found a house that was built in the 1930s and saw, on the concrete living room floor of the house, more figurines. Obviously what he found was just a studio inside the house where the making of those fakes took place. This fabrication is all made up by creationists to hide the real story behind the alleged figurines. They were created by the men who worked for Waldemer Julsrud, the man who claimed to have discovered evidence for the mythical city of Atlantis. These men created the statues and sold them to gullible people for profit and personal gain.

More hoaxes found on page 52. This time it tells of alleged claims of Ica Stones showing carvings of dinosaurs and humans together found in some Peruvian cave that served as a tomb to the ancient people living in the jungle. Just like the figurines, the Ica stones has the big letters of H-O-A-X written all over it. Despite what the YECs claim, including a phony story about Juan De Santa Cruz telling a story about the Conquistadors taking some of the stones back to Spain. What they really took back to Spain is authentic stones that bear not a single trace of dinosaur and modern technology carved on them. They also took back massive size bones of what they believe to be remains of giant-size humans that were destroyed in the biblical Flood, not knowing that the bones were in fact mammoth or mastodon bones from the Pleistocene Epoch (Citations also from Adrienne Mayor’s Fossil Legends and the First Americans pg. 79) The stones containing dinosaurs and modern technology were actually made up recently by the village people in the mid 1960s’ who sold them in a black market to gullible people who easily bought into the swindle. Especially a farmer and his wife who admitted to do this to earn money off of them. They carved the stones using some special tools to carve them with and obtained ideas and inspirations of them through sci-fi comic books and comic strips.

And here’s another thing creationists will never tell you about-- according to Mayor’s Book (p. 334-339) the real inspirations behind both the Ica stones and the Acambaro figurines came from fossilized discoveries of Pleistocene mastodons and horses made by the local villagers who greatly mistaken them as “dinosaur fossils.”

Pages 53 brings on the argument from incredulity (a.k.a. argument from ignorance) in hopes of discrediting the claim about simpler forms from older rocks layers evolving into complex forms from the younger rock layers and the layers being formed over millions of years. Here the 2 idiots claim that there are examples of many plant and animal fossils that are found cut through many layers and mentions trilobites having "more complex eyes than most of the complex animals found above them" in an effort to prove that since these seemingly primitive forms are complex and other animals are complex above, then the notion about simpler forms evolving into complex forms must be false, or so they assume while ignoring the fact that this is a pure example of shear ignorance of how evolution and natural selection works and what the fossil record is really telling us.

Evolution is not at all about simpler form evolving into complex forms. It’s all about life evolving and branching out from a common ancestor. It’s about how organisms, no matter how simple and complex they are, change constantly over a period of time, descending with modification, and adapting into the ever changing environments that surrounds them. It’s about change occurring through Natural Selection. Offspring being modified versions of their parents. It’s about great diversity in species, modification, adaptation, and survival. Evolution is everything that's the exact opposite of what creationists claim about how life came to be.  

The 2 idiots try to give out a weak example on how young earth version of Noah’s Flood could have caused the formation of rock layers just by having the reader imagine having a jar of colored sand be mixed with water and shaken up to make the color layers of sand be all jumbled up unlike what geologists actually see in the geological layers in real life. This is example of great ignorance on how the geological layers is actually formed.The layers are formed by various separate events such as sandstorms and river flows occurring over a period of millions of years.

Like all creationists, these 2 idiots are no different from others when it comes to denying the existence of transitional forms. When an actual transitional from is shown to them, they would just say that there's more gaps in the record that needs to be filled. They're never satisfied. They demanded proof after proof after proof of a highly smooth fossil record where transitions from animal to animal, plant to plant is complete and are without gaps, which they’re not going to get. Scientists have found great evidences of transitional forms from reptiles to mammals, fish to amphibians, dinosaurs to birds and much more. The most recent transitional from ever discovered is THE most irrefutable find of all… Tiktaalik rosae!

Pages 54 and 55 is all about blatant hypocrisy that's met with a major head desk. It also shows 2 polystrate fossils and how the YECs are trying to used them to disprove evolution and earth’s long history. On page 54, the 2 YECs asks,
“Have you ever had someone tell you something, and then later you found out that what you have been told wasn’t true?”

It’s mind boggling to know that this is asked by 2 men who does exactly what they’re asking people about themselves.
“It’s sad, but sometimes people tell us things that’s simply aren’t right. Perhaps that’s why the Bible commands us to ‘test all things; hold fast to what is good’ (1 Thessalonians 5:21).”

The irony is strong here. These guys raising awareness of people who go about telling people about things that are untrue, all while hiding the fact that the two guys are guilty of doing the exact same thing themselves. They go about telling lies and making claims about anything from dinosaurs to evolution that are simply untrue such as what is shown here. The 2 idiots claim we are taught that the geological column proves that evolution is true and the earth is old and that many people, as one gets older, will say it’s true, which it is due to physical evidence supporting such concepts. But creationists, on the other hand, claims it’s not by pointing out examples of polystrate fossilized tree trunks and whale remains which to them refutes the notion of evolution and earth’s long history while in fact they in fact don’t as explained here.

Oh good. More hoaxes to discredit. At the bottom of page 55, there is a claim made by a creationist who allegedly discovered a sandal print with remains of a trilobite found inside. It's in a rock formation that’s dated back about 500 million years ago. To the creationists, this proves that evolution isn’t true and the Earth isn’t old, which it don’t. All it does is add to the list of young earth hoaxes that are out there, including the alleged Paluxy human track, the Ica stones, and Acambaro figurines. To learn the truth behind the so-called “Meister Print,” click here.

The dumb idiots reminds the reader again about that particular verse they claim encourages people to “test all things; hold fast what is good” and tells the reader to not believe everything they hear that's not of God's Word (Read: passages cherry picked and distorted from the Bible) *headdesk* It all pure hypocrisy when they say to test everything against actual evidence only to turn around and spew out claims that fail the test time and time again.

Pages 56 and 57 reveals the old coelacanth story and how creationists try to use it to disprove evolution and scientific dating methods saying that the fish looks exactly like their fossil counterparts while ignoring the fact that what the men actually caught is a much different species known as Latimeria, which is much different than the extinct species of coelacanth that’s mostly Coelacanthidae. This comes to show just how much they know about animal species and creative kinds and how they are related to each other living and extinct….not at all.

The Dinosaurs and the Bible fallacy is next on pages 58 and 59 where YECs shows off the falsehood about Behemoth (Behemot) being a dinosaur like Apatosaurus, despite the fact they has no outside genitals or belly buttons. Creationists wanted Verse 17 of Job 40 to refer to the thick, long, chunky tails of the sauropod dinosaurs, never wanting to get it in their heads that the ‘tail’ in the verse is in fact used as a euphemism for ‘phallus’. And that the passage has reference to the mammalian monster’s erotic behavior and ignores the fact that none of the dinosaurs have belly buttons. They’re all egg layers just like birds and crocodiles.

The Bible does mentioned dinosaurs per se’. There are many dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible. But, they're neither mythical dragons, flying serpents, nor Behemoth and Leviathan. Rather they're what we call 'birds.' Birds, such as eagles, doves, pigeons, and sparrows, are dinosaurs (thanks to the evidences of feathered avian and maniraptorian dinosaurs turning up, especially in China, where scientists and peasants alike have unearthed amazing fossils of feathered dinosaurs such as Sinosauropteryx, Yutyrannus, Sinornithosaurus, and others) and are the only dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible.

Next, pages 60 and 61 gives out the false claim about Leviathan being a real dinosaur-like sea creature with impenetrable armor and a fiery breath, while the monster is actually a mythical creature that resembles the Hydra of Greek mythology with impenetrable armor, a fiery breath, a serpentine body, and multiple heads according to one verse in the Bible (Psalm 74:14).

Believe it or not, the monster shown in the large image on page 61 is an actual stereotype version of another fictional dinosaur called “Rhedosaurus” shown in the classic 1953 movie The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, which is quite possibly where the artist got that kind of a monster concept for his painting from.

This is the artist’s rendition of Leviathan shown on page 61 and how it is compared to Rhedosaurus from the film.

Pages 62 and 63 just simply shows 3 unique animals, the electric eel, the bombardier beetle, and the lightning bug which they often have been exploited by creationists who use them to justify their mythical fire-breathing fantasy. They use their wild imaginations and pretend that dinosaurs like the crested Lambeosaurines had hot liquid glands inside their crests or their throats to help them breathe fire. And then turn around and claim that  they all describe Leviathan while being ignorant of the real truth behind the dinosaurs complete lack of chemical glands in their remains and Leviathan who, along with Behemoth, is nothing more than a supernatural monster of Jewish folklore.

Pages 64 and 65 brings on the dragon tales creationists fabricate and twist to fit them into their beliefs in an attempt to prove that these are accounts of people meeting up with live dinosaurs while ignoring the fact that not one dragon description match the description of dinosaurs when the stories are read in full context. The word ‘dragon’ actually comes from the Greek word “drakon” meaning “serpent” or “snake.” Not one dinosaur resembles serpents or snakes in every way. What the 2 idiots show in the book like all other YEC literature, media, and websites all 100% failed miserably to explain how come there are no remains of dinosaurs found mixed with human remains anywhere, everywhere, throughout the world, no matter how many times the creationists fraudulently claim that dragon stories told throughout the world are live dinosaur sightings.

Only a few examples of creationists fabricating dragon myths are shown here including the accounts of Chinese dragons pulling chariots of Chinese Emperors. This is a direct fabrications of accounts which tells of dragons pulling chariots for the emperors and deities in the air as well as on the water’s surface. This account came from an ancient Chinese resource called “Chinese Classics” where creationists took parts of a section in the series known as “The Care and Taming of Dragons” out of context and distort them to fit their beliefs.

In a way, dinosaurs are dragons per se’. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals may have inspired dragon legends through discoveries of their fossil remains made by ancient people who were awed and puzzled by them and left them to wonder what these bones really were from. As a result stories of mythical monsters were made up to explain these strange bones including dragons, giants, even griffins. There even has been historical accounts of fossil remains of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals being unearthed and made into medicine by the Chinese people. But, they also used organs of modern animals such as rhino horns and bear paws to make medicine as well.

Marco Polo according to his writings claims to have seen dragons called Lindworms, which were not dinosaurs despite what is depicted in the picture on page 64. Lindworms are dragons with serpentine bodies, 2 stumpy legs that serves as arms, usually no wings, a tail with a head like a snake, heads with mammalian ears, and are known to run as fast as a horse and are highly deadly. This some people believed that he is referring to sightings of crocodiles along with serpents living in China at that time. Here’s is the image below of what Marco claims to have seen in his book The Book of Marvels.

Now does that look like dinosaurs to you? I don't think so!

The second and third tales, which are English dragon tales, YECs claim to be of dinosaurs actually tells of large limbless dragons called wyrms with crested or tufted heads, a poisonous bite, and a fiery breath and in a lot of cases very hard to kill due to their impenetrable armor.

The first one is the 1405 account of sighting of a wyrm, a serpentine dragon with a crested head that may have been based on a crocodile sighting. It must have escaped from the Tower of London where King Richard II kept a large menagerie of animals in his own private zoo since the crocodile had armor on its back and the archers in the story have had a hard time killing it.

The second account made in 1449 is also based on either a fight between 2 rival crocodiles or used as a metaphor of a great war between 2 armies that fought along side of the river. According to the tale, residing alongside of a river known as the Stour river near the village of Little Cornard are 2 wyrms, a black Suffolk dragon and a red spotted Essex dragon fighting each other until the Suffolk dragon retreated and the Essex dragon triumphs and eats many spectators that came and watched the fight nearby.

St. George and the dragon tale is next, where a brave knight named St. George killed a fierce dragon that was is actually a heraldic dragon to save a maiden from its jaws. The heraldic dragon is said to be small creature that had bat wings, poison breath, a barbed tail and tongue, a fiery breath, and an arrow head. In no way does it resembled a dinosaur despite efforts by creationists to fabricate and exploit the story to include Baryonyx, a primitive Early Cretaceous spinosaurid, in the tale.

The creationists claim that we will never know which details of the stories are either fact or fantasy….or do we? Anyone who is most familiar with dragon tales should know which is fact and which is fantasy. Those who do, knows very well that none of these huge monsters in the stories sound like dinosaurs because none of them have serpentine bodies, two to 6 limbs, impenetrable scales, the ability to create storms like what actual dragons have. And dinosaurs and pterosaurs are not lizards or snakes, nor are they related to them. Dinosaurs are actually related to crocodiles and birds while pterosaurs are related to the dinosaurs. All of the dinosaurs' anatomy bear close resemblance to birds in one from or another. None of them ever breathe fire, have multiple heads, have glands that allows them to spit out poisonous gases or venom, have pointed ears, impenetrable armor, mammalian teats, bat wings, guard mass hordes of treasure, eat people especially maidens, create storms, and change into different forms. The 2 idiots added another argument from ignorance by falsely assume that since most legends are based on some truth, then it must be true that the dragons of old could very well have been dinosaurs. This is not so. What must be true and what’s really true is two different things. The stories and legends are actually based on sightings of fossil remains of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beings as well as sightings of modern reptiles like alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and lizards.

Pages 66-69 now gives out the fallacy which claims that most dinosaurs were destroyed in Noah’s Flood while no evidence for it has ever been found. The 2 creationists, after giving out some known theories to explain what cause the dinosaurs to die out, claims that the idea of a meteor being the one that cause the Chicxulub crater in the Gulf of Mexico have lots of problems to it because this does not explain why did the dinosaurs die out while others survived the catastrophe like lizards and crocodiles.

Keyword: Adaptation. The survivors including mammals, birds, and modern reptiles were capable of adapting to the climatic change simply by hiding in natural shelters whether is in trees or in underground burrows and in deep water that protected them from the disasters that came from the meteorite and find food sources from far and wide. Others, including all of the dinosaurs, except birds however, were not capable of surviving the drastic changes being made in the environment that greatly proves unfavorable to them and eventually die off. The creationists even claim that the fossil record tells us that some dinosaurs were alleged to live at a later time while in fact their remains have actually been eroded into the Cenozoic rocks only to get redeposited again awhile later. Then, the 2 idiots claimed that some scientists thinks the crater may not have been created by an asteroid. What they didn’t mentioned is that these scientists, who says it wasn’t a meteorite, thinks it was a comet that may have struck the earth, creating the Chicxulub crater 65 million years ago.

Note the picture where a dying Parasaurolophus has some hanging skin being shed from all over its body, falsely implying that this is a lot like a lizard while in fact no evidence of shedding dinosaur skin has ever been found.

Page 68 gives out the fallacy about mass graveyards of dinosaurs being made by Noah’s Flood. Believe it or not, mass burials do not have Noah’s flood written all over them. Instead mass burials may have been cause by volcanic eruptions, sandstorms, local flooding with bodies accumulated in one spot over long periods of time, and being trapped in tar and mud pits like the La Brea tap pits from example.

If there was a Noah’s Flood, then all of the dinosaurs would have been washed and scattered away into individuals; all jumbled and broken apart. Although the creationists may give out some problems about the meteorite and the dinosaur extinction that can easily be solved and overcome, they, on the other hand, hide from the audience the fact that that are some highly major problems and flaws behind the global flood of Noah, which they cannot handle without resorting to “Goddidit” based on Psalms 104:6-8 that’s paraded on the same page. The 2 idiots tries to invoke the passage to justify the myth of the global flood, while it really have zero to do with it when put in full text. The full text version of it refers to the creation of the earth and the formation of the mountains, hills, valleys and seas. How did the mountains formed? “Goddidit” How did valleys formed? “Goddidit.” How did the hills formed? “Goddidit” What prevents the land from being covered with water? “Goddidit” All of this is using God as an excuse for not knowing how did God caused the mountains, valleys, land and sea to form in a natural way without resorting to Noah’s Flood, which will actually erode the mountains away instead of raising them up.

One verse, Genesis 8:5, creationists falsely assume to be mountains rising from the flood waters, actually refers to the lowering of the waters to reveal the mountaintops (hilltops). It does not refer to the raising of the mountains above the flood waters. Besides the mountains were already revealed by the time Noah’s ark rested on the Mountains of Ararat in the previous verse just before it.

Pass page 69 where an unlikely scenario shows dinosaurs and modern animals being drown and mixed together in the Flood, we get to pages 70 and 71 where the 2 idiots address the myth of Noah taking in dinosaurs up aboard into the ark other than birds. Now the 2 idiots claim that Noah has no problem taking animals into the ark. But when it takes 90 million+ to fit in a 450×75x45 vessel? Creationists think so by assuming that if the ark can fit about 520 modern railroad cars and 10 railway cars inside the ark, then Noah would be able to fit all sorts of terrestrial animal life into the ark. Even if this is the case, there is still problems of trying to fit the animals all into the ark. Creationists asserts that God commands Noah to take in it 2 of every kind of animals, which to the creationists it must include dinosaurs, other than birds, which they don’t believe them to be dinosaurs despite evidence that greatly favors them to be dinosaurs after all.

There’s still a problem with trying to fit all 600 different kinds of dinosaurs and still growing along with all of the other 90 million + species of animals into the ark, though. So creationists uses their imagination and make up a just-so story of Noah taking up not just small adult size dinosaurs but baby or teen-aged immature, inexperience dinosaurs (Up to 50 different basic kinds according to Dumb Idiot Ken Ham, which contradicts the commands of God for Noah to bring in all kinds of animals) into the ark, while he is supposed to take up with him all kinds of animals that are all fully grown, sexually mature adults, which “a male and his mate” in Genesis 7:2-4 is clearly referring to.

Even if he did take up small adult dinosaurs and about 50 different kinds of baby immature dinosaurs, there is still a problem with trying to cram them all into the ark, which cannot be done. Not with all those 600 different kinds along with 90 million plus animals species it can’t, unless God does some groundless miracles and trapped them all in some smaller container like Poke’mon. Even if the dinosaurs on average were as big a small dog, you can bet they won’t be that small for long. Dinosaurs grow up real fast and on average, dinosaurs can grow up from hatchling to an adult in a matter of 10 years or less depending upon species. They will even grow to overcrowd the ark in a matter of months greatly exceeding it’s capacity by a huge mile.

Even creationists themselves admit they have problems with the ark capacity and how Noah put all sorts of animals into the ark. So to deal with this, they used their imagination and pretend Noah took up only representatives of each kind of animals into the ark, which means Noah took up only pit bulls and let the rest of the dogs die in the flood, he took up only caribou and let the rest of the deer kind die in the flood and so on. Like the dino-baby claim, this, too poses major problems since this allows Noah to disobey the Lord when He commanded Noah to take up into the ark 2 of every kind of animal, and that includes 2 of  every kind of animals into the ark just as the Bible says so. No more, no less.

There’s plenty of more problems with the ark out there involving the care and feeding of animals, cleaning them afterwords, ventilation, diseases, etc. It just comes to show how flawed and false the creationists’ distortion of the story of Noah’s ark really is.

Pass pages 72 and 73 where a large image of the ark resting on the mountains of Ararat as the water is going down, we get to pages 74 and 75 where it deals with a very sorry falsehood involving dinosaurs being killed of by “post-flood” extremes. Honestly, if God wanted all dinosaurs to be saved in the ark from the Flood to be kept alive afterwords, yet they die off due to some “post-flood” conditions (i.e. changes of the climate, man hunting them and killing them off, shorten life spans, etc.) that became unfavorable for them, then what’s the point of ever rescuing them from the flood anyway? This has got to be the most pathetic, funny-ha ha, stupid joke, creationists ever come up with to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs with no evidence to boot. No way does it met up with scrutiny, nor does it have any foundational grounds, and no truth in them either. Not even in their made up fabrications of dragon legends.

At the bottom of the 2 pages, there is a painting depicting what you will only see in science fiction art and literature which young earth extremism is a part of, whether its advocates like it or not. The painting depicts 2 men of modern image hauling a theropod they’ve captured and tied up on top of a wagon trailer pulled by a fictional ceratopsian type dinosaur drawn as reference to Ngoubou, an alleged cryptid based on actual rhinoceros sightings in the Congo basin, claimed by creationists to be alleged ceratopsians roaming the Congo basin despite total lack of ceratopsian remains, fully intact bodies, and other types of physical evidence, with 2 forged rhino-like horns, curved spines on the frill, a concave back as seen on a horse, tusk-like teeth sticking out of its mouth, and a horse-like leg posture. One of them, an Indiana Jones look-a-like in modern appearance is riding on a hypsilophodontid-type dinosaur like a horse, watching the living cargo. The other person walking along far behind 2 dogs in front of the wagon is probably his assistant, also of modern appearance.

Seriously, if this is such a case then we would have seen evidences of dinosaurs and man living recently found in both scientific and historical evidence such as a mixture of man and dinosaur bones found in all of rock strata from top to bottom, ancient tombs where both dinosaurs and man are buried together, ancient manuscripts, figurines, and images that are valid, in-context, and authentically made up by actual ancient people, whether they’re Romans, Egyptians, or people living in Medieval times, bridals, saddles, harnesses, nose rings big enough to fit in a dinosaur nose, large wagons, barns, and stables built for them, dinosaurs skins and bones for tools, clothing and jewelry, weapons, traps and cages big enough for them to be kept in. But none are found! Not even in ancient ruins of human dwellings such as villages and cities.

Now pages 76-79 tells of flood myths or “Flood Legends” creationists try to use as proofs of Noah’s flood to be a historical event past down from one generation to the next with bits of it being changed and slowly altered over the years and shows an example on page 76 of a gossip game where one person whisper a story to the other person and the other person whisper the story to the other person in a different version and so on. An image of a group of kids playing the gossip game is also shown on the page to give out the example of what the 2 idiots mean by what they claim. Yet all of them do not explain how come Egypt, along with a few other ancient countries in the world, totally lacked a flood story in their mythology, despite having the nation being located along the Nile River. On page 79, there is also a myth about 4 Chinese characters being translated as Noah’s ark with eight people inside while the characters actually describes 8 people in a very small canoe.

Each and every flood myth is based on a local flood myth. Each tells of what happened in conflicting ways. In some versions all of the humans perished. Others versions tells of hundreds of people that have survived the flood. Other tales told of the flood that never occurred at all. It was prevented by prayer intervention by people praying to their gods begging them not to punish mankind with a flood. Other stories tell of gods flooding the earth because mankind was too noisy. The reason why the flood stories in some cases bears a resemblance to the story of Noah’s flood is because of Christian missionaries traveling to various countries sharing the story of Noah’s flood to the people they are visiting in their native countries and the natives incorporated the stories into their folklore. On Talkorigins,org, there is a whole list of flood stories collected by Mark Isaak that you can see here.

Now we get to the final page of the book, which is page 80, where the 2 idiots claimed that for many years dinosaurs are used by evolutionists to try to convince people that evolution is true and teach that dinosaurs evolved and became extinct millions of years ago before humans ever existed, yet turn around and do the exact same thing they're guilty of doing themselves-- try to convince people that the concept of dinosaurs living with humans is true while it's in fact not.

They claim that evolutionists spends millions of dollars to produce TV shows, books, and cartoons that present only a few real facts about dinosaurs and humans. Yet, young earth idiots do the exact same thing; using dinosaurs to convince us that young earthism is true. Wasting millions of dollars by making faux museums, TV programs, cartoons, “beautiful, full color books,” in an effort to convince readers and observers that dinosaurs and humans live at the same time, despite evidence to the contrary. They claimed,
"It is time that the true story about dinosaurs and humans is heard! The story told by evolutionists does not agree with the true facts of science and the Bible.”
This is false. The story evolutionists tell DOES agree with true facts of science due to physical evidence that favors old earth and evolution, the real deal that’s being uncovered and piling up to form a mountain creationists can’t refute no matter how hard they try. The only thing that does not agree with the true facts of science and the Bible is young earthism itself along with its advocates and other evolution deniers out there. What they are really saying is translated to:
“It is time for the false story about dinosaurs and humans to be heard! We will lie about dinosaurs and equate it with the Bible, never to care about the contrary because even though the contrary is true. We would rather lie to the people about dinosaurs and everything about science to win them converts to our side and get rich off of them by saying that the evidence points to humans living with dinosaurs saying to them that it’s all from God’s word while hiding the truth and not telling them that these evidences are all nothing but hoaxes, twisted bible verses and fabrications, distorted, exploitations of dragon stories, and just-so stories.“

The 2 idiots claim that it is easy to see that dinosaurs and humans once lived together by reviewing the evidence shown in the book that are not evidences at all, but fakes, frauds, distortions, twisted Bible stories and fairy tales, and declares falsely that God put humans on earth with dinosaurs so that humans can look at the dinosaurs and see God’s power and ability, which is an outright, bold-face lie. Otherwise, we would see all the things I’ve mentioned above like the tombs of humans and dinosaurs buried together, harnesses, weapons, and dinosaurs skins and bones for tools, clothing and jewelry, but none has existed!

It is senseless and stupid to bring glory to God through made-up stories, myths, exploitations,
distortions, concealing real evidence to the contrary, slandering evolution and its supporters, make blasphemous assumptions over how God created things, showing contempt and hatred towards those who expose them and their views for what they really are, being a racist and show hatred, prejudice, and discrimination toward Jews, gays, blacks, etc. And resorting to all sorts of blatant lies and pathetic comedy cloaked as science while leading people, especially children, astray to the point of being brainwashed, ignorant. and unaware that they are all being lied to for profit and personal gain Their evidence of humans living with dinosaurs shown in the book is no evidence at all. The 2 idiots, lying to the very end, claims that dinosaurs don’t prove evolution, yet they do along with multiple scores of scientific evidence that clearly prove evolution to be real time and time again.

Dinosaurs, along with great multitudes of physical evidence prove both evolution and the old earth. The myth about dinosaurs being allegedly created alongside of humans to “bring glory to God” is all one blatant lie that can not be proven true. Creationism itself can not prove their lies to be true. What the 2 idiots really prove is just how false, stupid, blasphemous, and idiotic all their claims about dinosaurs really is.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough - Dinosaurs Unleashed

A true story that isn't! It's a made up story falsely paraded as "a true story". If what Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons, who wrote Dinosaurs Unleashed: The True Story of Dinosaurs and Humans (Apologetics Press, 2005), says it's true, then we would have seen evidences of dinosaurs and humans found mixed together in the fossil record along with skins and bones made into tools and jewelry, wagons, bridals, leashes, and barns big enough to house them, and real valid authentic images, writings and figures carved exactly by the ancients of long ago as seen in Dinotopia and other forms of science fiction literature, but none are found!

To promote their fictional world where the earth is 6,000 years old and to win converts, creationists such as Dumb Idiot Ham, Moronic Morris, and Dimwit Hovind create a false scenario depicting dinosaurs and humans living together, borrowing ideas from science fiction movies and comics. Why? Simple. Dinosaurs sell. So many children and adults love dinosaurs. Therefore, what could be better than use the huge popularity of dinosaurs to the creationists' advantage to swindle their followers and get rich off of them? Sure! Lie about them, say that dinosaurs once lived with man, and parade them as "truth". Cherry pick Bible verses, twist them about to fit their beliefs, conjure up fake evidence by parading forgeries, hoaxes, distorted folkloric tales and mythology, reptilian monsters that don't exist, scenarios borrowed from fantasy and science fiction comics, every excrement YEExtemists ever churned out of their mouths. It's intriguing, however, to find that this book doesn't contain the all-dinosaurs-being-vegetarians-before-the-Fall fallacy as touted around by other creationists like Dumb Idiot Ham. Still, this book contains enough falsehoods, fallacies, and blatant lies that give all of Christianity a bad name.

On the front cover shows a badly drawn image of a Tyrannosaur chasing away a large flock of sea birds from the shores of a open sea. It would be more realistic if the dinosaur was busy chasing a flock of Ichthyornithses instead of its modern descendants, but unfortunately this is not what is shown here. On the back cover there are 3 photographs of the 2 men who made the book, standing next to 2 cast skeletons of Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus, which are on display at the main lobby at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Georgia. On the upper left hand corner of the book, there is a brief info on those 2 creationists which sates that they travel all over the country poisoning the minds of children with tall tale myths and stupid lies disguised as God's truth. On the very bottom right hand corner, there is a distorted Bible passage of Job 12:7-10, which many scientists, old earth creationists, and people like me used to encouraged people and each other to observe God's creation in a most detailed way, being invoked to justify their lies. They omit the part about “speaking to the earth and it will teach you” knowing that that part is used a lot of time by those who oppose the 6,000 year lie to encourage each other to observe and learn about the earth's real past by looking into what the physical evidence clearly tells us unlike creationists who observe none of it to protect their denials and ignorance.

The 3rd intro page of the book shows an image of a pair of stegosaurs walking across a large field of sunflowers with a lot of birds, modern descendants of maniraptorian ancestors, flocking all over their backs and plates. At the bottom of the page on a brick wall, the 2 YECs blatantly lie to the reader right from the start,
“The World of dinosaurs was not a world unknown to man. In the past he walk with them. He ate with them. And the first man, Adam, even gave them names (Genesis 2:19-20)”

Stinkin' liars! The World of the Dinosaurs was too a world unknown to man. The only dinosaurs to have ever walked and ate with man, especially Adam who gave them names, are all birds. Nothing more.
“Dinosaurs were created by God during the Creation week, and for thousands of years lived upon the Earth as a sign to humans of God's awesome power and creative ability.”

This is blatantly false. There's no evidence of this being found in the fossil record. Dinosaurs were never alive and living other than birds to give people a sign of God's awesome power and creative ability. They've been extinct for 65 million years, about 60 million years before the dawn of man. How was man suppose to know all of this while they've all been dead for 65 million years, except birds, and were completely unknown to man at that time when the early ancestors of man first appeared on earth around 6 million years ago and modern man first appeared around 1 million years ago later on? Otherwise we would be seeing them being buried in tombs along with man as well as clearly described in songs, stories, manuscripts, sculptures, and monuments; exactly like what is seen in James Gurney's fantasy series Dinotopia-- all valid, all in-context, all authentic, and all dated thousands of years old. But none are found!

This next statement..
“Unfortunately, evolutionists have tried to tell us that dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years ago before humans, but that is not true.” a blatant lie itself. In reality, the book will do is nothing but parade myth, hoax, and fantasy disguise as biblical, gospel truth right before our very eyes. This, what these Buttface Don Quixotes promote, is all coming from their own imagination, not from true evidence.

Pass the page where we see a list of dinosaur pronunciations planted on a background design that shows fainted images of dinosaurs and man in a Dinotopian like setting, which includes a tyrannosaur looking around a building, a ceratopsian drinking from a well, a man riding a rearing sauropod-type dinosaur like a horse, and a Triceratops pulling a wagon with a man on top of it, there is a page that tells the history of how dinosaurs were first discovered and how in 1822, while Dr. Gideon Mantel visits another patient, Mary Anne Mantel, his wife, discovered some fossilized teeth embedded in cobblestone rock later identified as teeth belonging to Iguanodon, an Early Cretaceous dinosaur that lived over 100 million years ago and how Sir Richard Owen, in 1842, coined the word Dinosauria which means “fearfully great reptile.”

Pages 2 and 3 shows the creationists' imaginary version of how a fossil is formed (The first image shows an unlikely scenario of a drowning dinosaur located underwater about to be engulfed in a folding tsunami of mostly dirt sediment, something similar to what Dumb Idiot Ken Ham and his "Answers" in Genesis crackpots advocate that the Bible actually speaks none of! This picture on page 2 is an example of the Hydrodynamic sorting myth: The Lasagna Flood creationists often propose from time to time to explain the fossil record.) and claims that the dinosaur fossils are all the result of the fictional Worldwide Flood and tries to prove of how fossils can be formed very rapidly by showing an example of an alleged miner's hat and a modern cowboy boot with a bone inside of it that's dubbed the “Limestone Cowboy.” These 2 are full fledged hoaxes made up by YECs who don't understand the concept of fossils, fossilization, and concretion. The boot still has leather in it and never became totally replaced 100% with stone minerals in it. So, it was never fossilized to begin with.  In order for an object to officially become a fossil, it must have all of the original materials of the object be completely replaced with the minerals coming from the ground, turning the object to stone. Plus, the rocks embedded in and around the boot is actually either concretion or harden plaster. Also, there was a large thick leg bone that is actually that of a cow, not a human. Despite being debunked the hoax is still paraded about by the likes of Carl Dingleberry Baugh, Dimwits Kent and Eric Hovind, and a few others. The hat according to John Stear is actually a concretion object, not a fossil. Like all young earth extremists, these 2 men believed that all dinosaur fossils have all been formed during Noah's Flood, which was never proven; every "proof" they tout in the book is no proof at all. 

Pages 4 and 5 tells how do scientists dug up dinosaur fossils and build it up to form of a skeleton that will eventually be put on display in a museum. Creationists admit the fossils are very exciting because they tell us about creatures that lived in the past. It's no brainer that Dinosaurs are one group of fascinating creatures that have captured the attention of everybody, kids and adults. Scientists learn a lot about dinosaurs by studying their fossils. Some ate meat, while others ate plants. Some were are big as a dog and others were ten times the size of an elephant. Creationists also admit that since we found only fossils and a few remains (while in fact there are tons of remains of dinosaurs found over time, including the very best, complete, and well preserved specimens around), there is lots about dinosaurs we cannot know about. Much of what we know about them is based on their studies and learning about how they lived, flourish, what they ate, and how they die. They also admitted that scientists would make more discoveries in years to come that would change the way people would think of dinosaurs and show to them which idea is right and which is wrong. However the 2 liars boldly and blatantly declared,
“But one thing that will not changed is the fact that God created these creatures alongside of humans only a few thousand years ago."

Oh, It will change when the truth behind that statement is completely known. Especially when it's clearly discovered that God did not created these creatures alongside of humans thousands of years ago due to insurmountable evidence against the so falsely called "unchangeable fact". The notion of God creating dinosaurs alongside humans only a few thousand of years ago is entirely 100% false and untrue.

Page 6 tells of the “Bone Wars” between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, claiming that dinosaurs were made famous because of the feud, while in fact dinosaurs were already made famous before that due to the efforts made by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins' who worked with Sir Richard Owen to create life size dinosaur models for the Crystal Palace Exhibition based on studies of 3 of the first dinosaur fossils ever found by man as well as made up books, posters, and smaller models to help spread these new discoveries to all parts of the world.

Page 7 reveals the discovery of Megalosaurus, the first dinosaur ever discovered by man that lived during the Early Jurassic Period about 189-169 million years ago. No big deal.

Page 8-9 tells of Iguanodon, an Early Cretaceous dinosaur that lived over 120 million years ago. In it, the 2 idiots invoke the myth of Noah's flood to explain how over 30 Iguanodons have perished and how plants that exist during Iguanodon's time has turned to coal in what is now Belgium. In reality, Paleontologist Dr. David Norman (1987) an expert on Iguanodon have studied the area and found that there was no evidence of catastrophic event of any kind to have ever occurred that caused the fossils to form. Each fossil was from 4 different layers, which means the dinosaurs has died there at certain periods of time, not in a one-day period. Plus scientists have also discovered that coal does form gradually over a period of eons instead of a short time.

Reference, Norman, D. B. 1987. On the history of the discovery of fossils at Bernissart in Belgium. _Archives of Natural History_, 14(1): 59-79.

Page 10-12 tells of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most famous of all dinosaurs that lived about 67-65 million years ago in what is now North America.

Page 13 tells of Giganotosaurus, one of the largest predatory dinosaur to have ever ruled South America during the Early Cretaceous Period about 100 million years ago.

Page 14 tells of Spinosaurus, the sail-back dinosaur from Cretaceous Africa that lived about 90 million years ago in what is now Egypt and Moracco. What is illustrated in the book is now heavily inaccurate and out-dated due to the incredible discoveries made at the Kem Kem Formation in Morocco, which reveals to us that this largest known predator in the world is also the world's first known dinosaur to be fully adapted to an aquatic lifestyle.

Page 15 tells of Allosaurus that lived 150 million years ago in what is now North America during the Jurassic Period. In it, the 2 idiots falsely brand over 40 Allosaur remains found in Utah as victims of Noah's flood while in reality they were all victims of a mud trap similar to the La Brea tar pits from the Pleistocene Epoch between 40,000 and 8,000 years ago. There were more meat-eaters than plant-eaters found in that area which lead scientists to think there was once a mud pit in this area and sometimes, a certain plant-eater like Stegosaurus would wallow into the water of the lake only to find that it was not a lake but a mud trap and wound up getting stuck and bogged down into this death trap. An Allosaur would foolishly try to get at the corpse of Stegosaurus only to find itself getting helplessly stuck and bogged down there as well.

Pages 16 and 17 shows a large fictional image depicting a large herd of Apatosaurus wandering in a landscape that's filled with Modern African animals. This is what you'll never see neither in real life, nor in the fossil record. Not one prehistoric and modern organism have ever been found mixed together in neither one whole layer, nor in all layers (that and no remains of Apatosaurus have ever been found in Africa, either). Note that one Apatosaurus in front has some sort of skin peelings on it's back, falsely implying that since dinosaurs were reptiles like lizards and snakes, dinosaurs probably shed their skin, too. This Paleofail is entire made up out of complete ignorance that there is no evidence that dinosaurs shed their skins and that the skins of dinosaurs were more of birds and crocodiles than snakes and lizards. And crocodiles and birds don't shed their skin. The back is also completely swarmed with large flocks of Pterosaurs looking a lot like Pteranodon (which never lived during Apatosaurus' day.) occupying Apatosaurus' back to get at the parasites that's sucking the blood of the dinosaur just like what is shown in the Walking with Dinosaurs series. Except that the pterosaur that swarmed the backs and sides of Diplodocus were actually Anurognathus, a bug-eating pterosaur much smaller than Pteranodon.

Page 18 tells of Apatosaurus, a massive sauropod that lived during the Jurassic Period 150 million years ago living at the same time as the dinosaur shown on page 19.

Page 19 tells of Brachiosaurus, a 150 million year old Jurassic sauropod that was, essentially, a dinosaurian giraffe. An African version of Brachiosaurus is now renamed Giraffatitan when it was discovered to be much different than the North American Brachiosaurus.

Pages 20 and 21 tells of Argentinosaurus and Seismosaurus ( now renamed Diplodocus hallorum), 2 dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous period that are among the longest and the largest dinosaurs ever to walked the earth.

Page 21 claims that Scientists are puzzled about how creatures this large could have eaten enough to survive. While those who “believe” in evolution wonder what cause the dinosaurs to reach such giant size, YECs, on the other hand, just simply said “Goddidit”.
“Evolution did not make Seismosaurus, Argentinosaurus, or any other dinosaur; God did!”

Evolution did made such giants simply by changing them with modifications within populated groups over a period of time, never were they made to be cloning machines that creates carbon copies of the original form unlike the creationist god who created everything to be cloning machines, producing noting but carbon copies of each other. 

The 2 creationists made up such statements like that to avoid engaging in things they cannot understand. They even invoked the verse in the Bible taken out of text in Psalm 147:9 to help invoke the “Goddidit” remark on how did the dinosaurs find food to help satisfy their huge appetites. When put in full text, the verse is actually describing how God is to be praised for providing food for the psalmist's livestock, not dinosaurs. In some versions of the Bible, it does refer word 'cattle' as “beasts.” Yet, in others versions, the word just simply translates as 'cattle'.

Pass the picture of Diplodocus hallorum on page 22, there is a image on page 23 that shows an unlikely scene of a Compsognathus stalking a rodent among the skeletal remains of a Pachycephalosaurus while some human hunters were looking on. The 2 creationists in the description would say that rodents along with all other animals and dinosaurs were made on day six of the fabled creation week, while in fact, both rodents (which most if not all mammals resembled as until the dinosaur extinction) and dinosaurs were around since the dawn of the age of dinosaurs, where rodent-like mammals evolved from mammal-like reptiles like Gorgonopsis and dinosaurs evolved from archosaurian ancestors such as Euparkeria about 225 million years ago in the Early to Late Triassic Period.

Page 24 and 25 tells of Deinonychus and Troodon, sickled clawed dinosaurs now known to have feathers all over their bodies. Yet, some people including Hollywood film makers and science fiction artists and creationists still draw the dinosaur the old fashioned way-- with scales.

Page 26 shows an image never shown in the fossil evidence. A Velociraptor fighting a Protoceratops, incorrectly showing a spike growing at the very top of its frill. Creationists probably got the inspiration to draw Protoceratops this way after hearing about a recent theory based on evidence that tells of where the mythological story of the Griffin, a half lion, half eagle has originated from. It was based on actual sightings of fossil remains of Protoceratops made by ancient Scythian traders exploring Mongolia in the 6th-8th centuries BCE. (Reference here) In this scene, they are both unaware of a massive Tsunami of Noah's Flood coming their way while the other dinosaurs and what appears to be bovines in the background are panicking just before being engulfed in it. In reality, the 2 dinosaurs were actually killed 80 million years ago in a huge sandstorm that overtook them both by surprise and buried them both in the sands of the desert while they were locked in mortal combat.  Note the incorrect showing of the top spike in the red circle in the picture below.

Page 27 tells of Oviraptor, the “egg thief” that's more of an an egg nurse than an egg thief that cared for both eggs and young 80 million years ago, living at the same time as Protoceratops and Velociraptor.

Page 28 tells of Pachycephalosaurus, the bone headed dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of North America.  Page 29 tells of Parasaurolophus, a Hadrosaur that lived 70 million years ago in what is now North America. There is a made up falsehood on the page which claims the dinosaur perhaps has the ability to spit out gas or harmful substance from its hollow crest, while in reality the dinosaur uses its hollow crest to spit out musical sounds.

Page 30 tells of Lambeosaurus, another hadrosaur with a hatchet shaped crest on its head. Note how the dinosaur is drawn wrong in the picture. Just like many toy companies out there that make dinosaur toys, creationists draw their dinosaurs with gross inaccuracy. Case in point: the one baby dinosaur image (below) shown on the upper right hand corner on page 71, where it shows a ceratopsian sleeping on a bed of foliage with no beak in front of its mouth and feet that bore only 2 toes each, while the dinosaur is suppose to have a beak as well as 5 toes in the front feet and 4 toes in the back.

Lambeosaurus (below) never had a concave back despite what is shown in the picture below. Also the 2 creationists are unaware that the crest on its head was never used to breathe underwater because of it being much too small.

Page 31 in the upper part of the page shows Edmontosaurus eating as it sheds its skin like a lizard. Keep in mind that no evidence for dinosaurs shedding their skins has ever been found in the fossil record. Dinosaurs are neither lizards, nor are they related to them. Rather they're related to birds and crocodiles. Besides, their mosaic, non-overlapping scaly skin is far different than the scaly skins found in lizards and snakes and in fact, most if not all dinosaurs are now known to have feathers. The bottom of page 31 tells briefly of Corythosaurus another duckbilled dinosaur that has a crest on top of its head. All 3 dinosaurs lived during the Cretaceous Period at the same time as each other about 70-65 million years ago at the same time as Tyrannosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Anatotitan, Triceratops, and others.

Page 32 tells of Triceratops the three-horned dinosaur that actually never met and fought with Spinosaurus that's wrongly shown to have an extra 4th finger on its right arm, because of the continents of Africa and North America gradually being split apart to from the continents we know of today.

Page 33 tells of Styracosaurus, a relative of Triceratops that lived 77-70 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period.

Pages 34 and 35 tells of Stegosaurus, a well known Late Jurassic dinosaur with bony plates on its back and a thagomizer, which is the spike tail, that lived 150 million years ago in North America. Note the fictional image of a stegosaur herd walking across a field of sunflowers behind a brick wall being shown again, this time in full frontal view except for the brick wall, at the bottom of the 2 pages being cropped off.

Pages 36 and 37 tells of Ankylosaurus, a fully armored dinosaur that was one of the last non-avian dinosaurs to become extinct 65 million years ago.

Pages 38 and 41 tells of Marine Reptiles that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs such as Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus. On page 41, the 2 creationists falsely assume that the fabled Leviathan of Job 41 did exist through those creatures, even though they admit they don't know what the creature is like. Ironic, isn't it? They assume the creature exist, but they don't know what it's like. But, how do they know the creature exist outside Biblical lore, while they couldn't make heads or tails on what the creature really looked other than it has impenetrable scales, fiery breath, sharp teeth, and a twisted body? More on this later.

Pages 42-45 tells about Pterosaurs like Pteranodon and Pterodactylus that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs and went extinct alongside of the non-avian dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Creationists, while being ignorant of the fact that Pterosaur remains were never found above the Mesozoic strata, made a false claim of records allegedly made by Isaiah, Josephus, Strabo, and Herodotus that tells of flying reptiles that lived alongside of man, while, in fact, none of the descriptions of “flying serpents” ever match that of Pterosaurs.

First off, Pterosaurs, wrongly called "flying serpents" by creationists, have pycnofibers, and gorilla-like bodies, heads like birds, and skinned wings with only one 4th elongated finger supporting on each side. And secondly, the "flying serpents" in folklore, called Amphitheres, is described to have no limbs, colorful scales, and bird like wings unlike Pterosaurs that only have skinned wings and 4 limbs on their bodies.  Herodotus, Isaiah, Strabo, and Josephus were actually describing the mythical Amphitheres, not pterosaurs, which explains why one account clearly mentions the fact that the flying serpents are described to have no limbs and feet unlike pterosaurs that have limbs and feet.

This is an actual Pterosaur.

Pteranodon by Mark Witton
This is NOT.

The 'fiery flying serpents' described by Isaiah may have been referring to Amphitheres, not Pterosaurs. The term, 'fiery flying serpents' in the verse is used to describe the Amphitheres' painful poisonous bite that can be compared to a painful burn after one carelessly touched hot flames on a stove or an open fire. The Sacred Ibis' favorite food is said to be Amphitheres that once invaded Arabia and Egypt before they were killed and devoured by the Ibis.

Herodotus may probably saw a graveyard of fossils in the town of Buto in Arabia when he referred to seeing long ribs sticking out of the ground.  Moses, according to Josephus in his book, The Antiquities of The Jews, was a young man leading the Egyptian Army against the Ethiopians years before he became the famous Biblical Moses who brought the people of Israel out of Egypt in The Book of Exodus of the Bible. In this account we read that Moses carried ibises in large baskets to help protect himself and his army against the Amphitheres before going into battle against the Ethiopian army. In the account written by Aristotle, the flying serpents of Ethiopia, are described to have no feet.

Pterosaurs have limbs and feet unlike the serpents in the accounts. While writing them, Herodotus and Aristotle both mistakenly placed placed tree snakes, which the mythical amphitheres resembles, in Ethiopia, as opposed to Southeast Asia, where they are native to. Especially in Arabia and in India, where Strabo the Geographer also saw while exploring the country of India about 2,000 years ago. None of what the men have seen in the past were pterosaurs, but tree snakes instead.  Where the creationists got this fabricated concept of all those flying serpents being Pterosaurs is most likely found in a very old outdated book from the late 1800s that's called Mythical Monsters by Charles Gould now available online.

Pages 46-47 tells of Archaeopteryx which the creationists falsely regarded as "just a bird." The 2 idiots claim that some characteristics of dinosaurs did not prove that it was a transitional form while in fact it does.  Archaeopteryx was a feathered deinonychosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic Period 150 million years ago in what is now Germany. This dinosaur, no bigger than a pigeon, has a coat of feathers all over its body and have great multiple features that tells us that Archaeopteryx was a close relative to Xiaotingia zhengi, another bird-like dinosaur that lived 5 million years before Archaeopteryx. Archaeopteryx has feathers all over its body to help protect itself from the cold as well as to help it fly. The feathers must have been colorful to attract mates. Each wing has 3 digit clawed fingers that is used to grip the trunks and branches of a tree. However, its dinosaurian legs, also winged like Microraptor, would not allow the dinosaur to perch on the tree branches. The hallux is way too small and the second toe is revealed to be dromaeosaurid-type upward, pointed claw and it lacked a beak. Archaeopteryx was nothing like what the 2 idiots claim in the book. Instead, it had jaws filled with sharp teeth used to eat all sorts of small prey including small mammals, lizards, and insects.

The 2 creationists tries to deny the notion of Archaeopteryx being a transitional form by giving out a list of what they believe to be evidence for this claim shown here on page 46-47 in the book. One of the claims include the hoatzin claim, where the young earthers claim that Archaeopteryx is exactly the same as the hoatzin while it's not. The hoatzin has claws on its wings only when it's a young hatchling. It will lose its claws when it grows into adulthood and have normal developed modern wings just like other modern birds of today. Another oft-repeated creationist claim found in the book says there are fossil birds found underneath the layers where Archaeopteryx remains were unearthed. This refers to the discovery of a supposed early bird-like dinosaur known as "Protoavis."

The scientist, Sankar Chatterjee, who claims to have discover the fossil, for some reason, would not let other scientists examine the fossil. But he did published a drawing of the reconstruction of the fossil as well as a photograph of the creature's remains. However, some scientists regards this as a chimera and concluded that the creature doesn't exist.

Whatever the creature is real or not is a subject of much debating. Yet, the creationists take advantage of this and began to used the Protoavis fossil  by claiming that there are fossilized birds found in Texas at the bottom layer underneath the layer where Archaeopteryx was found embedded in. And tout this as evidence against the notion that says Archaeopteryx was the "world's first bird" and a transitional form. However, this fails miserably to explain how come there are features of a theropod dinosaur found in Archaeopteryx along with feathers and other avian features. The creationists are at a loss for words so they resort to the flawed “common Designer” philosophy to help brushed off the truth and pretend it's not there.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

No, The Flood Did Not Bury The Psittacosaur Juveniles!

Here we have Carl Wieland's idiot Creation Ministries International site presenting an article written by Taz Walker who at first erroneously regard Psittacosaurus as a "duck billed dinosaur" before it was corrected some time later when the author realized that Psittacosaurus was a indeed "parrot beaked dinosaur." This is in fact an early ceratopsian that lived between 123 to 100 million years ago in what is now Mongolia. This article is made in direct response to a 2007 Discovery News article that isn't there on the site anymore, but you can view it on

Taz Walker starts out the article by asking, 
"How do you fossilize 187 parrot-beaked dinosaurs? Bury them quickly, of course."
All over the article, Taz Walker insists that all fossils must be formed by rapid burial, never mind the types of fossils that highly requires a slow and snail-like burial to become a fossil like amber for instance.

This article was written in response to the Discovery article which claims that 187 fossils of Psittacosaurus were unearthed in Mongolia. 80 of them were obtained by Paleontologist Jack Horner who said, "These dinosaurs were definitely all living together and they represent a variety of ages." The article claims,
"It is possible the animals died at once from poisoning, disease or some kind of natural disaster, but the cause, or causes, of death have yet to be determined."
To be honest with you, the Discovery article, just like Taz's article, is not an reliable, trustworthy source. Here's the real story behind the fossil discovery. In 2004, paleontologists have unearthed a specimen containing 34 young Psittacosaurus juveniles. A head of an adult size Psittacosaurus was said to be found along with the juveniles. But in 2013, it was revealed to be a separate individual that didn't belong to the brood; the skull was glued onto the specimen, misleading the people to think that the adult was the "parent" to the brood. There were only youngsters in the nest who must have stayed together for protection. These dinosaurs died together probably from a burrow collapse. Otherwise the fictional Flood of Noah would've destroyed the burrow and washed all the fossils away.

Walker nitpicks the Discovery article.
"Poisoning? How feasible is the idea that 187 dinosaurs poisoned themselves all at the same time."
Quite as feasible as the incident involving about 1,700 humans being poisoned by C02 released by a lake somewhere in Africa.
"But even if they were all poisoned together, that does not answer the other [sic] tricky question. How was it that all those dinosaurs were fossilized together—in sediment laid down by water? For how many years did the dead animals lie around the countryside waiting to be gradually covered by sediment?"
Sandstorms and volcanic ashes can bury plants and animals on the spot. A flood on the other hand would wash all those dinosaurs away from where they were found. Walker attempt at appeal doesn't say anything about what kind of rocks the psittacosaurs were buried in. He just assumes they're all "flood deposits" while ignoring the real cause of the formation of rocks that had nothing to do with Noah's Flood.
"Disease? Now, that is a possibility. Microbes could conceivably kill 187 dinosaurs. But again, that does not explain how they were all buried. Without rapid burial of their remains then they would rot away until there was nothing left. No, the disease theory does not explain the dinosaur graveyard."
Depending on the conditions surrounding them, dead bodies can be preserved for thousands of years without being buried. They can be well preserved while experiencing slow burials. It's not necessary for a dead body to be buried rapidly in order for it to be fossilized.

All over the article, Walker wants everyone to think that the fictional Flood of Noah buried the bodies of these dinosaurs and disregard every idea about the meteor impact, diseases, and poison for none can explain how these animals are buried. A flood doesn't bury anything, either. It just wash things away unlike volcanic ashes and sandstorms that buries anything on the spot just like what Mt. Vesuvius did when it quickly buried Pompei and its inhabitants on the spot in 71 AD.

The rest of the article carries on a libel made up about Mary Schweitzer allegedly finding red blood cells inside of a tyrannosaurid fossil while in reality she actually found collagen, a connective protein persevered by iron particles over a period of millions of years, and concludes with a remark that's destined to be a welcoming addition to the Fundies Say the Darndest Things website,
"If we believe the Bible it is all too easy. But if we don’t believe the Bible, that it is recording real history, we have to invent something else, like poisoning, disease or asteroids. And then we have to wrestle with all the problems those ideas create, especially the big problem that never seems to be addressed—what buried them all so quickly?"
No different than creationists inventing fire-breathing dinosaurs, lasagna creating Flood, behemoth sauropods, or dragon dinosaurs in order to make the Bible believable and wrestle with all those people who mock and laugh at their idiotic claims and assertions creationists made believe to fit their way of interpreting the Bible, which they claim to be a record of "real history" that never really existed to begin with.