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Ken Ham is a Criminal.

Dan Arel is doing an excellent job at exposing the criminal actions of Ken Ham, President, Ringleader, and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the so-called "Creation Museum" and the ill-fated Ark Encounter, who is taking advantage of the US government to illegally discriminate when hiring and engage in dishonest practices of tax fraud by seizing for-profit benefits while at the same time obtain a non-profit status. This, according to The Freedom From Religion Foundation, is wrong. Ham cannot have it both ways. He must have one or the other or else, no park. But Ham, unfortunately, would rather compromise and engage in felony than have one or the other. It's just like when Ham and the other creationists insists that when it comes to creation and evolution, there should be no compromises. It's either god or "goo"; you cannot have it both ways (never mind that this form of compromise is entirely nowhere to be found in the Bible). And yet many people, including myself, would rather have it both ways than choosing one or the other. Well needless to say, Ham is engaging in exactly what he tells his followers not to do -- compromise. Only this time he's engaging in compromising the Law of the Land by engaging in illegal activities while attempting to reap the benefits of building a for-profit theme park at the same time. This ultimately leads to the undeniable conclusion that Kenneth Alfred Ham is a harden criminal, a ringleader of a criminal religious organization hell-bent on breaking the US law so he can build a theme park that will only engage in proselytizing people into believing in and accepting fairy tale lies rather than engaging in tourism.          

Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough -- Dragons of the Deep Part 3

Now this is one of the rarest gems where creationists have got it right when it comes to the existence of giant  animals once thought to be creatures of myth and folklore. Pages 30-33  tells about the Colossal squid, known by its genus name Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, and how people have found this animal along with other types of giant squid dead and alive. Even today, there has been live sightings made of these monstrous animals including a Colossal Squid caught off the coast of New Zealand in 2007 that could be the largest ever recorded on record. Note in the concluding text on page 32, where Wieland says,
"Who knows what 'dragons of the sea' might  lurk in the ocean's phenomenal depths? There may be creatures no one has  ever seen, or that are known so far only from fossils."
In your dreams, Wieland!

Pages 34-37 talks about Styxosaurus, a plesiosaur that  lived 83-85 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period. Styxosaurus is well known for having about 253 stomach stones or gastroliths inside its stomach area that may have been used as either a ballast or to help grind its food. Wieland, like other creationists, cryptozoologists, and other types of wishful thinkers, still believe that Loch Ness Lake in Scotland may still contain the last surviving family of plesiosaurs swimming elusively about in the lake, while being ignorant of the fact that not a single shred of evidence is found that supports the Loch Ness claim. There are many problems and hoaxes abound which associates with the Loch Ness Plesiosaur myth, such as the fact that the lake is way too cold for a reptile like Styxosaurus to swim in, there are no plesiosaur fossils, whether eggs or bones, found in and around the lake (One claim about a plesiosaur fossil found on the shoes of the lake turned out to be a hoax.), and much of the well known claims about alleged photographs taken of Loch Ness monster sightings have all been confessed to be a hoax, including photos taken of an alleged monster with humps exposed at the surface of the lake which turns out to be nothing more than a parade of bales of hay covered with tarpaulins.

Although, Wieland does acknowledge that all these claims are ruled to be a hoax, including the famous photograph of a remote-controlled submarine with a cardboard cut-out of a sauropod dinosaur long mistaken as the Loch Ness Monster shown on page 37, he still sticks to his far-fetched beliefs that maybe someday, somewhere out there, there could such a monster living in seclusion in the lake or in a jungle plateau like what is told in Sir Arthur Doyle's The Lost World. In his "Too many fish in the sea" type reason, if one type of evidence is a hoax, then there are other types of evidence out there that can be use as evidence for modern  dinosaur, pterosaur, and sea monster sightings. Wishful thinking there, Wieland! It seems like all the evidences of live dinosaur, pterosaur, and sea monster sightings are turning out to be elaborate hoaxes entirely made up as a publicity stunt. Even if they did turned out to be the evidence creationists are hoping for, they still don't explain  why are are there no remains of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and especially  plesiosaurs, being found above the Mesozoic strata.

Despite lack of traces of evidence for such creatures, creationists cling to a false hope that someday, maybe soon, a live dinosaur of some sort would be discovered that would  in their eyes "prove" that the idea of an "age of reptiles" millions of years ago is a myth just like the discoveries made of the coelacanth and the Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis, the sole surviving member of the Wollemia Family). That's IF they can find fully intact dinosaur bodies, dead and alive, and bones of them buried above the Mesozoic strata. But none of such things has ever been found. Still, this doesn't stop creationists from relying on imaginary monsters as evidence of their idiotic beliefs such as the "Baryonyx" so-falsely called found in Ham's crackhouse Dragon Room and in When Dragon's Hearts Were Good and The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved! books. On page 38, there is a well known claim made of a famous photo taken of what appears to be a dead decaying body being fished up from a  lake thanks to Japanese fishing boat that caught this unusual catch in 1977. For a long time, creationists insist that the dead creature is a plesiosaur that have survived into modern times while a careful analysis reveal that the alleged "plesiosaur" is nothing more than a body of a basking shark. This is something evolutionists have been trying to tell those hard-headed creationists all along! At long last, the creationist mob (with few exceptions) is starting to acknowledge the evolutionists' claim about the body being that of a shark to be true and abandon the  plesiosaur fallacy completely. But not without changing the who-done-it  part to make it say that it was Answers in Genesis who have concluded, through [sic] "research" that the body was that of a shark to avoid the disgrace of telling their gullible followers that those so-called "godless evolutionists" were right all along when it comes to the real identity of the carcass.

After page 39 where it features 3 animals that are only found in the darkest depths of the ocean, comes pages 40-42 where Wieland talks about the Steller's Sea Cow, scientifically known as Hydrodamalis gigas. Although first discovered in 1741, sadly, this animal has  been hunted to extinction by man. The last one died in 1768, about 27 years after it was first discovered by a naturalist named Georg Steller.  Note the blatant irony still being paraded by Wieland on page 41 -- He  claims life evolve and branched out from "the same created kind" through natural selection and yet we are to believe that nothing evolves from  "some ancestor" and that natural selection is a hoax? Oh the irony...

Page 43 contains a claim that says The Flood caused The Ice Age when warmer temperatures coming from global activity occurring underwater caused the water to evaporate and come down to Earth as ice that covered much of the planet thus allowing people and animal traveling from the Ararat region after the Flood to North America. In reality, if young earth is true, and the water did evaporated into the air, the evaporated water would only come down as extremely hot water that would  scald everything to death -- no Ice Age, no traveling to North America. Plus, it doesn't explain how do Australian animals get to where they are at without evoking some miraculous explanations that have no merit.

Page 44-47 shows a massive crocodile named Sarcosuchus (nicknamed "SuperCroc")  that lived during the Cretaceous Period 110 million years ago and never preyed on mosasaurs despite what is depicted in the illustration. Here Wieland claims stupidly that it could have been the Leviathan of the  Bible. Yet, it's is all made up out of ignorance of the fact that Leviathan is a creature of Jewish Folklore that resembles a coiling, serpentine fish with illuminating eyes and scales. Sarcosuchus is not a coiling serpentine fish but a blown-up version of a gharial, a narrow-jawed crocodilian that lives in the regions of Southern Asia and eats only fish. Note how Wieland is citing one of the  Bible verses from the Job 41 Leviathan passage to make it seem  "..laughable to contemplate people killing such an armored beast with spears or arrows.." especially when no human was ever around to try to hunt the giant Cretaceous crocodile. Note the "supercrank" claim on page  46 that tries to explain what the bulla cavity in Sarcosuchus' toilet  seat-shaped nostril is used for,
"Was it used for making sounds? Or could it  have had something to do with the production of and mixing of certain  chemicals to give out heat and smoke, just as in the Bible's description?"
The first option could be correct. The second option is entirely fantasy no different than the fantasy the late Duane Gish made up to explain how the Hadrosaurs' hollow crests functioned in life. In reality the lambeosaurine crests and bulla cavities of Sarcosuchus were both used for producing sounds very similar to the functions of the ghara cavity found in male gharials which uses the feature to produce sounds to attract females to them for mating.

Also on page 46 is another crank explanation made up in an attempt to explain how did an African Region become the Sahara Desert of today. As mentioned before, if young earth is true, there would be no Ice Age and no cold waters. There would have been a literal global warming if "thousands of years" and global flooding is fact. The rain would have been so hot that everything, even Sarcosuchus would've been scalded to death and earth would be rendered into a  lifeless, scorched desert.

Wieland make believes that Sarcosuchus probably lived near the mouth of a large river after the Flood while in reality, Sarcosuchus lived in what is now the Sahara Desert 110 million years  ago where back then it was once a tropical plain filled with rivers, lakes, and streams lined with vegetation. The Sahara Desert, on the other hand, formed about 7,000 to 8,000 years ago, making it much older than the  alleged 6,000 year age creationist wrongly regard the Earth's age to be.

Here's another modern animal discussed on pages  48-51 that's called a whale shark, also known by the genus Rhincodon typus. It's a filter feeding shark that eats a variety of small  animals such as phytoplankton, macro-algae, plankton, krill and small nektonic life, such as small squid or vertebrates. There are about 4  things worth noting found within the descriptions of the modern animal,  including the fantasy notion that claims that all animals were herbivores before the Fall of Man, while ignoring the fact that the verse indicates that God was only providing animals and man with plant food. When extinction occurs, as Wieland puts it "the world has lost some of the incredible programmed instructions that God put into the DNA of many original kinds in those magnificent days of creation, thousands of years ago." Rather, is it also the same as when an animal becomes extinct millions, thousands, hundreds, even tens of years ago, much of what the incredible programmed instructions God has given to all 3 originals, intermediates, and advance forms that lived, flourished, and die out over a period of time becomes lost, leaving behind small remnants of them for us to study and wonder about them.

Note Wieland's notion of mutations being,
"Genetic copying mistakes are mostly  scrambling mistakes, never creating it, and extinction removes it  forever."
All made up out of ignorance that mutations do create new life and what Wieland and other creationists think mutation is and what mutation really do is 2 different things.

In Wieland's eyes, extinction and mutation is "bondage to decay" as told in Romans 8:21. Rather, both extinction and mutation is one of the beneficial things that occur to make room for more great diversities into the world. If not, the world would be completely an over-crowded, unpleasant place. The verse, frequently cherry picked by creationists, is taken out of context. The verse alone would agree with the creationists' view of the  world's state concerning pollution and destruction of animal and plant life as long as all of the other verses in the Romans 8 passage which addresses just the unsaved humans gets ignored. The other verses, Isaiah 65:17 and 2 Peter 3:13, simply tell us what will it be like when old things pass away and a New Heaven and A New Earth gets established in its place.

And  the fourth part found in the last part of page 51 and all of 52 claims  that the teeth of the whale shark along with the appendix and other seemingly "useless" structures have been used to argue against the Genesis Account (Try young earth account.) by saying that God would not have made "useless structures" (or vestiges). Evolutionists don't believe the vestiges to be useless either. They do know for sure that the whale's teeth, the human appendix, and other vestiges all serve a special function despite the creationists' frequent  assertion about how evolutionists deal about them. The silly claims they made up about the appendix, the whale's teeth, and other vestiges being regarded as "useless" only confirms the fact that the creationists who make up and parrot such lies are only kidding themselves.

Now pages 52-55 talks about Cretoxyrhina, a shark that lived in the Cretaceous Period 100 million years ago. Its remains have been found in Kansas where remains of mosasaurs (which Cretoxyrhina preyed on) and plesiosaurs have also been found in that area. This prehistoric shark is found where much of the middle part of North America is covered by a shallow inland sea known as the Niobrara Sea. Just like before, Wieland, on pages 54 and 55, wants you to believe that all fossilized bones, even of animals that have just been eaten, have to form rapidly in a matter of days or weeks or else every bone will rot away before millions of years have passed. Never mind that bone can last a mighty long time, even for many centuries before being covered in sediment and fossilized. Never mind that the Flood would've brutally dealt with the bodies the very same way the alleged "'slow and gradual' theory about the formation of  fossils" would've done according to Wieland's crank falsehood such as shattering them apart and rot. And never mind that not all fossils are formed through rapid burial. The best example of this is amber, fossilized tree sap well preserved for millions of years with plants and animals encased inside them.

Creationists would like to make you think that the Flood is made up of just rising waters, shattering continents, pummeling meteor showers, hot rain, volcanic eruptions, and rapid-moving walls of wet dirt and mud that rose up and crash down on plants, animals, and people so fast that they don't have time to flee to  higher ground. Never mind that the Bible speaks nothing about volcanoes, dirt, earthquakes, and meteors occurring during the Flood. Creationists, in all their ignorant glory, imagined this one-time, one-year scenario up to explain rock layers containing evidences of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteor impacts, and accumulating sediment that each occurred separately over a period of millions of years in reality. No way  have all this been done within the one year period. Besides, how can God  protect the boat with its living cargo inside in the mist of pummeling  rocks, ash, mud, debris, hot rain, steam, and lava without invoking some "groundless, empty miracles" to do so?

Creationists have a knack of treating science that don't conform to their narrow-minded views like a "belief system" while the belief in the young earth, thousands of years ago is exactly the belief system not worth embracing. Look how Wieland deals with the Western Interior Sea (aka The Niobrara Sea) at the bottom of page 55.

Like all creationists, Wieland believes that one cannot accept the [sic] "erroneous millions of years belief system" because it puts death and bloodshed before the Fall of Adam. Rather, one cannot accept the erroneous thousand of years belief system because it only consist of fantasies, distortions, forgeries, hoaxes, brainwashing, hate and fear mongering, outright slander, ignorance, and putting death and bloodshed of plants before and after the Fall of Adam.

Sap is plant blood. It functions the same way normal blood functions when  it comes to catering food and other substances to various tissues  throughout the body. Plus, some plants have a special kind of blood  called Leghemoglobin. It's a kind of blood found in the nitrogen-fixing root nodules of leguminous plants such as soybeans and peanuts. So plants, like all living beings, do have blood. If there was no death and "bloodshed"  before the Fall, dead cells in hair and decay in digestion therefore would've never existed, the planet would be greatly overcrowded, and  plants, which needs water, sun, and above all decaying matter to live,  would've faced total extinction without decomposition which they need to  help them nourish and thrive. And where in the bible does it say that there was no death and bloodshed before the Fall? Answer: Nowhere. The verses that lead creationists to think there was no death and bloodshed before the Fall all refers to human death, not animal death.

Creationists like Wieland would cite any place that was formed by catastrophic floods and land upheavals as evidence for the mythic global Flood, including the Western Interior Sea that at one time covered much of North America, while being ignorant of the problems associated with them.

In this section, Wieland thinks the Western Interior Sea was nothing more than a leftover from the Flood with large,  fast-lifting, regional fossil-filled upheavals in them, with  aftershocks occurring over centuries as the Flood went down. This  contradicts the verse in the Bible that says by the time the Flood is over, the earth is completely dry (Genesis  8:13-14). It would mean this whole world would be a desert  wasteland completely void of water of any kind if young earth is true  and there was a global flood. Also, this ignores the fact that if young earth is true, the rocks would still be extremely hot from much movement  in that short period of time, not to mention the obvious evidence of  nearly continuous 10 Richter scale earthquakes that would have accompanied such an fast-moving orogeny. Plus, how would the Native Americans is supposed to know about this while they have no recollections of any inland sea between the Rockies and the Appellation Mountains along with its huge aftershocks?

The  Flood is said to allegedly occur 4,500 years ago. At the same time Native American settlements becomes permanent, cultural differences become more evident, the Cochise People living in the southwestern regions of the US were busy cultivating maize (corn) becoming skilled farmers in the process. Native American Nomads have been making their lively rounds through the Grand Canyon, leaving behind small animal dolls made of twisted willow twigs that were used as sacred objects. And some Mexican Aztecs, as part of their Jaguar worship, cut their own teeth to the gum roots and replace them with jaguar fangs. None of these people have any recollection whatsoever of the alleged 4,500 year Worldwide Flood and its alleged aftermath.

If the young earth is true, and people and animals did migrate across the Bering Straight through a land bridge  just after the Tower of Babel incident, if they are able to survive the extremely hot rain and steam that prevailed all over the globe, they will have to go through a very hot, shaky rock terrain that would cause  them to stumble and fall off of cliffs created from fast moving  upheavals to their deaths below and their feet would have suffered from third degree burns or worse. Their huts, lodges, tepees, longhouses, and  their wigwams would have been destroyed and incinerated even just after they were built. The rocky walls that made the Pueblo villages would  have been too hot to handle. And finally Wieland's claims doesn't explain why do we find only scores of traces of Mesozoic marine life and zero traces of Early Cenozoic mammals, modern mammals and humans in that area.

This below is the real explanation behind the formation of the Western Interior Seaway.
"The Seaway was created as the Pacific and  North American tectonic plates collided, causing the Rocky Mountains to  form in western North America. With high eustatic sea levels existing  worldwide during the Cretaceous, waters from the Arctic Ocean in the  north and the Gulf of Mexico in the south met and flooded the central  lowlands, forming a sea that transgressed (grew) and regressed (receded)  over the course of the Cretaceous.

The earliest  phase of the Seaway began in the mid-Cretaceous, when an arm of the  Arctic Ocean transgressed south over western North America; this formed  the Mowry Sea, so named for a characteristic rock formation that is rich  in oil shale. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico was an extension of the Tethys Sea, which met with the Mowry Sea in the late Cretaceous, forming the "complete"  Seaway.

Citations: Stanley, Steven M. Earth System  History. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1999 ISBN 0-7167-2882-6  pp. 487-9
Seeing how the seaway really formed in ways the Worldwide Flood had no part playing in just comes to show just how stupid and idiotic Wieland's tripe about ancient seas and marine fossils really is. One must wonder why do they have to waste all that cardboard and paper just to print out one stupid lie and false deceit after another.

Wieland  like other creationists does acknowledge the fact that The Channeled Scablands were formed by big catastrophic floods that swept the region, coming from Lake Missoula, a large glacial lake in Montana created  from Ice Age Glaciers thousands of years ago. But the Scablands were formed by huge localized floods that breached from Lake Missoula about 40 times within a 2,000 year period between 19,000 and 13,000  years ago. The Worldwide Flood, 4,500 Years Ago had nothing to do with it.

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Now accepting Amazon Payments

You now have two choices to make when you make a donation to my pedal harp fund. You can choose to donate either through Amazon Payments or you can use PayPal to make a donation. Your choice. Better ways to help secure the purchase of the pedal harp of my very own. To make a donation through Amazon Payments, enter the amount of money you wish to donate to the pedal harp fund and click the Amazon Donate button to complete the process.

If everyone reading this give a couple of dollars to my harp fund, I'll be able to afford the purchase of the pedal harp in no time. Please help make my lifelong dream of owning and playing the pedal harp come true. And thanks to all of you for your donations. Your support means a lot to me.

If you have any problems with donating through Amazon Payments or Paypal, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

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I'm now taking Pedal Harp Donations via PayPal

I'm no longer using GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding campaign platforms to accept donations for the pedal harp because all these crowdfunding projects I've done proved to be way too much for me to handle. GoFundMe has a policy where it shuts down any of its donation page if there's no activity happening for long periods of time. Indiegogo and Kickstarter expects you to fulfill your reward perks once the money is successfully raised and that at times requires you to use your donation money to fulfill your perks to the point where you'll end up losing all of your donations that was supposed to be raised for your project. Not to mention having credit card bills to pay and the fact that you won't get any cash at all if your campaign fails to reach the goal. In fact last year, I had to spent months paying off all of my credit card bills, then I ditched them all because I just can't afford to use credit cards anymore.

So I'm now accepting PayPal donations only. It's much safer and more secure. All of your Paypal donations will go towards the purchase a wonderful new or pre-owned Lyon & Healy Chicago pedal harp (or any other harp that's similar) so I can resume my harp studies and play music for the public again. Funding for The Owosso Harpist Harp project is provided by readers and supporters like you. If anyone reading this give a couple of dollars via PayPal to my pedal harp fund, I'll be able to buy a pedal harp and my project will be completely done. If you like to make a donation to my pedal harp fund, click here or click the Paypal Donate button on the right side panel to be take to where you can make a donation in any amount you wish. Please support The Owosso Harpist and help me fulfill my lifelong dream of owning a pedal harp.         

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BREAKING! Ark Park will get no money at all.

Aw poor Dumb Idiot Ham. Word came out just this evening that the 18 million dollar tax incentives will not be awarded to Answers in Genesis for their Ark Park Project due to its discriminatory hiring practices. 
"State tourism tax incentives cannot be used to fund religious indoctrination or otherwise be used to advance religion," Tourism Secretary Bob Stewart wrote in the letter. "The use of state incentives in this way violates the separation of church and state provisions of the Constitution and is therefore impermissible." 
Even Gov. Steve Beshear agrees with the decision even though he would like to see the Ark Park project succeed.
"We expect any entity that accepts state incentives not to discriminate on any basis in hiring. While the leaders of Ark Encounter had previously agreed not to discriminate in hiring based on religion, they now refuse to make that commitment and it has become apparent that they do intend to use religious beliefs as a litmus test for hiring decisions. For that reason, we cannot proceed with the tourism incentive application for the Ark Encounter project.

This does not mean the project will not be built – on the contrary, Ark Encounter has said publicly that the project will be built regardless of availability of state incentives. I have no doubt that the Ark Encounter will be a successful attraction, drawing visitors and creating jobs, much like the Creation Museum.”
Sorry Governor. But the Ark Park has just sunk.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's All Ham's Doing!

When Dan Arel, the blogger behind Danthropology and the author of Parenting Without God, along with others like him, exposed Ken Dumb Idiot Ham's discriminatory hiring practices to work at his For-profit Ark Park, placing him on the verge of losing all his tax incentives, Ham became upset and wastes no time pointing fingers at anyone who don't agree with his narrow minded views of Genesis, blaming evolutionists, secularists, atheists, even liberals for all of misfortunes plaguing poor ol' Dumb Idiot Ham all because he refuses to comply with the laws of Kentucky which says no discriminating against anybody when hiring to work at a for-profit business. Period. Now Ham sinks a new low by launching a billboard campaign to tell his "Intolerable Liberal Friends" that they can't "sink the ark".

Like Hemant, like Dan, I'm not Ham's friend. Plus, the ark won't sink because it's being built on land. And third, every misfortune Ham's having is all his own doing! Not evolutionists, not liberals, not atheists, not even the governor himself. This is all Ham's doing! This is his own fault. If he cannot comply with the laws of Kentucky, then he may have to kiss his ark park project goodbye! And eventually his Answers in Genesis ministry, too-- "museum" in all! Regardless of what the billboard claims, unless Ham agrees to comply with the Law, which he won't apparently, the ship will sink and take the "museum", the ministry, and the man behind them all with it.

Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough -- Dragons of the Deep Part 2

Pages 10-13 reveals Carcarodon Megalodon, the 50 foot long giant shark that lived roughly 25 to 2 million years ago. Just when did Megalodon became extinct is much hotly debated. Although it is classified as an animal that became extinct 2 million years ago, some cryptozoologists believe that these animals are still alive in remote areas of the world or have become extinct at a recent time, claiming that they have found giant shark teeth said to be of Megalodon dated back between 10,000 to 15,000 to years ago. On page 12, there is a story about a group of lobster fishermen from Port Stevens, Australia who claims to have been attacked  by a massive shark that stole their catch and swam away leaving the sailors greatly shaken in 1918. What Wieland left out in the story is that the shark is exaggerated to be the same length as the fishermen's lobster boat, which is estimated to be about about 115 feet long. Another version of the tale the shark is measured to be an exaggerating 300 feet long. And no shark has ever been that long! Ben S. Roesch, a shark expert, have carefully examined the alleged megalodon sightings like the ones above along with the alleged findings of many thousands of years old Megalodon teeth and came to the conclusion that it is unlikely that Megalodon exists today. Especially since the story about the 1918 sighting took place in a much deeper part of the ocean while Megalodon is known to spent its entire life swimming in the shallow areas of the ocean where there are plenty of fish and other forms of mammalian prey to eat. The alleged sightings must have been simply exaggerated stories made up by sailors who mistaken a large shark for the famous Megalodon shark.

Pages 14-17 reveals Kronosaurus, a pliosaur that lived 120 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. On page 18, note how Wieland is giving a weak example of how life could never evolve from some ancestor, but are the product  of the same Designer by claiming that although plesiosaurs and pliosaurs different, they all share the same features and have one designer behind them. He then shows off 2 examples of a VW Beetle and a Porsche sports car and how they are different but have the same features inside  that make them both run smoothly; both cars come from the same car designer Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) just as the plesiosaurs and the pliosaurs came from the same Designer (God), also.

But just because they are from the same designer doesn't mean they are the exact carbon copies of each other. The designers who have made those cars and creatures, took great steps to modify their creations over a period of time to make them more stylish, better adapted to work, and perform better than before. Why render them as copy-cat cloning machines when they can make plenty of improvements, changes, and styles in order to boost their appearance with different types of modifications that can make them move and operate more better on the road. You may say that the designers both created and modify (evolve) their work over a period of time.

Unfortunately, what Whineface shows is a bad if not worse comparison between car designers who makes vehicles out of metal, rubber, and plastic parts and a god who turns out to be the worst designer ever by making everything appear out of nothing like magic and make them all behave like cloning machines that makes carbon copies of each other like generators in a robot android factory.

Page 18-21: Xiphactinus, a prehistoric fish that lived during the last days of the dinosaur era, between 87-65 million years ago. Note the claim on pages 19 and 20 which claims the Flood quickly and allegedly "buried" the so-called "billions of dead things," including one Xiphactinus specimen found with its fishy prey located in the stomach area before it has a chance to swallow it. "Billions of dead things" is simply an ad hoc phrase made up to explain how the fossils are made, but was done out of ignorance of the many problems associated with this annoying, broken record claim. (i.e. global overcrowding if all billions of living things live at the same time, dead things being laid down by circumstances that have nothing to do with the Flood, and the rarity of the fossils found in the record).

Not to mention the creationists' version of the turbidity currents and other forms of the ad hoc "fountains of the deep" would've destroyed all including the most delicate of plant and marine life, including the coral reefs, and decimate every piece of land if what creationists say it's true. Instead of moving the continents at a rapid pace, the Flood's mythical turbidity currents would shatter the continents apart without a trace. Never mind the concept of Plate Tectonics that gradually splits the continents apart about one inch per year, even to this day.

Wieland cites this fossil, in which scientists have found many other fish specimens showing them similarly having their prey inside its stomach cavity or stuck inside its throat when it died, as evidence of Noah's Flood by claiming that if the fossil is formed gradually over a period of millions of years, the contents inside the fossil would either have been fully digested or rotted away by the time sediment would start covering the bodies and fossilize it. Problem with is logic is that bone, when left undisturbed, lasts a mighty long time before it is covered in sediment and fossilized. The Flood, with meteors, earthquakes, ash falls, and giant size turbidity currents would've battered and tore the bodies apart, bones and all.

The real logical explanation behind the famous Xiphactinus fossil with a fish inside is that it died in an attempt to swallow its prey much larger and tougher than itself. Its prey, an ichthyodectid Gillicus arcuatus, put up a big struggle to avoid being eaten so much that it ruptured the innards of Xiphactinus, killing it. Other fish fossils with their prey inside their throat were the result of the fish trying to eat its prey that's much bigger than itself, only to be choke to death by it. And it's not just an incident occurring in ancient times. It also occur in modern times, too. One time, a striped bass found washed up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay with a large gizzard shard stuck in its throat. Its prey was too big to be swallowed whole and the bass wound up being chocked to death because of it.

Page 22 is a heavily debunked, yet heavily cited claim involving a single tooth once thought to belong to  "Nebraska Man" and how it was allegedly hailed as the ultimate link between apes and humans (thus, discrediting the Bible in Wieland's blind eyes) until it was found to be nothing more than a tooth of a pig or a peccary, an animal related to the pig. In reality, no one hailed the discovery of the tooth. In fact, most scientists were very skeptical about the discovery. It was never published in any scientific journal and it was an evolutionist rather than a creationist who recognized the tooth to belong to the peccary or a pig rather than a human. Although the claim is long abandoned and not brought up again by scientists, creationists still stupidly tout this claim in a desperate attempt to discredit evolution and the scientists who advocate it. 

Pages 22-25 features a large potbelly Ichthyosaur named Shonisaurus, the largest Ichthyosaur to have ever swam the Late Triassic waters 210 million years ago. On page 24, Wieland mentions another well known fossil of an Ichthyosaur who have died while giving birth to live young and claims slow fossilization could not have form such an amazing fossil, but instead be formed by the rapid burial movements of the Flood (if it didn't tore up the bodies first). Wieland claims,
"The general  public still often associated fossil formation with slow and gradual  burial by a gentle rain of sediment (like fine mud and sand particles) over a very long period of time. Obviously, even the most difficult  labor would've last thousands of years while mother and baby were being  lowly covered!"
Not when she and her baby's dead, Whineface! Apparently, Wieland made the whole thing up out of  ignorance of how the animal really died without resorting to Noah's Flood to explain it. Paleontologist E.G. Kaufman have studied the Ichthyosaurid fossils found in Germany and what he found clearly debunks  Wieland's tripe about rapid burial needed for preservation of fossils.  The mother died at childbirth and sank down into the anoxic bottom waters full of hydrogen sulfide into anaerobic sediments.

Look how Wieland is in denial of how the fossils would have been  preserved,
"The sediment would have had the right mix of minerals so as to harden very  quickly. If not, oxygen, [stagnant] water, bacteria,and burrowing  scavengers would have soon inflicted their damage on these animals'  bodies."

They have but at a very minute rate. Bacteria, stagnant water, scavengers, and oxygen is what's really found among the Ichthyosaur fossils. Their bodies also clearly show various stages of disarticulation, decay, and scavenging, which is very inconsistent with Wieland's tripe about a rapid Noah's Flood being needed to preserve the fossils. The fossils show plenty of signs of scavenging, decay, and disarticulation (especially when exposed to  normal oxygen rates) being done at a very slow pace over many long  periods of time. What Wieland is doing here is making them as if they were quickly buried alive a few years ago, never to have such 3 things on them, while ignoring the truth about what really happened to them according to Kaufman.

Next Wieland talks about where Shonisaurus have been found which is The Shoshone Mountains in Nevada and explains in his own way of how a school  of 36 Shonisaurus have died. Noticing that the 36 Shonisaurus fossils have been found together side by side at one spot, he speculates falsely  that, instead of being beached along the shorelines like whales (According to one theory on how Shonisaurus died), powerful Flood currents must have lined them up as they were washed into place by the  Great Flood that preserve them. Sorry, Wieland! In reality, the currents would have simply scatter them apart and get lost as they are battered to bits by meteor showers and volcanic eruptions that creationists claimed to have prevailed during the alleged Flood.

Note also how Wieland is using Psalms 104:8 cherry picked out of context to help justify his claim about mountains rising up after the Flood as the waters retreated, while lifting up the fossils to their present locations, over weeks, months, or perhaps a few years, which is their way of explaining why do we find fossils of marine life buried on mountaintops. This claim is not without problems, flaws, and even contradictions to the mountain claim. There were mountains before the Flood despite what creationists claim about no mountains existing before the Flood (Genesis 7:19). When the Flood was ending, the water was going down to reveal the mountaintops still there as they were before the Flood began (Genesis 8:5). And when put into full context, we find that the Psalms 104:8 is a nothing more than part of a passage that only discuss the Creation of the Earth, not the Flood.

Wieland's falsehood about the fossils clearly ignores the fact that most of the fossils were found incomplete and poorly preserved which leads scientists to debate on how Shonisaurus really died. The first one says that the Shonisaurs all died after they found themselves beached on the  shores of a Triassic ocean while chasing prey on the shallow areas of the sea. However, the site was then looked at again years later and it was found that the fossils was found in where it was once a very deep  part of the ocean, so now it is thought that the Shonisaurs all died of phytotoxin poisoning and sank down to where they lay to this day.

Pages 26 and 27 focus on the alleged claim that says an Ichthyosaur fossil was found in Switzerland buried upright at a 90 degree angle and not lying flat like most fossils were. The claim is no different than the claim about a whale fossil that was also found buried upright with its head pointing downwards at a certain angle. In their eyes, this find is another rebuttal to the ad hoc "millions of years" and that it was the 4,500 year old, dirt-filled global Flood that have smothered the Ichthyosaur and buried it in an upright position. But like all creationist claims, this is not without flaws and problems creationists like Wieland don't not want you to know. Instead he wants you to know that it's not about facts that there are tensions made between the "Bible" and most scientists, but the way the fossils are interpreted -- interpreted the way creationists wanted it to be while throwing away every detailed part of the fossil that debunks their idiot "presuppositions" of the upright fossil and pose their distortion of it as "facts".

Then, pages 28-29 talks about Opthalmosaurus, an Ichthyosaur that lived 120 million years ago in the Early Cretaceous Period. Grudgingly, despite their constant worn-out claims about evolution being a myth, lie, and a falsehood, young earth creationists are beginning to accept the fact that life does change over time through natural selection and that everything evolve and modify over a  period of time. Looks like this is what Wieland is speaking about on the 2 pages when he talked about how the first Ichthyosaur developed into a vast variety of ichthyosaur species over a period of time -- indeed a direct contradiction to what Wieland has claimed on pages 14-17 about life never evolving from "some ancestor."

Continued  Next Post...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dumb Homeschool Teacher tours Field Museum and shows off her ignorance!

Megan Fox, not to be confused with another person of the same name, last week toured Chicago's prestigious Field Museum of Natural History to make a video that shows just how stupid she is by spewing a whole cesspool of creationist nonsense while touring the “Evolving Planet” exhibit.

And get this: she's a homeschooler who homeschools 3 children and flails against a public library Hemant attends for not censoring the internet.
Fox has been going after my local library for the past year because they don’t censor their Internet and Fox sees that as sanctioning “taxpayer funded access to child porn.” She’s about as nutty as they get. And it seems like her actions, which have already cost the library more than $125,000, are designed to bring everyone else down to her education level.
She's stupid! She can't even get the scientific names right such as eukaryote for crying out loud! I don't even want to bother showing the video here lest I end up killing a billion brain cells. But if you want to stomach this lady stupidity, click here to go to PZ's site where the video is being sown and have a whole lot of Pepto Bismal in hand.

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Why I need Help Raising Concert Harp Funds -- Look at the Concert Harp Price Tag!

Harp manufacturer to the world. The Chi Tribun...Harp manufacturer to the world. The Chi Tribune did a story on the company, excerpted here Harpmaker_for_world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To prove to you why I need your help to raise the concert harp funds, here's the price list of all the harps built by Lyon & Healy, one of the world's most prestigious harp factories in the world.

Lyon & Healy Price List as of 2013. 

Chicago Petite 40 40 strings: Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $11,500
Chicago Concertino Extended 47 strings: Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $15,500
Chicago CG Extended 47 strings; Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $16,500
Concertino Pedal Harp (47 strings)  
Style 85 E 47 strings; Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $19,950
Concert Grand Pedal Harps (47 strings)
Style 150 Mahogany, Limited-Edition $19,950
Style 85 CG Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $21,950 
Style 100 Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $23,500
Style 30 Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony $25,000
Style 23 Natural $33,000
Style 11 Natural $34,000
Style 23 Bronze Walnut with Bronze-Finish $35,000
Salzedo Natural $37,000
Style 11 Nouveau Natural with hand-painting $39,000
Electroacoustic Pedal Harp (47 strings)
Style 2000 CG Natural, Mahogany, Ebony $25,000
Gold Harps & Special Instruments (47 strings)
Style 23 Gold Gold with transport cover set $53,500
Style 11 Gold Gold with transport cover set $54,500
Style 26 Gold with transport cover set $69,000
Style 3 Gold with transport cover set $79,000
Style 8 Gold with transport cover set $79,000
Prince William Gold with transport cover set $89,000
Louis XV Gold with transport cover set $139,000
Louis XV Special Gold with transport cover set $189,000
 Source here.

And here's a list of used harps put on by W&W Venus Harps (another prestigious harp factory) that shows you that even used harps as well as new harps can be just as expensive as some of the new harps at Lyon & Healy Harps.

Venus Classic Grand Concert

Venus Classic grand harp. Purchased new from Venus in 1998. Model 2509, 47 strings, French walnut finish with carved roses embellished in gold. Perfect condition. Never been moved. Original owner. Cover, stool, music, and two- wheel dolly included. Buyer responsible for shipping cost or may pick up from my home. Asking $16,500.00.

Venus Penti Grand Concert

Natural finish with mahogany soundboard trim
47 strings
Only one owner
Bought new in 2002
Includes light cover
Gorgeous full rich sound
Excellent condition 

There is a beautiful red tint in the soundboard decal which matches the mahogany trim. The harp is located in Milwaukee, WI but I am willing to negotiate shipping/delivery. $11,500

Venus Premier

Venus Harp Model  Premier in Natural finish, 46 string extended soundboard, Harp #638; harp is located in N. California and includes padded cover and wood shipping crate; $10,000.

And here's another list of used harps for sale from (a Harp Magazine website) that carries the same price tag as a majority of concert harps sold at Lyon & Healy and Venus harps. I'll give you just a few examples.

Salvi Daphne 44 String Harp - $10,200

L&H Style 15 Gold Finish - $14,500

Camac Little Blue Electric - $17,950

This is big example of why I am not kidding when I said that I need help to raise concert harp funds. I'm serious! This is why I need help raising funds to buy a concert grand harp here! Everything else I don't need help raising funds for. I can raise money for rent, groceries, and necessities on my own. But raising money for a concert harp, I can't do it on my own. Please help by making a donation through to The Owosso Harpist Concert Harp Fund and help me afford a $10,000 pre-owned modest style pedal harp (in awesome condition) that makes beautiful music that's pleasing to everyone. Then I can go back to playing my favorite musical pieces and performing at my local farmer's market again. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Idiot Creationist Book Walkthrough -- Dragons of the Deep Part 1

Well, here we go! Another creationist book to debunk. This time it's Dragons of the Deep: Ocean Monsters Past and Present (Master Books, 2005) by Carl Wieland, creationist who broke away from Dumb Idiot Ham and his cronies due to a power struggle that eventually ended in a uneasy truce. It's not really a dinosaur book, but simply a book all about sea animals past and present along with needless attacks on evolution, outright lies, heartless bigotry, and senseless hatred toward all those who oppose their young earth views, Christian and non-Christian.

The front cover of the book only has images of Plesiosaurs swimming about and a plesiosaur skull and neck bones on the lower right hand corner of the cover. The back asks the following question, "Can the stories of sea dragons be true?" Answer: It all depends on what kind of "sea dragons" one talks about. If it's all about stories of ships being attacked by giant squids and we find actual giant squids both living and dead that confirms the notions of giant squids being the real deal, you may say that such stories like that is true while other stories are just simply all made up with no valid evidence supporting it. Whether they're based on factual encounters or just simply made up, folkloric tales about sea monsters are often times told in an exaggerated way to provide entertainment to the listeners at a time long before the invention of TV, newspaper, radios, and the internet. Most people, at that time, just couldn't read or write, so they had to make due with stories told through word of mouth that change over time. Even written stories change over time, with one person writing about an incident only to have another person write a different version of the same incident that greatly contradicts the original version of the tale. The second writer would change and distort the whole story around to make it fit into his version of the story and so on until it gets to the point of not telling whether the story is true or false. Creationists are like such people. They have a knack of distorting mythology and folklore by rewriting, distorting, ripping them out of context, twisting the stories to fit their young earth beliefs. Wieland is such a creationist who does just that.

Page 4 reveals the intro to the book, entitled The Dragons of The Sea in which the beginning of the paragraph claims,
"Mention huge awesome creatures roaming our planet and most people think of dinosaurs that live mostly on the land. Fearsome giants like T.rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) and plant-eating earth shakers like Brachiosaurus are gone now, recalled only in the dragon stories of many cultures."
All dragon stories recall nothing like that. Wieland's claim is the direct result of fabricated and distorted dragon stories invented by creationists who did it to help spread lies about dinosaurs living with humans as told in science fiction stories, never mind that the dragons in the tales are described to have serpentine bodies, fiery and poison breaths, horde gold, and have the ability to create storms. Also found within the young earth dogma is the fallacy about all Creation being cursed just after Adam ate the apple. Wieland mentions this next, claiming that since it brought on "death, disease, and bloodshed" to a once [sic] perfect world, some of the creatures are no longer with us. Here's the definition of a perfect world told through the eyes of a creationist: A sickly, happy-go-lucky, teddy bear picnic where all animals and people live in harmony, munching plants out of existence, buttering up on one another as seen in some old kiddie cartoon. Never mind the fact that if there's no death, all animals would be bald (hair is made up of dead cells), plants and worms would get nothing to eat (they feed on dead and decaying matter), chewed up food goes in one hole and out the other without being broke down by bacteria and give out nutrients to the body, starving it (Digestion and fermentation is a form of decay.), and sharp claws and teeth would be wasted. And right below is the definition of a Fallen World through the eyes of a creationist: A worldwide, never ending Venatio!
Man vs Beast, Beast vs Beast! Never mind the fact that when God created everything, He created germs, bacteria, chemicals, good things, evil things, scary things, destructive things, docile things, all things with no exception, including the things that instigate death, disease, and bloodshed. The very three things God, Himself, have ordained so many times to further His agenda according to the very same Bible creationist claims to uphold. Next in the Intro, Wieland claims,
"The bones of such extinct animals (and sometimes bits of skin and flesh) along with many other creatures that are still with us today, are found buried and preserved in huge layers of rock."
Try IMPRINTS, Wieland! Soft tissues don't fossilize but they sometimes leave behind imprints that gives us the idea of what their skin and their innards were like when the animal was alive eons ago. And finding such fossils are monstrously rare.

Like all creationists, Wieland believes that the rock layers are really mud or sand covering the land by Noah's flood. As shown especially in Dumb Idiot Ham's crackhouse (creation "museum"), the flood is portrayed as a one-time, fast-acting, process. First, a huge tremors and volcanic eruptions occur, breaking up every bit of land, creating turbidity currents that destroys everything including the most delicate of marine life, such as coral, while releasing geysers of water and lava all over the already devastated land. Then a hurricane-style rainstorm occurs that lasted 40 days and 40 nights, filling up the whole area (forests, towns, and all) with water while at the same time the area gets peppered with meteor showers so much that the Earth begins to tilt on its axis. At the same time, all parts of the globe gets smothered with volcanic ash falls, lava flows, and mudslides. Had God be given himself the chance, He would've destroyed all of Earth the same way Krypton is destroyed in the Superman series. Never mind that the Flood passage tells nothing of meteors, volcanoes, and earthquakes. It says it just rain. Nothing more. Never mind that no meteor craters have been found anywhere in the Middle East and that the mentioning of volcanoes, earthquakes, and meteors are the products of creationists' imagination to explain the natural disasters that actually occurred in separate periods of time spanning over millions of years.

Once the whole area is covered with water polluted with drowned and battered bodies of people and animals that have failed to flee to higher ground, tore-up vegetation, volcanic debris, burning ash, and meteor debris floating about after 40 days of pummeling rain and debris, a huge massive wave of water, mud, and debris quickly comes by at approximately 200 MPH (!) and cover up everything except those who are able fled to higher ground to try to rebuild their lifestyle and the animals to try to eat, mate, and reproduce as quickly as possible, only the whole process to start all over again and again for 150 days until everything, including the very tops of the mountains and hills filled with people and animals that have fled to the top highest peak, are completely covered in water and debris.

It's just like building a huge lasagna filled with people and animals that were given no chances at all to rebuild their lifestyles, eat, mate, and reproduce let alone flee to higher ground after being buried by a fast moving wall of polluted water filled with scores of debris. Then another earthquake occurs and the mountains rapidly push up from the depths instead of the waters going down to reveal the mountaintops. Then the water goes down and disappears to reveal a huge global deserts filled with impassible mountains formed by the violent flood. That's what creationists demand everyone to believe without questioning. An apocalyptic flood that occurred 4,500 years ago, never mind that the passages in the Bible greatly contradicts such a scenario such as the fact that during the 40 days and 40 nights it just rained, ALL life on land died (Genesis 7:21-23) and after it rained for 40 days, the waters went straight down, not up, revealing the peaks of mountains that were previously covered in water by the Flood (Genesis 8:1-5). Not a single earthquake occurred. If young earth is true and everything happened exactly what creationists claimed it happened, then how would God protect the ark and all its passengers inside without resorting to empty, miraculous "angels protected them" explanations?

This scenario is filled with flaws and mistakes. If young earth is true, all life, past and present, should be found in all layers from top to bottom, including remnants of cities, towns, and farmland with animals and people of all types found in and around it. But none has ever been found and never will be found. There should also be multiple instances of modern plants and animals found alongside extinct plants and animals in all rock layers as well, but none has ever been found either.

Wieland asserts that while most people are aware of Plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs, a very few people, however have heard of Kronosaurus and Mosasaurus along with the other sea creatures both living and extinct. Oh sure. Never mind that the mass majority of dinosaur fanatics like me who are most aware of these Mesozoic sea creatures and never mind the vast majority of Paleontologists, Zoologists, and other naturalists who are all well aware of such animals and how all these animals are closely related to modern animals of today. What Wieland claims is a stinkin' lie.

The next segment on page 5 is the infamous Monsters of the Bible where in every literature creationists made, they are still ruling Behemoth and Leviathan found in Job 40 and 41 as dinosaurs. The reason they deliberately did this is because this is their only way they can fit dinosaurs into their young earth fables while at the same time shun out references to Behemoth, the bull's erotic ways and Leviathan, the fish's coiling serpentine body, fiery breath, and illuminating eyes and scales, features dinosaurs don't in fact have
Their one and only "proof" they have to make a worthless case for Behemoth being a sauropod dinosaur is none other than the tail. In their eyes, the hippo and the elephant's tail are puny in comparison to the big, thick, wide tails of sauropod dinosaurs which to them are as thick, tall, and long as a cedar tree. Actually the real reason they want to "tail" to mean a large, thick sauropod tail is to avoid having to deal with the embarrassment of telling small children that the tail passage of Job Chapter 40 actually refers to the monster's erotic behavior. When it comes to dealing with children, creationists had to water-down the meanings of the passage to make them as child-friendly as possible. Especially since the passage about the monster's erotic behavior would, in their eyes, frightened, traumatize, gross out, embarrass, and pervert the minds of children. So to make it more "child friendly", they twist the meaning of the passage around to make them as if Behemoth was a dinosaur with a big chunky tail like a tree while it's not.

As for Leviathan, creationists are highly aware of how terrifying and uncontrollable the animal is with impenetrable armor, a fiery breath, and its ability to churn up the water in his wake. After all, in their eyes, if the Bible is true, then Leviathan must be a true animal that breaths out hot gases and liquid that produce fire the same way the bombardier beetle does when it shoots out hot liquid from its abdomen to drive its enemies away...or so they thought. To make their fire breathing fable look real, creationists add the Bombardier Beetle to the mix. In their reasoning, if what the beetle shoots out from its abdomen is real, then it must be real for animals like Kronosaurus, Parsaurolophus, and Sarcosuchus to have such features that helps them to produce hot, fiery chemicals inside their bodies for defense and display purposes.... or so they thought idiotically while being in denial of the fact that they themselves made the whole thing up as part of their fairy tale scheme to make these fictional monsters appear to be real in a deceptive way. Constantly using the beetle's hot liquid to justify this crank and imaginary fable just won't work.

Both Behemoth and Leviathan are really in fact monsters of Jewish folklore. Behemoth or Behemot is a mammalian monster in form of a bull ox. Leviathan is a fish monster in form of a coiling serpentine fish with eyes and scales that glow and illuminate from many miles around. Both Behemoth and Leviathan are also 2 parts of the Triune Beasts of Jewish Folklore. The Bull monster Behemoth lives in a mountain range made up of the Yabul Stream flowing from Eden or Paradise and a thousand hills that provided him with plenty of grass to feed on as reference to the midrash supplement to Psalm 50:10. Leviathan makes his home in the Mediterranean, where when he gets hungry, he churns up the waters with his hot breath to make them boil. And the bird monster Ziz makes his home in the sky where the spreading of his wingspan is known to block the sun. Ziz resembles the mythical griffin, while Leviathan resembles the serpentine fish, and Behemoth resembles a raging bull ox.

According to midrash recording traditions supplement to Genesis 1:21 and 1:24, God created 2 Leviathans, male and female and one Ziz on the 5th day of Creation Week. The next day, God created 2 Behemoths, both male and female. But realizing these 2 monsters, Behemoth and Leviathan, could produce offspring that would destroy the whole world, God killed off the females and place the males into 2 different locations each, where they will remain until the End Times come and both Behemoth and Leviathan would rise up from their places and battle one another to the death, with Behemoth interlocking Leviathan with his horns while Leviathan flails back with his fins until God intervenes and kill both monsters along with Ziz and use their remains and their meat to provide His people in the New Heaven and New Earth with luxurious meals, jewelry, tent skins and wall coverings to decorate Jerusalem's protective wall.

Behemoth is the King of Mammals and is the Chief of the Ways of God while Leviathan is the King of Fish and Ziz is the King of Birds. All three supernatural animals are the only animals man cannot control and can only be controlled and killed off by the One who created them in the first place -- God. These 3 supernatural beasts can never be dinosaurs left over from Noah's Flood. For none of them resemble dinosaurs in every way, nor can they be killed off by man. Neither can they explain why are there no dinosaur remains found alongside human remains anywhere on earth even if they are what creationists claim they were.

Pages 6-9 talks about Mosasaurus, a marine reptile that lived between 70 and 65 million years ago. Despite what the pages claim about the Mosasaurus having articulated jaws that allows it to swallow its prey whole, Mosasaurus, unlike other earlier Mosasaur species, has a mandible that is so much tightly articulated that it can only allow Mosasaurus to tear up its prey into bite size pieces before swallowing it. Note on page 8 there is a crank claim about the fossils being "rediscovered" in the late 1700s'.

In their recent literature, creationists would make up claims about prehistoric animals being rediscovered after they've been long forgotten since the end of the Flood which is their way of explaining why don't we find valid, credible accounts of people encountering these animals in any form of archaeological evidence, including art and literature. They claim that people were around when these prehistoric animals were alive out of ignorance of the complete lack of human and prehistoric monster remains alongside one another in the fossil record. This is what Wieland assumes when he uses Mark 10:6 to further his idiot claim. That verse is taken out of context. When you read the whole chapter of Mark 10:1-12 in full context, you will find that Jesus is really answering the Pharisees' trick question about divorce. It has nothing to do with prehistoric animals at all. Still that doesn't stop "Whineface" from engaging in wishful thinking and assume that the ancient people, especially the fisherman, knew about Mosasaurs and made many live sightings of them coming up to the surface to breathe before they were officially discovered by the Europeans in the 1700s'. This crank is not without flaws and errors. Why are there no fossils of Mosasaurs found above the Mesozoic strata? Why do the ancient people have no recollections of any kind of seeing such animals alive? If the ancient people knew about them, they would only knew them through their fossilized remains, not live ones.

To justify this crank claim, Wieland tries to make a point by stating that even though human and whale remains have not been found alongside coelacanth remains, the coelacanth have been known to be found alive and living alongside humans and whales in remote areas of the world today since the 1930s. Thus, if it is possible for a coelacanth be found alive and living with humans despite finding no fossils of humans, whales, and coelacanth together, then it would be possible to find Mosasaurs alive and living alongside humans.

Wieland is an idiot. The only reason why the coelacanth was not found alongside whale and human remains is because the fossil record is sporadic with only rare sightings of fossils being made in every rock strata. In order for a dead animal to be fossilized, it has to be in an area where the conditions are perfect for the fossils to form and get preserved. To this date no coelacanth fossils dated to the early Cenozoic Era has ever been found.     

The Lazarus Taxon is a special taxon that only includes animals that once live at on point in time, only to disappear from the fossil record, and reappear at a later time. The coelacanth is such an animal. The coelacanth is a fish that supposed to be extinct at the very end of the dinosaur age. But in 1938, one individual made a sensational discovery of an extant coelacanth living off the coast of South Africa near the  Chalumna River. This living coelacanth is part of the only species of coelacanth alive today called Latimeria. All the rest of the species such as Miguashaia and Macropoma are extinct. The only difference between Coelacanth and the Mosasaurs is that Mosasaurs are entirely extinct. They've been extinct alongside the non-avain dinosaurs for 65 million years. No fossils of Mosasaurs has ever been found above the Mesozoic strata and no Mosasaur of all species has ever been seen alive since the K-Pg Extinction.

For the Mosasaurs along with Plesiosaurs,  Pliosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, whales, and humans to be part of the Lazarus Taxon, you have to have them appear in a certain layer in the fossil record, disappear in the fossil record, only to turn up at a much later time. But this is not the case here. No human remains has ever been found below the Quaternary Strata (Humans first appeared about 4 million  years ago) and no whale remains has ever been found below the Paleogene strata (Whales first appeared about 50 million years ago), and no remains of Plesiosaur, mosasaur, and ichthyosaur remains has ever been found above the Mesozoic strata (They went to extinction along with non-avian dinosaurs 65 million years ago) and no plesiosaur, mosasaur, and other Mesozoic marine reptiles has ever been found alive in every part of the world today. Thus, the Mesozoic marine reptiles, whales, and humans are not part of the Lazarus Taxon. Therefore, what Wieland claims is entirely illogical, fantasy, and wishful thinking. 

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Why I'm having a hard time raising funds for a concert harp, and why I need help [Revised and Updated].

Revised and Updated as of 11/28/14-- In case you don't know it by now, I am an aspiring harpist who has been putting up a huge struggle to raise money to purchase a concert harp (aka pedal harp) for 3 years due to its massive 5-digit price tag put on it regardless of whether it's new, used, or pre-owned. Honestly, this is the hardest thing ever. I can't do it by myself. I still need big help. But every time I tried to get help, my pleadings seem to fall on deaf ears. It seems I have a habit of asking help from the wrong people who either make excuses, spew out criticism, or say "I wish we can help, but we don't have any financial means to do so at this time". I tried to get as much needed help as I can only to see my begging and pleading for financial help to afford a concert harp fall on deaf ears. I prayed for the harp many times only to see them unanswered in one way or another. There were two people I asked for help only to make up excuses not to help me out, claiming that there are people who don't have homes, people who can't afford living expenses, etc. Never mind that their budget is high enough for them to part some of their cash for a much needed concert harp.

Other times I was able to rent a concert harp only to end up having the harp get sent back due to an expiring rental contract, the harp having wooden and mechanical issues, and the inability to afford renting it any longer. I tried to raise credit to get a loan, but it was getting to expensive for me and I wasn't able to get credit approval from any financial company at all. So I ditched them right after I paid the credit card bills in full.

I tried getting help from certain harp groups only to get criticized for it, told to "get your own harp" or to "be thankful for what you got" or "raise the money yourself". There was even the time when I've been told by a now defunct rehab group that I would never be able to play the harp due to the fact that I was born with autism (or Aspergers Syndrome) which causes my hands to shake and wiggle at a rapid pace. I tried to crowdfund the purchase of the concert harp through Indiegogo and Kickstarter only to waste money on advertisement only get very little to no response at all. One Facebook group, not too long ago, did offered to help raise funds for the concert harp only to never work out due to the offer of helping me out end up being made at the very wrong time; I was going to work and I didn't have a smartphone at that time to help set up to where I can get substantial help from the many multitudes of people following him on his site. I now have a smartphone, but it's much too late for me to set it up with the administrator. The administrator called it off because he was running into problems and I was unable to help out because I was at work and I wasn't able to be there to help fix it up. All these things and more is making me feel sorry and making me regret I ever choose to play the harp.

I was born to love the concert harp. I grew up looking at pictures of concert harps in books, seeing them on TV, even drawing pictures of them to express my love for the concert harp. I never wanted to play with no other instrument but the concert harp. Forget the folk harp, forget the lever harp, the lap harp, the piano, violin, drums, forget any other instrument that's out there. It's the concert harp for me. That's all. No other instrument will do. But all these circumstances mentioned above, plus the lifestyle of living in a low budget class where I can only afford to buy groceries and pay the bills and the rent for my apartment, is keeping me from achieving a lifelong dream of owning a concert harp. There were people on Facebook who tell me to settle for a small lever harp instead of a concert harp, but I refuse to do it. I was born to love the concert harp. I will not have things any other way. No lever harp, no lap harp, no nothing.

I want to play and own a concert harp. I've proved to everyone living in my hometown of Owosso, MI that I can play the harp whether during live concert events or on my YouTube channel. I posted videos and photos of me performing on both a rental concert harp I used to rent from a place down in Florida and on a small 26-stringed lap harp which I own in hopes that someone with a big heart will come along and help me fund the purchase of a concert harp.

Listen. Despite all of what I'm going through and what I have to put up with, I still will not give up until I find myself the proud owner of a wonderful concert harp. You who are reading this article, I'm asking and pleading for your help to substantially fund the purchase of a concert harp. What I'm asking for is honest, friendly, heartfelt help from bighearted readers like you no matter who you are. I don't want no criticism or anyone telling me to stick with a small lever harp and make excuses not to help. I don't want excuses. I don't want dishonesty, bribes, criticisms, gimmicks, offers with strings attached (no pun intended), empty hopes and promises, or skinflints. I want honest, caring, thoughtful people to come and help me raise all the money I need to purchase a concert harp so I can continue my harp studies and play beautiful music for everyone to enjoy.

The concert harp I want to own does not have to be a $20,000, $30,000 $50,000 or a quarter of a million dollar harp. It does not have to be a fancy harp worth a million dollars, either. There are concert harps out there that's worth just around $10,000, yet it can produce a warm, beautiful tone that's pleasing to the ears of anyone who enjoys listening to harp music. That's the kind of harp I want to have. It doesn't have to be swanky or be overloaded with gold and jeweled blings. What I want for a harp is a harp with 46-47 strings, an extended or a straight soundboard, in a natural finish, no mechanical or other types of substantial issues affecting it, and it has to come from a legitimate retailer such as Virginia Harp Center and The Harp Connection whose websites I often visit to do some harp browsing.

I set up a Paypal page where readers like you are welcome to pitch in and make a donation to help fund the purchase of a concert harp of my very own. All donations will go towards the purchase of a concert harp which I'll use to enhance my harp studies and play music for the community.  If you would like to help me fund the purchase of the concert harp, so that I'll resume playing my favorite musical pieces, click here to donate via Paypal or click the button on the right side of the page to go to my Paypal page and make a donation in any amount you choose. Every little bit counts. Please help me make a difference in my career as a harpist. Thank you and God bless.